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13 January SWJ Roundup

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Obama: End of Afghan War in Sight - VOA

Obama: Mission Objective in Afghanistan ‘Within Reach’ - AFPS

US Troops in Afghanistan to Take Support Role Ahead of Schedule - S&S

US Troops Will End 'Most' Afghanistan Combat This Spring - BBC

US Commander in Kandahar Sees ‘Real Fruits’ of Surge - S&S

Fears Linger After Karzai’s Visit to US - WP

Karzai Doubts All US Troops Will Leave Post-2014 - CNN

America's Go-To Man in Afghanistan's Oruzgan Province - LAT

Despite Threat, Afghanistan Manages to Entice Some Tourists - NYT

Afghanistan: Blast Kills 7 Civilians in East - AP

Seven Afghan Civilians Killed in Mosque Blast - Reuters

Obama's Afghanistan: All Exit, No Strategy - FP opinion

India Must Draw Red Lines for Afghanistan - DC editorial



Assad Confident He Can Control Syria - WP

Russia Calls for Political Transition in Syria - VOA

Defections Rise Among Syria’s Elite - WP

A Desert Cold and Wet Multiplies the Misery of Syrian Refugees - NYT

Syrian Warplanes Bomb Rebellious Damascus Suburbs - AP

Anarchy in Syria - WP opinion

Syria: A Jihadi Paradise - AT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel’s PM Denies Wasting Money on Iran Attack Plans - Reuters

Israelis Evict Palestinians From a Site for Housing - NYT

Palestinian West Bank Tent Protesters Evicted - BBC

Palestinian Protesters Evicted From West Bank Site - AP

Israeli PM Vows to Move Ahead With E-1 Settlement - AP

Religious Nationalist Party Jewish Home Gains Support in Israel - WP

Iran Confiscates Over a Ton of Narcotics a Day - AP

Libya, Algeria and Tunisia to Step Up Border Security - Reuters

Egypt Sees Talks With IMF 'Back on Track Very Soon' - Reuters

Gunmen Shoot Birdshot at Egypt Protesters; 15 Hurt - AP

Petrol Bombs Thrown at Protesters Outside Egypt President's Palace - Reuters

Egyptian Court Accepts Mubarak Appeal, Orders Retrial - Reuters

Egyptian Court Orders Retrial for Mubarak - AP

Libya: Italian Benghazi Diplomat Shot At - BBC

Italy Foreign Minister Condemns Benghazi Attack on Libya Consul - Reuters

If Iran Gets the Bomb - NP opinion

Hagel Could Signal Tougher Stance on Iran - LAT opinion

In Iraq, a Debt I Can’t Repay - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Dane's Life as a Spy Inside al-Qaida - AP

Our Interrogation Legacy - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Hawks on Iraq Prepare for War Again, Against Hagel - NYT

Israel’s PM Keeps Clear of Hagel Confirmation Fight - Reuters

A Soldier’s Requiem, Never Fading Away - NYT

Texas Military Assault Scandal Prompts Congressional Hearings - LAT

Fort Meade Commander Taking on Synthetic Marijuana - BS

America's Strategic Stupidity - TS opinion


United States

Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path in One Fast Push - NYT

How the NRA Evolved Into a Mighty Gun Lobby - WP

Sales of Guns Soar in US as Nation Weighs Tougher Limits - NYT

Liberal Think Tank Calls For Sweeping New Gun Laws - WP

Makers of Violent Video Games Marshal Support to Fend Off Regulation - NYT


United Kingdom

Rival EU Camps Turn Up Pressure on UK's Cameron - Reuters

Union Flag Protests: Twenty-Nine Officers Hurt in Belfast - BBC

29 Officers Hurt in Northern Ireland Clashes - VOA

Northern Ireland Police Injured in Sectarian Clashes - Reuters

29 Belfast Cops Hurt in Catholic-Protestant Clash - AP

Hey Obama, Butt Out of Britain's Affairs - DM opinion

Britain's Big European Divorce - TE opinion



France Takes Bold Action to Counter Islamists in Africa - VOA

France Chooses Africa Intervention Carefully - AP

French Forces Push Militants From Northern Mali Town - VOA

French Airstrikes in Mali Deter Islamist Rebels - NYT

Hundreds of French Troops Drive Back Mali Rebels - AP

France Bombs Mali Rebels, African States Ready Troops - Reuters

African Troops Head to Mali, as Battle for North Rages - AP

UK Troops to Assist Mali Operation to Halt Rebel Advance - BBC

West African Bloc Calls Extraordinary Summit on Mali - Reuters

French Military Agent Apparently Killed in Somalia Raid - VOA

French Mission Fails to Free Intelligence Agent Held in Somalia - WP

French Commando Killed in Raid to Free Hostage in Somalia - AP



Panama Canal Leaves Rivals in its Wake - WP

Venezuela Warns Opposition Against Vocal Dissent - NYT

Chavez Opponents to Challenge Venezuela Ruling - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Not in Coma, Brother Says - Reuters

Armed Vigilante Groups Policing 2 Mexican Towns - AP

Mexico's Drug Traffickers Practice Torture Techniques on Dogs - WP

Brazil: Maracana Indigenous Community Delay World Cup Eviction - BBC

Haiti Remembers 2010 Earthquake in Subdued Ceremony - Reuters

Haiti Says Quake Aid is Failing - BBC

Venezuela in a State of Limbo - Economist editorial


Asia / Pacific

China: Beijing Pollution at Hazard Level - BBC

On Scale of 0 to 500, Beijing’s Air Quality Tops ‘Crazy Bad’ at 755 - NYT

China: Air Pollution in Beijing Goes Off the Index - AP

Tibetan Dies in First Immolation Protest of Chinese Rule of New Year - VOA

Tens of Thousands Protest Taiwan's President - AP

Rebels Claim Copter Attack in Burma - AP

Philippines Imposes Gun Ban to Stop Poll Violence - AP

Seeking a New Path with North Korea - KT editorial



Hollande Steps Up French Security Over Africa Interventions - BBC

The French Terror Alert System - BBC

Turkey Questions French Contacts with Dead Kurdish Activist - BBC

Serbia Loosens Grip Over Kosovo - AP

Journalists in Greece Are Becoming Targets - NYT

Leftist Wins First Round in Czech Presidential Poll - VOA

Former PM to Square Off With Prince for Czech Presidency - Reuters

Rivals in Czech Presidential Runoff Support Warmer Ties With Europe - NYT

Georgia Approves Prisoner Amnesty - BBC

Slovenian Coalition Party Asks Premier to Resign - Reuters

Russia: Piton Says Keep Lenin Tomb in Red Square - WP

Thousands of Russians Rally Against Adoption Ban - NYT

Thousands Gather to Protest Russia's Adoption Ban - AP

Azerbaijan Police Break Up Protest Against Violence in Army - Reuters

France Could Be the Next Disaster - USN&WR opinion


South Asia

Pakistani Cleric Testing Political Voice with Massive March - LAT

Anger Rises in Pakistan Over Killings of Shi'ite Muslims - VOA

Pakistan Prime Minister Flies to Quetta to Meet Protesters - Reuters

Pakistan Taliban Say They Won't Attack Army in Key Area - Reuters

Roadside Bomb Kills 6 Soldiers in Pakistan - AP

Indian, Pakistan Soldiers to Hold Talks on Rising Kashmir Violence - Reuters

India: Rape Scratches Surface of Women’s Perils - NYT

6 Arrested in New Rape of a Bus Passenger in India - AP

India's National Shame - JT editorial

Pakistan's Militants a Many-Headed Beast - Guardian opinion