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10 January SWJ Roundup

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In Pech Valley, Gap Between Afghan Ambitions and US Expectations - WP

US Troop Plan in Afghanistan Follows Iraq Playbook - AP

Afghans Say Total US Pullout Would Trigger Disaster - Reuters

New Trial for Polish Soldiers Over Afghanistan Killings - BBC

Sorry Mr. Karzai, No Troops for You - FP opinion

Leaving Afghanistan: A Lesson from USSR - Atlantic opinion

Karzai Stealing Afghanistan's Future - FP opinion



UN Envoy Says Assad Can't Be in Syrian Transition - Reuters

Syria Releases Captives to Rebels in Exchange for Iranian Prisoners - WP

Iranian Captives Freed in Prisoner Exchange in Syria - NYT

Syrian Rebels Free Iranians in Prisoner Exchange - VOA

Iranians Held by Syrian Rebels Released - BBC

NATO Official Says More Missiles Launched in Syria - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Willing to Resume Nuclear Talks as Sanctions Bite Hard - VOA

Australia Expands Sanctions Against Iran - AP

Palestinian Groups Fatah and Hamas Hold Talks in Cairo - BBC

Palestinians: Abbas and Hamas Leader Meet at Egypt’s Invitation - NYT

Egypt Says Palestinian Rivals Agree to Enact Unity Deal - Reuters

Iraqi Officials Say Car Bomb Near Bus Stop Kills 5 - AP

2 Bombings Kill 7 in Iraq - AP

Bahrain: Rights Activists in First Court Hearing - BBC

Libya to Secure Oil Ports After Disruptions - VOA

The Dangerous Hypocrisy of the Saudis - NR opinion

Russia Struggles for Relevance in Mideast - JP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Justice Dept: Al-Qaeda Propagandist’s Conviction Must be Overturned - WP

US to Press Fight of Detainee’s Appeal - NYT

Guantanamo Prosecutor Wants One Charge Dropped in 9/11 Case - Reuters

US Offers $10 Million for Sudanese Terror Suspects - VOA

Appeals Court Considers Release of Postmortem bin Laden Photos - WP


US Department of Defense

New Evidence Expected in WikiLeaks Case - NYT

Language Corps Members Employ Skills for Nation - AFPS

US Pursues Better Ballistic Missile Defenses - AFPS

The Fold: A Navy SEAL’s Tragic Secret - WP  video

Pentagon Battles Rumors Over Deployed Soldiers’ Meals - S&S

Air Force Strengthens Sex Assault Prosecutions with New Measures - S&S

Hagel’s Military Service Scant Qualification for Defense Secretary - WP opinion

In Defense of Hagel for Defense - NYT opinion

Hagel's Past Shows He's Hardly 'Soft' on Iran - TD opinion


United States

Clinton Helping With Kerry Transition, Not Planning 'Retirement' - VOA

Obama 'Wants Action' on Gun Crime - BBC

White House, Allies Try to Tilt Public Views on Firearm Laws - WP

Biden: Curbing Gun Violence Requires 'Urgent' Action - VOA

New York Is Moving Quickly to Enact Tough Curbs on Guns - NYT

Is Clinton Really the ‘Most Widely Traveled’ Secretary of State? - WP

Hillary's Vanity of Long Hours and Ego Trips - Bloomberg opinion


United Kingdom

US Concerns Over UK Vote on EU - BBC

State Department Official Urges UK Not to Loosen Ties With EU - NYT

Watchdog Warns of Defense Project Delays and Overspending - BBC

Northern Ireland Struggles to Put Bloody Past Behind It - Reuters

Lowered UK Flag Sparks Protestant Fury in Belfast - AP

Factbox: Northern Ireland Suffers Worst Violence in Years - Reuters

Can Belfast Stymie Sectarianism in Northern Ireland? - Guardian editorial

UK Needs a Dose of Margaret Thatcher - Telegraph opinion

The UK and the EU: Irreconcilable Differences? - Bloomberg opinion



Mali Mediation Bid Postponed after Skirmishes - VOA

NATO Forces Needed in Mali, Aays AU's Boni Yayi - BBC

Malian Army Says Seized Major Town From Islamist Rebels - Reuters

Central African Republic Peace Talks Under Way in Gabon - BBC

Security a Concern Ahead of Kenya Presidential Election - VOA

Deadly 'Revenge' Raid in Kenya - BBC

Rift Between Ugandan President, Parliament Widens - VOA

Explosion in Nigeria's Lagos Port - BBC

South Africa Wine Region Hit by Violence - BBC



US Explores Talks with Venezuela - WP

US Open to Better Venezuela Ties but It Takes Two to Tango - Reuters

Venezuela Court Rules in Favor of Chavez Inauguration Delay - VOA

Chavez Swearing-in Delay Legal, Rules Venezuela Court - BBC

Chavez, or at Least His Sash, Is Set  for Venezuela Inauguration - NYT

Venezuela Plans Show of Support for Ailing Chavez - AP

Colombia's FARC Rebels Say Ceasefire to End January 20 - Reuters

Mexico Capo's Father-In-Law on US Kingpin List - AP

Mexico to Track Drug War Victims, Compensate Families - Reuters

Mexico Enacts Law to Help Victims of Crime - AP

Seized Argentina Ship Comes Home - BBC

Seized Argentine Naval Ship Gets Jubilant Homecoming - Reuters

Brazil Hacker Exposes Corrupt Politicians' Addresses - BBC

Prosecutor Questions Former Haitian President Aristide - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Japan and China Step Up Drone Race - Guardian

Japanese PM to Visit Southeast Asia - VOA

China Trade Rebounds in Sign of Economic Recovery - AP

Report: Deal Reached in China Media Censorship Protest - VOA

China Censor Row Paper Southern Weekly Back on Stands - BBC

China: Censored Newspaper Returns to Publication Amid Struggles - NYT

Censors Kept Busy as Strike-Hit Chinese Paper Hits Newsstands - Reuters

North Korea Urged to Stop Weapons Tests, Expand Internet - VOA

North Korea Urged to Widen Internet - BBC

Delegation From US Urges Web Access in North Korea - AP

Richardson Says Didn't Meet Detained American on N. Korea Trip - Reuters

Activists Convicted in Vietnam Crackdown on Dissent - NYT

Vietnam's Sentencing of Activists Sparks Criticism - VOA

China’s New Leader Under Pressure - WP editorial

Japan Explores War Scenarios with China - TD opinion



New USAREUR Chief to Lead Transition to Leaner Europe Force - S&S

Turkey-France: Kurdish Activists Killed in Paris - BBC

Turkey-France: Top Kurdish Militant Among 3 Slain in Paris - NYT

France: Sarkozy 'Investigated Over Secrecy Breach' - BBC

France Can No Longer Afford Not to Reform - SMH editorial

Greece, Spain Turning into Failed States - Commentator opinion


South Asia

US Missiles Kill 5 Suspected Militants in Pakistan - AP

Rapes Common in Rural India, But Justice for Victims is Not - WP

Girls Stolen from the Streets of India - BBC

India: A Day in the Life of a New Delhi Woman - WP

India: Delhi Rape Suspects 'Tortured' - BBC

Finding True Justice for India's Rape Victims - NYT editorial

Power for the Women of India - NYT opinion / debate