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8 January SWJ Roundup

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Afghan President Heads to Washington for Talks - VOA

Afghan Leader Karzai Heads to US for Talks - LAT

Afghan Leader in Crucial US Visit - BBC

Obama to Meet Afghan President Karzai on Friday - Reuters

Afghan Peace Efforts Show Flickers of Life - Reuters

Ret. Gen. McChrystal Calls for Enduring Afghan Force - AP

British Soldier Dies in Afghanistan 'Insider Attack' - BBC

NATO Service Member Killed by Uniformed Afghan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Open Question of Afghanistan - WP opinion



Hints of Syrian Chemical Push Set Off Global Effort to Stop It - NYT

Fighting in Syria as World Slams Assad Speech - AP

Syrians Brush Off Assad Speech as Fighting Rages - Reuters

Dutch Patriot Missiles Shipped Out to Turkey - AP

Pope Benedict: Stop Syria’s 'Endless Slaughter' - VOA

Assad and US Blind to Reality in Syria - WP editorial

How Assad Might Yet Claim Victory - Guardian opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iranian Oil Minister Concedes Sanctions Have Hurt Exports - NYT

Iran Says It's Hopeful on Hagel Nomination - AP

Israeli Minister Warms to Choice of Hagel for Pentagon - Reuters

Hagel Nomination Unnerves Some in Israel - AP

Israel: For Netanyahu, Being Favored to Win Carries Risks - NYT

US Senator Calls for Gradual Cut in Aid to Israel - AP

State of Palestine Name Change Shows Limitations - AP

Iraqi Troops Shoot Into Air to Scatter Protesters - AP

Rights Groups Concerned over Bahrain Court Ruling - VOA

Court in Bahrain Confirms Jail Terms for 13 Dissidents - NYT

Bahrain’s Top Court Upholds Sentences Against Uprising Leaders - Reuters

Egypt Talking to IMF Again About Crucial Loan - AP

Egypt: Copts Accuse Islamists of Hijacking Country - WP

Libya's Largest Parliamentary Group Boycotts Congress - VOA

Israel’s True Friends - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Legal Officials Split Over How to Prosecute Terrorism Detainees - NYT

Obama Adviser Who Decried 'War on Terror' Now Defends Drones - LAT

Pakistani-born Terror Suspect Makes First US Court Appearance - VOA

Extradited Al Qaeda Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in US Court - Reuters

Terrorists Will Bounce Back in 2013 - NI opinion


US Department of Defense

More Cuts in Defense Spending Likely - WP

Obama Nominates Hagel as Next Secretary of Defense - S&S

Hill Prepares for Hagel Nomination Fight - WP

Obama Points to Hagel as Vietnam War Hero - NYT

Marine Pilot, Crew Honored for Heroic Rescue in Libya - N&O

Air Force Commander Expects Fewer Programs - AP

USS Gonzalez to Relieve Oscar Austin in Piracy Mission - S&S

US, Canada Think Ahead to ‘NORAD Next’ - AFPS

Army Looking to Recruit More Minorities to Become Officers - S&S

US Supreme Court Appeal Filed in Case of 1st Lt. Michael Behenna - TO

Navy Seeks to Combat High Rate of Unplanned Pregnancies - S&S

Pentagon Agrees to Full Discharge Pay for Gay Troops - NYT

Hagel Battle-Tested for a Fight - WP opinion

The Tarring of Chuck Hagel - WP opinion

Why Hagel Was Picked - NYT opinion


United States

Obama Nominates New Defense, Spy Chiefs - VOA

Two Nominations Signal Changes at CIA, Pentagon - WP

Choice to Lead CIA Faces a Changed Agency - NYT

Obama Announces Nominees for Next Defense Secretary, CIA Director - AFPS

Obama's CIA Pick Chose Spycraft Over Priesthood - AP

Panetta Lauds Nominees for Defense Secretary, CIA Director - AFPS

Obama DOD and CIA Nominations Under Scrutiny - BBC

Huge Amounts Spent on Immigration, Study Finds - NYT

Sec State Clinton Returns to Work - VOA

Hillary Clinton Returns to Work - WP

Veterans' Jobless Rate Falls But Remains High - USAT

Nominations for Defense and the CIA - NYT editorial

Kerry, Hagel to End U.S. Military Adventurism? - FP opinion

Hagel, Brennan Are Disturbing Nominees - NR opinion


United Kingdom

Trial Begins for Scotland Yard Officer in Phone-Hacking Scandal - NYT

Belfast Flags Trouble: Plastic Bullets Fired at Protesters - BBC

Cars Burn as Unrest Grips Belfast in Flag Fight - AP



Heat and Wind Fan Australia Fires - BBC

Fresh Fires Rage, PM Urges Australians to Be Safe - Reuters


United Nations

UN Nuclear Chief Amano Has No Rivals for New Term - VOA



CAR Prepares for Peace Talks as Rebels Threaten Capital - VOA

Rebels, Central African Republic to Hold Talks - AP

Mali Army 'Clash with Islamists' - BBC

Official: Mali Islamists Closer to Gov't Areas - AP

Uganda Government Rejects Petition to Recall Parliament - VOA

Zambian Millers Under Pressure to Sell At ‘Reasonable Prices’ - VOA

Ghana President Sworn In Despite Election Challenge - VOA

Opposition Snubs Ghana Inauguration - BBC



With Venezuela in Flux, Videos Offer an Image of Stability - NYT

Venezuela: Show of Support Called for Chavez - BBC

Venezuela Opposition Furious Over Likely Inauguration Delay - Reuters

Venezuela Gov't: Ailing Hugo Chavez 'Stable' - AP

Chile Truckers Block Road to Protest Arson Attack - AP

Honduras Police Seize $50,000 Gold-Plated AK-47 Rifle - BBC

Cuba to Free Doctors From Onerous Travel Rules - AP

Haitian Officials Say US Travel Advisory Unwarranted - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Japan Weighing Raising Military Spending - NYT

Japan to Revise Defense Policy by End of 2013 - Reuters

Japanese Protest Over China Ships - BBC

Japanese Protest to China Over 4 Ships Near Islands - AP

In Japan, a Painfully Slow Sweep - NYT

Censorship Fight Grows at Chinese Newspaper - VOA

Protest Grows Over Censoring of China Paper - NYT

Censorship Furor Spreads in China - WP

China Newspaper Negotiates With Govt Amid Protests - AP

China Says It Will Overhaul System of Labor Re-education - NYT

Private American Delegation Visits North Korea - VOA

American Group Begins Private Trip to North Korea - NYT

North Korea Welcomes Google's Schmidt to Internet Black Hole - Reuters

Vietnam Puts 14 Activists on Trial - AP

Burma Rebels Say Government Continues Offensive - AP

Cambodia Lures Manufacturers - WP



US Deployment Irks Some in Turkey - WP

UN War Crimes Trial Resumes for Croatian Serb Leader Hadzic - VOA

Berlusconi Won't Stand as Italian PM Candidate - VOA


South Asia

Pakistan Protests Indian Attack on Army Post - AP

India Rebels Kill Seven Soldiers - BBC

Indian Judge Bans Reporting on Trial of Men in Gang Rape Case - NYT

North India Cold Snap Toll Rises - BBC

Pakistan: Officials Say US Drones Kill 8 Militants - AP

Latest Drone Strike Kills Eight in Northwest Pakistan - Reuters