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7 January SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Security Tops Agenda for Karzai Washington Talks - VOA

Hamid Karzai Heads to Washington - WP

Afghan Army Recruits Say They’ll be Ready to Go Solo - LAT

Choices on Afghanistan - NYT editorial



Assad Outlines His View of Syria Solution  - VOA

Syria’s Assad Defiant in Rare Speech - WP

Assad Presents Peace Plan and Again Says He Won’t Resign - LAT

Defiant Speech by Assad Is Block to Peace in Syria - NYT

Defiant Assad Pledges to Continue Fighting - AP

Assad 'Peace Plan' Greeted With Scorn by Foes - Reuters

US Quickly Rejects Assad's Plan to Stay in Power - AP

US Decries Assad 'Western Puppets' Speech - BBC

Iran Welcomes Assad's 'Peace Plan' for Syria - Reuters

Israel to Build Syrian Border Fence - VOA

Israel Plans to Construct Syrian Border Fence - NYT

Israel Watches its Border with Syria - WP

Assad's Vindictive 'Reconciliation' Speech - Hassan Hassan, TN opinion


Middle East / North Africa

New Sanctions Take Aim at Iran’s Crippled Economy - WP

Iran: Tehran Choked by Yearly Smog Buildup - NYT

Watchdog Slams Smears and Loathing Among Israel's Top Brass - Reuters

'Palestine' to be Used Officially in West Bank Official Documents - BBC

Palestinian Authority in Crisis Over Finances, Premier Says - NYT

Palestinian PM Warns of Cash Crisis - AP

Yemen Court Sentences Alleged 5 al-Qaida Militants - AP

Bahrain Rejects Activists' Appeal - BBC

Bahrain Court Upholds Life Sentences on Opposition - AP

Kuwaiti Forces Disperse Protesters With Stun Grenades - Reuters

Egypt’s Morsi Shakes Up Cabinet - WP

Morsi Expands Brotherhood Influence in Egyptian Cabinet - VOA

Egypt Strengthens Islamist Role in Cabinet, Eyes IMF Deal - Reuters

Egypt Shakes Up Cabinet, Appoints 10 New Ministers - AP

Egypt Copts Mark Christmas With Fear of Future - AP

Thousands of Libyan Gunmen Sign Up for Police Training - Reuters

The Middle East Morass - WP opinion

Hagel Means Containment Policy on Iran - Commentary opinion

Islam is Not the Problem in Egypt - CSM opinion


US Department of Defense

Obama Expected to Nominate Hagel as Defense Secretary - WP

Sources: Obama to Nominate Hagel as Pentagon Chief - AP

Obama’s Pick for Defense Is an Ally, and a Lightning Rod - NYT

Hagel is in for Tough Challenge to Lead the Pentagon - WT

Republican Maverick Hagel Forged Bond With Obama Over Iraq - Reuters

There's No Case for Chuck Hagel - WS opinion


United States

Budget Stand-off Could Again Impact US Credit Rating - VOA

Lines are Drawn in Gun-Control Debate - WP

Clinton Scheduled to Return to Work Monday - AP


United Kingdom

UK Should 'Ask for Change on Europe' - BBC

Coalition is Steadfast and United, Say Cameron and Clegg - BBC

Northern Irish Militants Seen Hijacking Flag Protests - Reuters



Exclusion Drives Central African Republic Revolt - Reuters

South Africa Deploys Troops to Central African Republic - VOA

South Africa Boosts CAR Presence - BBC

South Africa’s: Mandela's Health Improving - VOA

Ghana Set for Inauguration of President Mahama - VOA

Ghanaian Leader to be Sworn In - BBC



With Inauguration Approaching, Uncertainty in Venezuela - VOA

Venezuela: Foe Alleges Conflict Brewing Between Chavez Allies - AP

Chavez Hospitalized in Cuba as Venezuelan Inauguration Nears - WP

Nine Killed in Mexico Bar Attacks - BBC

Colombia Arrests Bahamian Wanted in US for Drug Trafficking - AP

Chile President Meets With Ministers After Attack - AP

Bolivia Alleges US Morales 'Plot' - BBC

Hundreds in Peru Balk at Relocation From Site of Mine - NYT

Endgame in Venezuela - WP editorial


Asia / Pacific

Test for New Leaders as Chinese Paper Takes On Censors - NYT

China Newspaper Journalists Stage Rare Strike - BBC

China Newspaper Dispute Sparks Free Speech Protest - AP

Official Says China to End Labor Camp Sentences - AP

China Starts Building New Nuclear Power Plant - AP

Chinese City Apologizes for Delay Reporting Chemical Leak - AP

Google Head and Former US Governor in North Korea Visit - BBC

Air Assaults Raise Doubts About Burma's Reformist Rulers - Reuters

Richardson, Schmidt Fly to North Korea - Reuters

Indonesia Envisions More Religion in Schools - NYT

Indonesian Anti-terror Squad Criticized for Deaths - AP

Police Among 13 Suspects Slain in Philippine Clash - AP

In Asia, Ill Will Runs Deep - NYT opinion



UK Should 'Ask for Change on Europe' - BBC

Austrian Jewish Leader Says Anti-Semitism Growing - AP

Greece’s Rotten Oligarchy - NYT


South Asia

Kashmir Clash With Soldiers From India Kills Pakistani - NYT

India and Pakistan in Border Clash - BBC

India-Pakistan Clash Unlikely to Affect Long-Term Relations - VOA

India: Five Delhi Rape Suspects in Court - BBC

Turmoil in Court as Indian Rape Accused Arrive - Reuters

Indian Women Hope Brutal Rape Will Spark Change - AP

Activists Wary as India Rushes to Justice After Gang Rape - Reuters