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6 January SWJ Roundup

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US Weighs Fewer Troops After 2014 in Afghanistan - NYT

Taliban Renews Dissent to US Bases Ahead of Karzai Visit to Obama - DPA

McChrystal Details Pentagon Tensions with Obama on Afghanistan - NYT

McChrystal Takes Blame for Rolling Stone Article - AP

US Pushes to Finish Afghan Dam as Challenges Mount - AP

Suicide Bombers Kill 3 at Afghan District Compound - AP

Mindless Debate over Troops in Afghanistan - CSIS opinion

10,000 Troops Not Enough for Afghanistan - ISW opinion



Syria's Assad to Address Nation Sunday - VOA

Assad to Make Rare Speech as Syrian Rebels Draw Nearer - Reuters

Syrian President to Give Speech Sunday - AP

Violence in Syria Rages Ahead of Assad Speech - AP

Fighting Continues in Damascus as US Troops Arrive in Turkey - LAT

Syrian Lawyers Collect War-Crimes Testimony - WP

What Will Hezbollah Do if Assad Regime Falls? - DS


Middle East / North Africa

Mass Protests Against Government Spread in Iraq - LAT

Iraqi Sunnis Stage Protests Against 'Discrimination' - BBC

Fugitive Saddam Deputy Lends Support to Iraq Sunni Protests - Reuters

Saudi Arabia: Sectarianism Will Prolong Instability in Iraq - Reuters

Iraqi President Said to be Recovering from Stroke - AP

Iran Building Software to Control Networking Sites - AP

Iran Parliament Seeks Full Probe in Blogger Death - AP

Despite Sanctions, Iran Says Agricultural Exports Booming - Reuters

Netanyahu's Rivals Eye Centre-Left Pact for Israel Vote - Reuters

Israel Leader Appeals for Right-Wing Votes - AP

Saudi Says Its Air Force Has Not Struck Al Qaeda in Yemen - Reuters

Saudi Airman Stationed at Lackland Accused of Vegas Child Rape - AP

UAE Refuses to Free Detained Egyptians - Reuters

Report: Senior Al-Qaida in N Africa Member Killed - AP

IMF Official to Visit Egypt Monday to Discuss Support - Reuters

Egypt Fires Finance, Interior Ministers Before IMF Visit - Reuters

Court Clears Egypt's Ex-Culture Minister of Graft - AP

Top Algerian Politician Resigns as Party Head - AP

Libyan Policeman Shot Dead in Latest Benghazi Attack - Reuters

So Where Is This Palestinian State? - NP opinion

Israel's Right Turn Will Alienate Allies - Guardian opinion


US Department of Defense

Infantry Now Shut to Women; Do They Want it Open? - AP

Navy to Double the Frequency of Ship Inspections - VP

Air Force to Provide New Legal Service to Sexual Assault Victims - S&S

Senate Balks at Promotion for Navy Officer Who Shot Down F-4 - S&S

Troops' Hearing is Often a Casualty of Fighting, Training - N&O

DOD, Duke University Partner in Research Projects - AFPS

Two Generals, Two Wars - WP opinion


United States

Obama and Republicans Gear Up for Next Fiscal Fight - NYT

White House Weighs Broad Gun-Control Agenda - WP

Ex-Officer Is First in CIA to Face Prison for a Leak - NYT


United Kingdom

Vitriol Over Falklands Resurfaces, as Do Old Arguments - NYT

Police Attacked Again in Belfast - BBC

Violence in Northern Ireland for 3rd Day Over Flag - AP

Man Arrested After Shots Fired at N. Irish Police in Flag Riots - Reuters

Nepali Charged With Torture Appears in UK Court - AP

British Court Detains Nepali Colonel Accused of Torture - Reuters



In Search of Guest Worker Model, US and Mexico Both Look North - WP

Canadian Who Sheltered Americans in Iran Dies - AP



Thousands Flee Wildfires in Southern Australia - VOA



Reports: CAR Rebels Seize New Territory - VOA

Rebels in Central African Republic Seize Another Town - AP

Congolese Rebel: We're Interested in Peace - VOA

UNICEF Calls for End to Child Recruitment in CAR - VOA

UN Security Council Voices Worry About CAR Rebels - Reuters

Mali Islamist Group 'Suspends' Ceasefire - VOA

Sudan, South Sudan Agree to Begin Implementation Process - VOA

Sudan, South Sudan Leaders Back Buffer Zone - BBC

Sudan, South Sudan Agree Once Again to Set Up Buffer Zone - Reuters

Sudan, South Sudan Agree to Implement Oil Deal - AP

Rangers in Central Africa Uncover Cost of Protecting Wildlife - NYT

Africa's Days of Bloody Rebellions Must End - GN editorial

Invade Mali? Consider Somalia - G&M opinion



Venezuela: Chavez Death Could Set Off Shock Waves Across Region - TT

Close Chavez Ally Re-elected as Venezuelan Assembly Speaker - VOA

Venezuela: Chavez Ally Elected by Assembly - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Allies Re-elect Legislative Chief - AP

Argentina- UK: Vitriol Over Falklands Resurfaces - NYT

As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs - NYT

Honduras Fires Ambassador in Prostitute Scandal - AP

Honduras Removes Ambassador to Colombia Amid Scandal - Reuters

Haiti Officials Renew Passport for Duvalier - AP

Finally Mexico's Future Looks Bright - WPR opinion

The Race to Replace Chavez - FA opinion


Asia / Pacific

China Holds War Games in Contested Sansha City - PDI

Work Restarts on China's Biggest Nuclear Power Plant - Reuters

Why Google's North Korea Visit Irks US - AP

Indonesia Police Kill 5 Alleged Terrorists - AP

Cambodia Bars Opposition Leader From Running in Election - VOA

Displaced Victims Of Philippines Typhoon Get Critical Aid - VOA

Philippine Police to Charge Suspect in Rampage - AP

Looking for a Jump-Start in China - NYT opinion



Euro Zone Leaders Say the Worst is Over, But is It? - WP

Russia: Activism Against Putin Loses Its Moment - NYT

Greek Tax Scandal Distracts From a Collection Shortfall - NYT

Germany Faces Need to Play a Military Role - NYT

Monti, in Twitter Q&A, Says New Voting Law Priority for Italy - Reuters

Kosovo Denies Serb President Orthodox Christmas Visit - Reuters


South Asia

Pakistan Says 1 Dead in Border Clash With India - AP

India Army Kills Pakistan Soldier in Kashmir - Reuters

Pakistani Officials Say US Drones Kill 9 Militants - AP

Drone Attack in Pakistan Kills at Least 10 - Reuters

India Aims to Keep Money for Poor From Others’ Pockets - NYT

Indian Government Treads into Social Media - WP

Indian Police Charge TV Channel for Rape Interview - VOA

'DNA Evidence' in India Rape Case - BBC