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5 January SWJ Roundup

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Prisoners Freed Before Karzai Trip to US - NYT

An Afghan Soldier’s Journey From Ally to Enemy of America - NYT

Fereshta Kazemi Takes a Risky Stand for Acting in Afghanistan - LAT

In Afghanistan, It's Vietnam Syndrome II - NYP opinion

With Karzai, Taking the Good with the Bad - Politico opinion



Undecided Syrians Could Tip Balance of Rebellion - NYT

Explosions Rock Damascus Neighborhoods - VOA

Syrian Warplanes Bomb Suburbs of the Capital - AP

Bomb Attack in Syria Kills at Least 10 as Reports of Executions Surface - NYT

Gas Station Attack Kills at Least 10 in Damascus - NYT

Syria Blames 'Terrorists' for Deadly Petrol Station Blast - Reuters

NATO Deploys Missiles to Turkey-Syria Border - VOA

Patriot Missiles on Way to Turkey- Syria Border - BBC

First US Troops Land in Turkey for Patriot Defense Mission - S&S

US Missile Teams in Turkey, Missiles Come Later - Reuters

US Troops Arrive in Turkey for Patriot Missiles - AP

Syria’s 21-month Conflict Rages On - WP photo gallery

A Syrian Way Out - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Says it Will Restart Nuclear Talks - AP

EU Says Iran Not Responded to Nuclear Talks Proposal - Reuters

32 Pilgrims Are Killed by Bombings in Central Iraq - NYT

Iraqi Prime Minister Faces More Calls for Resignation - NYT

Iraq's Sunnis Protest by the Thousands - VOA

Islamists Pursue Own Agenda in Iraq's Sunni Protests - Reuters

Religious Nationalist Grabs Spotlight in Israeli Knesset Race - VOA

Fatah’s Celebration in Gaza Signals Easing of Rift With Hamas - NYT

Fatah Rally in Gaza Brings Signs of Thawing Relations with Hamas - WP

Fatah Holds Rally in Gaza - VOA

Huge Fatah Rally in Hamas-led Gaza - BBC

Abbas Sees Palestinian Unity as Fatah Rallies in Gaza - Reuters

Fatah Rally in Gaza Looks Toward Unity with Hamas - AP

Yemeni Tribesmen Protest Against Drone Strikes - Reuters

Saudi's Top Cleric Warns Against Mixing of Genders - AP

Is al-Jazeera Too Soft on Qatar? - WP

Egypt Says it Seizes US-Made Missiles Near Gaza - AP

Egypt Seizes Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Rockets in Sinai - Reuters

Will This Be the Year Israel Attacks Iran? - Reuters opinion

Israel-Palestinians: Preserving the Two-State Solution - WP opinion

Libya: Benghazi Threat Level was ‘Flashing Red’ on 9/11 - WT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

‘Zero Dark Thirty’s’ Torture Implication Prompts Senate Inquiry - S&S

CIA Veteran on What ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Gets Wrong - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Policy Ace Michele Flournoy Could be First Female Pentagon Chief - S&S

Nomination of Hagel as Secretary of Defense Could Come Next Week - NYT

LGBT Group Takes Issue with Hagel Nomination - WS

Pentagon Faces Complex Battle Over New Sequestration Deadline - S&S

Fiscal Cliff Legislation Affects Military, Civilian Paychecks - AFPS

DoD Personnel Chief Conaton Resigns - AT

Uniform Wear Policies Vary Among Military Services - AFPS

Pentagon Undeterred by Sex Scandals; Policy on Women Proceeds - WT

A Barrier Drops for Military Women - NYT editorial


United States

Obama Transition May Finally Pick Up Steam - WP

GOP Increasingly Ready for Government Shutdown - WT

Puerto Rico to Activate National Guard to Fight Drugs, Weapons Smuggling - AP

Scare Amplifies Fears That Clinton’s Work Has Taken Heavy Toll - NYT

Don’t Fear al-Jazeera - WP opinion


United Kingdom

UK-Argentina: Falklands Dispute Heats Up Again - WP

Britain's Top Tabloid Scolds Argentina Over the Falklands - Reuters

Northern Irish Fighting Rages On as Rioters Branded a Disgrace - Reuters

Nepal Torture Suspect Charged in UK - BBC

UK Police Charge Nepalese Man With Torture - AP

Nepal Protests UK Arrest of Colonel Accused of Torture - Reuters



Canada Meets Key Aboriginal Demand Amid Blockades - Reuters

Local Goes Global in Canada Land Rights Campaign - AP



Sudan, S. Sudan Discuss Security Agreements - VOA

Leaders of Sudan and South Sudan in Ethiopia for Talks - NYT

Sudan, S. Sudan Leaders Hold Crisis Talks - BBC

Leaders of Sudan, South Sudan Start Talks to Defuse Tension - Reuters

S. Sudan Proposes Binding Arbitration With Sudan - AP

Mali Islamist Group 'Suspends' Ceasefire - VOA

Mali's Islamists Withdraw Cease-Fire Pledge - AP

Different Challenges in Central African Rep., Mali - AP

New Child Soldier Fears in Central African Republic - AP

IMF Chief in Malawi to Assess Reforms - AP

Insurgent Attacks in Northeast Nigeria Leave 13 Dead - Reuters

Nigeria Police Reveal $190,00 'Ransom' - BBC

Nigerian Police Say Hyundai Paid Some $190,000 for Hostages - Reuters

Grenade Kills Two in World's Biggest Refugee Camp in Kenya - Reuters

Kenya 'Fake Police Chief' Charged - BBC

Ghana Leader Appeals to Rivals for Unity Before Inauguration - Reuters



UK-Argentina: Falklands Dispute Heats Up Again - WP

Britain's Top Tabloid Scolds Argentina Over the Falklands - Reuters

Venezuela's President Fighting Severe Lung Infection - VOA

Venezuela: Chavez Coping with Severe Respiratory Infection - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Swearing-in Could be Delayed - AP

Mexico City Destroys Toy Guns to Fight Crime - AP

Colombia Firm Makes Armored Clothes for Kids - AP

Chile: Couple Dies Defending Home Amid Protests - AP

Two Dead in Chile 'Arson Attack' - BBC

Brazilian Crack Addicts to Be Forcibly Committed - AP

After Years in Solitary, an Austere Life as Uruguay’s President - NYT

The Future of Venezuela - NYT opinion

What if Hugo Chavez Dies? - Time opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan, South Korea Move to Ease Tensions - VOA

Japanese Envoy Tries to Mend Ties With South Korea - NYT

Japan Likely to Increase Defense Spending Due to Isles Row - Reuters

Fleeing North Korea Grows More Difficult - NYT

Richardson: N. Korea Trip is Private, Humanitarian  - AP

Images of N. Korean Leader's Wife Fuel Pregnancy Rumors - NYT

Chinese Journalists Mount Rare Protest Over Act of Official Censorship - WP

China Says Times Reporter Was Not Expelled - NYT

China: Seizures of Illegal Ivory Rising in Hong Kong - NYT

Japan Sees Opportunity in Burma's Emerging Economy - Reuters

Burma Refugees Fearful After Fighting Escalates - AP

Excavators Head to Burma to Find WWII Spitfires - AP



Ukraine Leader Cautious on Russian Customs Union Plans - BBC

Turkey Continues Efforts To Join EU - VOA

Turkey Ruling Party Sees Progress in Kurd Rebel Talks - Reuters

Turkey: Military Will Keep Fighting Rebel Kurds - AP

Italy's Monti Unveils Alliance, Rules Out Minister Role - Reuters


South Asia

Pakistani Girl Discharged from British Hospital - VOA

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Discharged From British Hospital - NYT

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Leaves UK Hospital - AP

Indian Rape Victim’s Friend Speaks Out - WP

Rape Victim's Friend Details Attack and Delays in Getting Help - NYT

India Rape Victim's Friend Recounts Ordeal - AP

The War on Pakistan’s Aid Workers - NYT editorial

The Dark Side of India’s Rise - WP opinion