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3 January SWJ Roundup

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Afghan War Commander Gives Options for After ’14 - NYT

Danger Between the Lines of a US Army Contract in Afghanistan - WP

Taliban Likens US Afghan Role to Vietnam War - AP

DOD: Obama to Decide US Troop Levels in Afghanistan Soon - FP

Afghanistan's IED Complex: Inside the Taliban Bombmaking Industry - Time

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 2,043 - AP

Elite Danish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Is Peace Really in the Air in Afghanistan? - NBC opinion

Afghanistan Now - NR opinion

Blood Line: Afghanistan and Pakistan's Unspoken Border Dispute - WPI opinion



Syria Begins New Year With More Violence - VOA

Syrians Killed in Gas Line; UN Raises War’s Casualty Figures - NYT

Fighting Rages Around Syrian Military Air Base  - AP

Fierce Clash Near Aleppo Airport - BBC

Syria Air Strike Hits Gas Station, Dozens Killed - VOA

Syria Unrest 'Has Killed 60,000' - BBC

Syrian Refugees Strain Resources in Jordan - NYT

UN Body: Around Half-Million Syrians Now Refugees - AP

Refugees Living with Hunger and Deprivation - WP

American Journalist Missing in Syria - AP

Syria Is Not Obama's Rwanda - WP opinion

Why Russia Won't Help on Syria - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Report: Iran Warns Off Foreign Planes During Naval Drill - VOA

Iran Says it Captured 2 More US Drones in Past - AP

Iran: Rafsanjani Daughter in Solitary Confinement - BBC

Protests Engulf West Iraq as Anbar Rises Against Maliki - BBC

Iraq: Maliki Demands That Protesters Stand Down - NYT

Deadly Blasts Hit Iraqi Cities - BBC

Iraqi Authorities to Release 11 Female Detainees - AP

Israel Lifts Ban on Gaza Gravel - BBC

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Cell Reportedly Detained in UAE - VOA

Egypt's Brotherhood Says UAE Arrests Unfounded - Reuters

Egyptian Pound in Further Slide - BBC

Mursi's Brotherhood May Pay Price for Egypt Currency Fall - Reuters

Report Says Mubarak Dictated Fierce Response to Egypt Protests - NYT

Egypt Panel Implicates Mubarak, Military in Deaths - AP

Two Killed at Libya Coptic Church - BBC

The Last Word With Iran - WP editorial

The Year the Arab Spring Went Bad - FP opinion

Misplaced Pessimism on the Arab Spring - FA opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Rendition Gets Ongoing Embrace from Obama Administration - WP

Congress OKs Bill to Grow Rewards for Terrorism Justice Program - AP

Federal Court Backs White House on Secrecy of Targeted Killings - WP

Secrecy of Memo on Drone Killing Is Upheld - NYT

Judge: US Can Keep Secrets on Targeted Killings - AP

US Drone Strike Kills a Top Pakistani Militant - NYT

Drone Strike Kills Top Pakistani Militant - VOA

US Done Kills Pakistan Militant Commander - WP

Pakistan Militant Leader 'Killed' - BBC

Pakistan: Drones Kill 13, Including Top Militant - AP

How to Halt the Terrorist Money Train  - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Thanks Congress, Seeks End to Sequestration - AFPS

Is the No-Draft Military Creating a Warrior Class? - McClatchy

DOD Heightens Training, Prevention to Target Human Trafficking - AFPS

Divers Could Become Real-Life Aquamen if Pentagon Project Works - DR


United States

Legislators Avoid Fiscal Cliff, Delay Sequester Process - AFPS

With ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ a Taste of Future Debates on Hill - WP

What Congress Got Done, and What it Didn't - S&S

US Still Facing Tough Financial Choices - VOA

Analysts: More Battles to Come Over Spending in Washington - VOA

For Obama, Deal Is Victory That Also Holds Risks - NYT

Aid in Limbo for Superstorm Sandy Victims - VOA

To Thwart Hackers, Firms Salting Servers with Fake Data - WP

Secretary of State Clinton Discharged From Hospital - VOA

Hillary Clinton Leaves NY Hospital - WP

Al-Jazeera Buys Al Gore’s Current TV - AP

Al Jazeera Seeks a US Voice Where Gore Failed - NYT

A Starting Point for Curbing Government Secrecy - S&S opinion

Excess-Profits Tax on Contractors During Wartime is Long Overdue - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Argentina Reignites Falklands Row with UK - BBC

Argentina Blasts Britain Over Falklands and Antarctica - FP

Argentina's President Urges Falklands Talks With Britain - Reuters

Northern Ireland Police Arrest 2 Men in Bomb Case - AP



Central African Republic on the Brink, Rebels Halt Their Advance - NYT

CAR President Fires Defense Minister, Army Chief - VOA

CAR Negotiations May Not Be Possible - VOA

Rebels Dismiss Central African Republic Leader's Offer - BBC

CAR Rebels Threaten Capital, Regional Troops Send Reinforcements - VOA

Regional Troops Warn CAR Rebels to Stop Advance - VOA

CAR Rebels Halt Advance on Bangui - BBC

CAR Rebels Halt Advance, Agree to Peace Talks - Reuters

AU Ready to Increase Military Presence in CAR - VOA

UN Imposes Sanctions on DR Congo Group - BBC

DR Congo: Lynchings Increase After Prisoners Freed - VOA

Al-Qaida, Allies Carving Out Own Country in Mali - AP

Presidents of Sudan, South Sudan to Meet Friday - AP

NGO Accuses Sudan of Silencing Independent Voices - VOA

Sudan: Darfur Peacekeepers Set Free - BBC

Civilian Armed Groups Fight Crime, Wreak Havoc in Niger Delta - VOA

Kenya Police Official Seeks Improved Security - VOA

Ghana Presidential Inauguration to Proceed Despite Opposition - VOA

Africa Is Hooked on Growth - FT opinion

Nigeria: Land of Unfixable Problems - NZH opinion



Mexico Troops Kill 12 in Gun Fight in Zacatecas State - BBC

Colombia: Air Strike 'Kills 13 FARC Rebels' - BBC

US Requests Colombia Urabenos 'Gang Leader' Extradition - BBC

Colombia: Nine Killed at Party in Drug Gang Clash - BBC

Venezuelan President Chavez Suffers New Health Complications - VOA

Venezuela: ‘Truth’ Demand Over Chavez’s Health - BBC

Venezuela Opposition: Chavez Secrecy Feeds Rumors - AP

Factbox: Key Political Risks to Watch in Venezuela - Reuters

Argentina Reignites Falklands Row with UK - BBC

Argentina Blasts Britain Over Falklands and Antarctica - FP

Argentina's President Urges Falklands Talks With Britain - Reuters

Guatemala's Homicide Rate Falls for Third Year in a Row - Reuters

Ecuador President Taking Leave in Re-election Bid - AP

Getting Latin America Right - TNI opinion


Asia / Pacific

ASEAN Leader to Push Consensus on South China Sea Disputes - VOA

Japan Releases Information on Chinese Flights Near Disputed Islands - VOA

China: Detained Chinese Fishermen Released in Japan - VOA

Chinese Dissidents Make Rare Visit to Nobel Laureate's Wife - VOA

Chinese Movie Industry Debates Proposal to End Censorship - VOA

Japanese Leader Wants to Revisit Apology for Wartime Suffering - LAT

South Korea Budgets for Sunnier Ties With Reclusive North - Reuters

North Korea Cracking Down on Knowledge Smugglers - AP

Report: Google CEO to Visit North Korea - VOA

Google CEO Reportedly Plans to Visit North Korea - WP

N. Korea's Kim in Rare TV Speech - BBC

N. Korea's Kim Wants Better Living Standards, Arms - AP

Drop in N. Korea Defectors Linked to Tighter Border Security - S&S

Malaysia Detains Asylum Seekers from Burma - VOA

UN Ends Peacekeeping Mission in East Timor - VOA

2 US Warships to Dock in Philippines - ANN

UN Warns Burma on Airstrikes in Kachin - VOA

Burma’s Military Admits to Airstrikes on Kachin Rebels - NYT

Burma Admits Airstrikes on Rebels - BBC

Burma’s Muslims Recall Buddhist Assault - AP

Philippines May Curb the Pursuit of Marcos’s Wealth - NYT

New Law Points to Philippine Church's Waning Sway - AP

Is China the OPEC of Rare Metals? - RCW opinion



Russia Set for Largest Naval Exercise in Decades - VOA

Russia: Putin Orders Change in Election Rules - NYT

France: Hollande Vows to Revive Supertax - BBC

Italy's Monti Launches Campaign - BBC

Italy’s Monti Says 2nd Term Could Vindicate His Policies - AP

Turkey Hits Back at EU Criticism - BBC

Turkey Talks to PKK Leader Ocalan - BBC

Report: Ex-Military Chief Detained in Turkey - AP

Turkish Ex-Military Boss Arrested - BBC

Bombing Case Reopened Against Turkish Writer - VOA


South Asia

India, Pakistan Exchange Nuclear Facilities List - VOA

Drone Strike Kills Top Pakistani Militant - VOA

US Drone Strike Kills a Top Pakistani Militant - NYT

Pakistan: Drones Kill 13, Including Top Militant - AP

7 Aid Workers Gunned Down in Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan Charity Workers Killed - BBC

Pakistan: Gunmen Kill 7 Teachers, Aid Workers - AP

Shi'ite Muslim Pilgrims Killed in Pakistan Blast - VOA

Pakistan Child Measles Deaths Surge in 2012 - AP

Indian Border State Grapples With Rising Drug Epidemic - WP

India Marks Somber New Year's Eve After Rape Victim's Death - VOA

India: Delhi Rape Suspects to be Charged - BBC

Indian Minister Leads Delhi Rape Protest - VOA

Pakistan's Nukes Is New Year's New Problem - TD opinion