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18 December SWJ Roundup

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Two Dead, 15 Reported Injured in Kabul Blast - S&S

Taliban Claims Responsibility for Attack on US Company - VOA

Blast Kills 10 Girls in Eastern Afghanistan; Car Bomber Targets Kabul - NYT

Officials: Landmine Kills 10 Girls in E. Afghanistan - VOA

UN Makes It Easier for Blacklisted Taliban to Travel for Peace Talks - Reuters

Afghans Turn to AK-47, Fearing Taliban Return or Civil War - Reuters

A Pristine Afghan Prison Faces a Murky Future - NYT

Afghanistan's University of Resistance - GP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Plans for Possibility Syria Could Lose Control of Chemical Arms - WP

Syria Says Opposition Could Use Chemical Weapons - AP

Syria 'Genuinely Worried' Extremists Could Get Chemical Weapons - Reuters

Syrian Vice President: No One Can Win Civil War - WT

Syrian Vice President Says Army Can't Win - AP

Syria Warns Refugees Not to Aid Rebels - NYT

Syrian Rebels Take Control of Damascus Palestinian Camp - Reuters

From Central Damascus, War Seems Ever Closer - Reuters

UN Chief 'Firmly Condemns' Syria Violence Escalation - VOA

Russia Deflects Idea of UN Peacekeepers for Syria - AP

UN Sees Risk of Escalation in Syrian-Israeli Tensions in Golan - Reuters

West Must Arm Syria's Rebels - FA opinion

Russia About to Lose in Syria - WPR opinion



Iran Says It, World Powers Must End Nuclear Stalemate - Reuters

Iran Says it Got 2 More US Drones in Past Missions - AP

Iran Military Plans More Drills in Strait of Hormuz Soon - Reuters

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Cancels Visit to Turkey - AP

Iran in 2013: Three Possible Crises - CNN opinion

Obama's Year of Reckoning on Iran - FT opinion

US Arms to Allies Hint at Iran Strategy - WT opinion

Iran Has No Interest in Talking - Commentator opinion



Low Turnout in Egypt's Vote Raises Questions - AP

Egypt Opposition to Protest Against 'Invalid' Constitution - Reuters

Egypt Prosecutor Offers to Resign - BBC

Egypt's Top Prosecutor Submits Resignation - AP

Democracy’s Egyptian Peril  - WT editorial

Did Morsi Lose by Winning? - NYP opinion

Muslim Brothers: Calculating or Incompetent? - TNY opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Israel Pushes Ahead with Plan to Build in East Jerusalem - WP

Israel: Jerusalem Settlement Plan Backed - BBC

Israel Pushes on With East Jerusalem Building Plan - AP

Diplomat: Palestinians to Oppose Israeli Settlements - WT

West Bank Land, Empty but Full of Meaning - NYT


Middle East

US-Iraq Ties Still Evolving a Year After War's End - AP

Iraq Attacks Kill 26, Many in Kurdish-Claimed Areas - VOA

Wave of Bombings Kills 25 Across Iraq - AP

North Iraq Bomb Attacks Kill 25 - BBC

US Blacklists Former Lebanese Information Minister - AP

Report: Explosion in Lebanon Near Israel Border - AP

Bahrain Protesters Challenge Police in Capital - AP


North Africa

GOP Sees Key Gaps in Report on Libya Consulate Attack - WT

Senior Al Qaeda Man Reported Arrested in Algeria - Reuters

Unrest Marks Tunisia Revolution Anniversary Event - AP

Tomato Protest for Tunisia Leader - BBC


US Department of Defense

‘Wreaths Across America’ Honors Fallen Service Members - AFPS

NORTHCOM Strives to Promote Safe, Secure Arctic - AFPS

Investigation: Significant Drug Use, Party Culture at Naval Academy - TC

Random Breathalyzer Program Set for Marines - S&S

Soldier Killed at Fort Hood After Firing at Officers - AP

Air Force Studies Effects of Highly Popular, Super-Caffeinated Drinks - S&S

Defense Cuts Bode Ill for Nevada - LVRJ

DOD Announces 2013 Housing, Subsistence Allowance Rates - AFPS

Hagel a Dangerous Choice for Defense - WT opinion


United States

First Funerals Being Held for US School Rampage Victims - VOA

Killing of US School Children Sparks Gun Control Discussion - VOA

Silent Since Shootings, NRA Could Face Challenge to Political Power - NYT

Tragedy Strikes Hearts, Changes Minds of Pro-Gun Democrats - WT

After Tragedy, Partisanship May Cool a Bit - NYT

Picks for State Department, Pentagon Could be Announced Friday - WP

US 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks Moving Toward Compromise - VOA

Obama, Boehner Move Close to ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal - WP

Obama’s New Offer on Fiscal Crisis Could Lead to Deal - NYT

A US Senate Appointment Steeped in History - WP

Daniel Inouye, Hawaii’s Quiet Voice of Conscience in Senate, Dies at 88 - NYT

Sen. Inouye of Hawaii Dies at 88 - WP

Border Patrol Stops Translating Spanish for Other Police - WT

Symbol of Pride, Inverted, Is Now Symbol of Political Dismay - NYT

Reason to Hope After the Newtown Rampage - NYT editorial

Freedom Not to Blame for Newtown, Mr. President - WT opinion

What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers - NYT opinion

Is the Gun Lobby Invincible? - NYT opinion

How Many Nukes Until We’re Safe? - WP opinion

Clinton Is the Teflon Secretary - FP opinion

Next Generation Won't Inherit the American Dream - WT opinion


United Kingdom

UK World View 'Boosted by Olympics' - BBC

Trouble Flares as Loyalist Fury Over N. Ireland Flag Row Renews - Reuters

Trouble Flares at Flag Protests in Belfast - BBC



Study Finds One in 6 Follows No Religion - NYT



AFRICOM Headquarters to Stay in Germany, Dempsey Says - S&S

NATO: Somali Pirates Seized No Ships for 6 Months - AP

Somali Militants Publicly Rebuke American Member  - AP

France Eyes New UN Resolution on Mali - AP

Ethiopia Drops One Charge in Muslim Case - VOA

S. Africa Authorities Arrest Suspects Planning ANC Attack - VOA

S. Africa’s Mandela Remains Hospitalized, Health Improving - VOA

Nigeria: Kidnappers 'Wanted Minister Out' - BBC

Gunmen Kidnap Six Hyundai Heavy Workers in Nigeria - Reuters

Six Kidnapped in Southern Nigeria - BBC



Mexico Government Says Security Policy Failing - AP

Mexico's New President Outlines Nuanced Fight Against Violence - Reuters

The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Got Its Way in Mexico - NYT

Venezuelans Choose Governors in First Elections with Chavez Absent - WP

Chavez Party Extends Poll Wins in Venezuela - BBC

Sympathy for Chavez a Factor in Venezuela Politics - AP

Fighting for Brazil Farms, Not Forests - WP

Brazil 'Mensalao' Trial Concludes - BBC

Chevron Offers to Settle Brazil Spill Lawsuits - AP

Argentina Launches Process to Break Up Media Group - AP

In Honduras, Political Crisis Takes a Holiday - AP


Asia / Pacific

Asia Stocks Gain on Japan Hopes, China Recovery - AP

Bilateral Distrust Between US, China at All-Time High - S&S

US Envoy Optimistic About Ties With China - NYT

China Keeps Close Eye on Japan Politics - VOA

China Rounds Up Members of Doomsday Cult - WP

China Detains 100-Plus People for Doomsday Rumors - AP

Astronomers Say N. Korean Satellite Is Most Likely Dead - NYT

Crippled N. Korean Probe Could Orbit for Years - AP

N. Korea Displays Kim Jong Il a Year After Death - AP

South Korea Vote Will Change Policy Toward North - NYT

S. Korea Rivals in Final Poll Push - BBC

S. Korea Could See First Female Leader - WP

Incoming Japanese Leader’s Plan: Not Repeating His Errors - NYT

Shinzo Abe Gets a Second Chance to Lead Japan - WP editorial

China's Rise Can Be Peaceful - AT opinion

US Must Not Allow North Korea to Obtain ICBM - WT opinion

More War Than Peace in Burma - AT opinion



EU in Trade Deal with Singapore - BBC

Details Revealed of Russian Spy’s Life, Motive for Death Still Mystery - NYT

Russia Abstains From Vote on Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal - Reuters

Five Men Jailed in Kosovo for 54 Years - Reuters

Kenny to Repeat Irish Debt Relief Calls - WP

French Opposition Agrees New Vote - BBC

French Right Ends Dispute That Briefly Split Party - AP

Spanish PM Defends Year of Austerity Amid Protests - AP

Italy President Says Next Government Must Bring Reforms - Reuters

Italian President: Parliament Wasted Opportunities - AP

Amnesty Says Migrants in Italy Face Widespread Exploitation - Reuters

Greek MP 'Attacked by Far-Right' - BBC

Puzzle Over Ukrainian Beheadings - BBC


South Asia

Tensions Rise at Sino-Indian Border - JT

Sign of Normalization: Pentagon to Reimburse Pakistan $688 Million - NYT

Blast Rocks Tribal District in Pakistan - VOA

Car Bomb Kills 17 in Pakistani Tribal Region - NYT

Car Bomb Kills 17 People in Market in Pakistan - AP

Bangladesh Fire 'Was Sabotage' - BBC

Bangladesh Finds Gross Negligence in Factory Fire - NYT

Bangladesh Probe: Fire Sabotage, Owner Negligent - AP