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15 December SWJ Roundup

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US Commanders Give Upbeat War Effort Reviews - AP

Afghanistan: Foreign Troops Should Leave Villages - AP

Envoy Reflects on Taliban, Pakistan Experiences - AFPS



EU Vows More Pressure on Assad's 'Illegitimate Regime' - Bloomberg

Russia Looks Ahead to a Post-Assad Syria - VOA

Russia's Syria Stance 'Unchanged' - BBC

Russia Seeks to Retain Influence Over Syria if Assad Falls - VOA

US Surveillance Caught Syria’s Chemical Weapons Prep - DR

NATO Says Syrian Scuds Hit 'Near' Turkey - Reuters

As Syrian Rebels Close in, Assad Has Cards to Play - AP

Syrian Rebel Lays Out Hostage Demands, as Case Sullies a Cause - NYT

Syrian Refugees Face Bleak Winter - VOA

Did Russia Just Throw Assad Under the Bus? - FP opinion

Russia's Syria Debacle - Time opinion

US Tries to Keep Islamists Out in Syria - TG opinion

Assad's Playbook Is Now Empty - TA opinion

Obama's Unmitigated Syria Disaster - FP opinion

Please, Don't Intervene in Syria - TNR opinion



Egyptians Vote on Constitution - BBC

Egyptians Vote on Islamist-Backed Constitution - AP

Egyptians Vote on Divisive Constitution - Reuters

Vote May Bring New Constitution, But Calm is Unlikely - WP

Egypt Faces Divisive Choice Over Political Future - Reuters

Tempers Rise Ahead of Vote on Egypt Charter - AP

Obama Walks a Fine Line With Egyptian President - NYT

Highlights From Egypt's Draft Constitution - AP

Basic Facts on Egypt's Constitution Referendum - AP

Key Events in Egypt's Revolution and Transition - AP

Can Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Be Trusted? - TNY opinion



New Nuclear Talks with Iran Possible - WP

UN Nuke Agency: Progress on Iran Nuclear Program - AP

UN Agency Expects Deal Soon on Iran Nuclear Probe - Reuters

Iran Negotiator Says Not Optimistic on Nuclear Talks With West - Reuters

Iran Election Laws Under Debate - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq-Kurd Deal Offers Hope, but Challenges Remain - AP

Thousands of Hamas Supporters Rally in West Bank - VOA

Thousands Attend Hamas Rally in West Bank’s Hebron - BBC

Israeli Foreign Minister Quits After Indictment - VOA

Hard-Line Israeli Foreign Minister Resigns - NYT

Israeli Foreign Minister Resigns - BBC

Calvalley Shuts Oil Well in Yemen After Explosion - Reuters

Thousands Mourn Leader of Morocco's Main Opposition Group - Reuters

Tunisia: Ben Ali Relative Arrested - BBC

Tunisia a Better Model for Arab Spring - TN opinion



Panetta Signs Order to Deploy 400 US Personnel to Turkey - AFPS

Panetta Orders Deployment of US Antimissile Units in Turkey - NYT

US, NATO Sending Two Patriot Missile Batteries to Turkey - S&S

US to Man Patriot Missiles Near Syria - WP

German Parliament Approves Patriots for Turkey - AP


US Department of Defense

Dempsey Warns of Sequestration’s Potential Impact - AFPS

More Effort Needed to Counter IEDs, General Says - AFPS

Study: Wind Blew Deadly Gas to US Troops in Gulf War - USAT

Battaglia Urges Senior Enlisted Leaders to 'Bridge the Gap' - AFPS


United States

26 Dead in Connecticut School Shooting - VOA

Gunman Massacres 20 Children at School in Connecticut - NYT

‘Gunshots and then Silence’ - WP

'Why? Why?': 26 Dead in Elementary School Massacre - CNN

Gunman Kills 26 at Conn. School, Commits Suicide - AP

Obama: 'Our Hearts Are Broken Today' - VOA

Obama Plea After School Shooting - BBC

Obama Faces Calls for Action After Connecticut Shootings - VOA

Obama’s Cautious Call for Action Sets Stage to Revive Gun Debate - NYT

Internal Pressures Complicate 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks - VOA

CIA Director Reacts to Report Critical of Detainee Interrogations - NYT

Susan Rice’s Worst Week, Again - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Hacker McKinnon Will Not Face UK Charges - BBC

UK Police Say they Won't Charge Hacker - AP



Canada Cracks Down on 'Fake' Refugees From European Union - Reuters



'Refugee Numbers Up' in DR Congo - BBC

Mali Intervention Refugee Fears - BBC

S. Africa: Critical Decisions Coming at ANC Leadership Conference - VOA

Ramaphosa Re-enters S. Africa Politics - WP

S. Africa: Spokesman Denies Mandela Hospital Discharge - VOA

Car Bomb Kills Two in Somali Capital - Reuters



Colombian General Sentenced in the US - BBC

Venezuela: With Chavez Stricken, Elections Become Crucial - AP

Chavez Recovery 'Satisfactory' - BBC

Chavez Recovering After Surgery, Venezuela Government Says - AP

With Chavez Sidelined, Opposition Tests Strength in Venezuela Polls - Reuters

Some Venezuelans See 'Chavismo' Struggles Brewing - AP

Venezuela Furious at Obama's Comments on Ailing Chavez - Reuters

Factbox: Venezuelan Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles - Reuters

Brazil Leader's Popularity Hits High Despite Stalled Economy - Reuters

Guantanamo Says Goodbye to Last Cuban 'Commuters' - AP

Jailed Spaniard May Leave Cuba - BBC

US Govt Study: Haiti Apparel Industry Is Growing - AP

Cayman Premier 'Will Not Resign' - BBC

Defiant Leader of Cayman Islands Under Pressure to Resign - Reuters

Chavez Gone, Who's Running Venezuela? - LAT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan Set for General Election - BBC

A Discontented Japan Set to Vote - WP

A Political Pendulum in a Disgruntled Japan - NYT

Final Campaign Push a Day Before Japanese Vote - AP

China’s Communist Party Chief Acts to Bolster Military - NYT

China Defends Flight Over Disputed Islands - VOA

China Submits Islands Row to UN - BBC

Opposition to Labor Camps Widens in China - NYT

South Korea Analyzing North's Rocket Debris - VOA

Boat Carrying 3 North Koreans Drifts South - AP

Thailand Urged to Extend Migrant Worker Deadline - VOA

North Korea, Never Changing - WP opinion

Will China Finally Rethink North Korea? - CNN opinion

Japan’s Model Still Works - WP opinion



Deeper Eurozone Union 'Agreed' - BBC

After Fighting Markets, Europe Now Prefers Working With Them - NYT

Obama Signs Russia Trade and Human Rights Bill - VOA

Bill Retaliating Against US Moves Ahead in Russia - AP

Russia Retaliates Against US Rights Legislation - Reuters

US Pro-Democracy Groups Pulling Out of Russia - Reuters

Russia Opens New Investigation into Opposition Leader - VOA

Russia Opens New Inquiry Targeting an Activist - NYT

Russia Rejects Blame in Death of Ex-Spy Litvinenko - Reuters

Germany: Prosecutors See Islamist Link in Station Bomb - AP

Germany Suspects Islamist Link in Foiled Bomb Attack - Reuters

New Move to Ban German Far Right - BBC

German Lawmakers Seek to Ban Far-Right Party - NYT

Italy's Left Says Monti Run 'Morally Questionable' - Reuters

Portugal Tired of Playing by EU Rules - WP

A Step Forward in the Euro Crisis - NYT editorial

Russia: Imagining Moscow on a Human Scale - WP opinion

Italy’s Monti Could Throw Europe into Chaos - AP opinion


South Asia

Interior Minister Malik Hails India-Pakistan Ties - BBC

India and Pakistan Seal Accord to Ease Visa Restrictions - Reuters

Rivals India, Pakistan to Make Travel Easier - AP

Threat to Pakistan Church School - BBC

Envoy Reflects on Taliban, Pakistan Experiences - AFPS

Walmart Caught In Lobbying Controversy in India - VOA

Sri Lanka Excavates Mass Grave - BBC