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14 December SWJ Roundup

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Obama, Karzai to Discuss US Future in Afghanistan - AFPS

Panetta: Karzai to Meet Obama in Washington Next Month - AP

Panetta Meets with US, Afghan Leaders - AFPS

US Officials in Kabul Give Panetta Rosy Picture of Afghan Situation - WP

Pentagon Warns of Higher Bomb Threat in Drawdown - AP

Grossman Pledges Continued US Support to Afghanistan, Pakistan - VOA

Georgia Vows to Continue Afghan Military Mission - VOA

US Uniforms, Like Those in Insider Attacks, Still Found in Kabul Shops - S&S

Insurgents Attack Near Kandahar Airfield - AFPS

Suicide Attack Kills 1 American, 2 Civilians Near US Base - WP



Strikes Heighten Urgency of Patriot Missile Deployment in Turkey - VOA

US to Send 2 Missile Units to Turkey to Deter Syrians - NYT

Turkey Patriot Defenses to be Ready Next Month - AP

Pentagon to Send Missiles, 400 Troops to Turkey - AP

Opposition Victory in Syria Possible, Russia Says - VOA

Russia: Assad is Losing Control - WP

Russia Offers a Dark View of Assad’s Chances for Survival - NYT

Russia: Syrian Rebels May Win - BBC

Russia Positions Itself for Fall of Syrian Regime - AP

US. Rebels Urge Gloomy Moscow to Help Oust Assad - Reuters

Obama's 'Red Line' May be Giving Assad an Opening - AP

Senior NATO Official Says Assad Will Go - Reuters

Syrian Troops Seen Preparing Chemical Weapons, Spy Agencies Find - WP

Too Quiet on Syrian Scuds - WP editorial

Obama's Unmitigated Syria Disaster - FP opinion



Iran Hails Nuclear Talks Progress - BBC

US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran - VOA

Obama Administration Boosts Penalties Against Iran - AP

UN Agency Expects Deal Soon on Iran Nuclear Probe - Reuters

UN Nuke Agency: Progress on Iran Nuclear Program - AP

Iran's Civil Society Under Assault, Rights Group Says - Reuters



Egypt: Prosecutor Says Morsi Aides Interfered in Inquiry - NYT

Egypt: In Cairo Crisis, the Poor Find Dashed Hopes - NYT

Egypt: Draft Charter Seen as Struggle of Elites - WP

Egyptian Islamists, Opponents Rally Before Vote - AP

Egypt: Spain Police Seize Mubarak Assets - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

In Step Toward Palestinian Unity, Hamas Holds West Bank Rally - NYT

Hamas Rallies in West Bank, New Hopes for Palestinian Unity - WP

Hamas Stages Rare West Bank Rally - BBC

Hamas Gains Allure in Gaza, but Money Is a Problem - NYT

Israel’s Foreign Minister Charged Over Finances - BBC

Israeli Foreign Minister Faces Indictment on Lesser Charges - NYT

Iraq: Baghdad, Kurds Agree to Ease Tensions - AP

Iraqi Refugees Arrested in Hague Tent Camp Eviction - BBC

Officials: Libyan Government Slowing Investigation - AP

Would a Secretary of Defense Hagel Oppose War with Iran? - FP opinion

Egypt Needs to Learn the Art of Compromise - WP opinion

Shredding the Soul of Egypt - SMH opinion



Admiral Addresses NATO Transformation Challenges, Solutions - AFPS

Commander Describes NATO Transformation Efforts - AFPS

Smart Defense Team Helps NATO Face Lean Times - AFPS

Training, Resource Sharing Boost NATO Transformation Initiatives - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Former Sen. Hagel Said to Top List to Take Over at Pentagon - Bloomberg

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and the New Reality of Reported Filmmaking - WP

Treatment of 9/11 Suspects Won't be Disclosed During Trial - LAT


United States

Obama, US House Leader Meet Again on 'Fiscal Cliff' - VOA

With Gap Wide and Time Short, Obama and Boehner Meet - NYT

Obama, Boehner Have Frank Talk But No Breakthrough - WP

Budget Cuts in Washington Pose Threat as States Rebound - NYT

Intelligence Council Poses Four Worlds of the Future - AFPS

Senate Panel Report Finds Harsh CIA Interrogations Ineffective - WP

Professor Waging Legal Battle for Interrogation Documents - McClatchy

Rice Withdraws From Consideration for Secretary of State - VOA

Rice Withdraws Candidacy for Secretary of State - WP

Rice Ends Bid for Secretary of State, and Fight With GOP - NYT

Susan Rice Ends Bid to Succeed Hillary Clinton - BBC

Embattled, Rice Bows Out of DOS Running; Kerry Likely - AP

Rice’s Blunt Style Endeared Her to Obama - NYT

An Ugly End to Rice's Non-Nomination - WP opinion

The Ignoble Hounding of Susan Rice - WP opinion

Rice: Why I Made the Right Call - WP opinion

The Case for John Kerry at State - WP opinion

History: In Ignorance We Trust - NYT opinion

Rendition Condemned - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Clegg Calls for Royal Commission on Drugs Reform - BBC

UK Pays $3.5m in Rendition Claim - BBC

Guantanamo Inmate Shaker Aamer to Sue UK for Defamation - BBC


United Nations

US Refuses to Back UN Treaty, Saying Endorses Restricting Internet - WP

US Refuses to Sign UN Internet Treaty - BBC



China Daily Starts Africa Edition - BBC

African Union to Support New Mali PM - VOA

South Arica’s Zuma to Face Leadership Challenge - BBC

Report: 90 Percent of South African Women Abused - VOA

Abducted Mother of Nigeria Finance Minister Freed - AP

Ghana Transition Team to Begin Work Friday - VOA

Study Says Attitudes May Be Key to Tackling Graft in Guinea - VOA

Guinea Announces May 2013 Legislative Election Date - VOA



Venezuela: Chavez 'Bleeding During Surgery' - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Faces Complications From Surgery - NYT

Some Venezuelans See 'Chavismo' Struggles Brewing - AP

Flailing Honduras in Yet Another Political Crisis - AP

Panamanian Held in Spain with Cocaine Breast Implants - BBC


Asia / Pacific

South Korea Expects North to Conduct New Nuclear Test - S&S

N. Korean Missiles Don't Threaten US Yet, Analysts Say - VOA

China Calls for "Moderate" Response to N. Korea Rocket Launch - VOA

Despite Risks, China Stays at N. Korea’s Side to Keep US at Bay - NYT

North Korea Rocket Launch Shows Young Leader as Gambler - AP

North Koreans Mark Rocket Success with Mass Rally - BBC

With Successful Launch, Kim and Allies Cement Rule in N. Korea - Reuters

American Citizen Is Said to Be Held in North Korea - NYT

Unification Church Quits Auto Venture with N. Korea - AP

US, China Representatives Meet at Pentagon - AFPS

China Bolsters Corruption Crackdown - VOA

Close US-Philippine Ties Aid Typhoon Relief Efforts - AFPS

Marines Aid Philippine Typhoon Relief Effort - AFPS

Former Thai PM Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges - VOA

Obama's Risky Indifference to Pyongyang - G&M opinion



European Court Finds Rights Violation in CIA Rendition Case - NYT

European Court Condemns CIA in Landmark Ruling - AP

EU Clears Banking Union as Greece Gets Latest Bailout - VOA

Eurozone Bank Deal Boosts Summit - BBC

In Russia, a Bumpy Road to Power - WP

Russia Opens New Investigation Against Opposition Leader - Reuters

Litvinenko Inquest Attorney: Russia Most Likely Involved in Poisoning - VOA

Russia-UK: Litvinenko 'Was Working for MI6' - BBC

Russia: Killed Kremlin Critic Worked for UK Spies, Lawyer Says - AP

Russia: Putin Backs Penalizing US Judges in Adoptions - NYT

German Who Received Terror Training Jailed - AP

Portugal: US Reduces Staffing, Operations at Lajes Field - AFPS


South Asia

Grossman Pledges Continued US Support to Afghanistan, Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan Minister in India Trip - BBC

Italy Summons India Ambassador Over Detained Marines - Reuters

Gas Shortage Exposes Pakistan's Energy Crisis - AP