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13 December SWJ Roundup

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Panetta Arrives in Kabul to Thank Troops, Meet With Commanders - AFPS

Panetta in Afghanistan to Meet with Karzai - AP

US Force in Afghanistan Might be Smaller than Expected after 2014 - S&S

As Drawdown Nears, US Paints Rosier Picture of Afghan Troops - WP

Afghanistan Deadline Pushes Pakistan, US Closer - VOA

Afghanistan, Pakistan Pursue Peace Despite Attack  - AP

Kabul Airport Still a Sieve for Disappearing Money - S&S

Afghan Judge 'Bribe Demand Taped' - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



'Friends of Syria' Recognize Syrian Opposition; Scuds Fired  - VOA

Scud Missile Attack on Rebels Escalates the War in Syria - NYT

Syria Fires Missiles at Rebels, Potentially Escalating Civil War - WP

Official: Syria Fires Scud Missiles at Rebels - AP

Blast Near Damascus Kills 16, State Media Say - AP

Syria Government 'Losing Control' Says Russian Official - BBC

Members of Assad’s Sect Blamed in Syria Killings - NYT

Jordan Feels Pressure to Take Sides on Syria - VOA

Syria and Chemical Weapons: What Can the US Do? - WP opinion



Egypt Unity Talks Postponed - VOA

Opposition Urges Citizens to Vote ‘No’ on Charter - WP

Rejecting Boycott, Opposition Urges Vote Against Charter - NYT

Egypt Opposition Backs 'No' Vote - BBC

Egyptians Take to the Streets Ahead of Constitution Vote - VOA

Spain Seizes $36.5 Mln in Mubarak-Linked Assets - AP

Egypt Blogger Guilty of Blasphemy - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Says it Can Make Copy of Captured CIA Drone - AP

UN Nuclear Inspectors in Iran, No Sign of Parchin Visit - Reuters

Iran Indicts 18 American Officials, ex-Officials - AP

Israeli Minister Vents Anger at Europe - NYT

Israeli Troops Clash With Palestinian Protesters - AP

West Bank: Hebron Fake Gun Teenager Killed - BBC

Yemen Juvenile Execution Deplored - BBC

Morocco's Biggest Opposition Leader Dies - AP



NATO Special Forces Unit Gets New Home - S&S


US Department of Defense

No Medal of Honor Upgrade for Peralta After Pentagon Review - S&S

9/11 Judge OKs War Court Audio Delays, Censor at Guantanamo - MH

Lawmakers Push New Rules on Personal Weapons to Address Suicide Risk - S&S

Protective Undergarments Cutting IED-related Wounds - S&S

Battle Wound Foam Secures Pentagon Funding - BBC

Senators Seek Answers on Botched Air Force Computer Project - DDN

President Nominates Clarke as Next Air National Guard Chief - AFPS


United States

US Central Bank Adopts New Stimulus to Boost Economy - VOA

Contentious US Fiscal Debate Has Worldwide Implications - VOA

National Intelligence Council Forecasts Megatrends - AFPS

Portrayal of CIATorture in Bin Laden Film Renews Debate - NYT

Testimony on CIA’s Treatment of 9/11 Suspects Will be Kept Secret - WP

Calif. Terrorism Suspect Ordered Held Without Bond - AP

Clinton to Testify on Benghazi Report on December 20 - Reuters

End of the American Superpower - WT editorial

Torture and bin Laden - WP opinion

Sorting the Terrorists - WP opinion

Opposing Out-of-Control Government Spying - WT opinion


United Kingdom

UK Officer Punished For Passing Nuclear Secrets - AP

British Premier Apologizes in Killing of IRA Lawyer - NYT

Cops, British Army Guided Belfast Lawyer's Killing - AP



US, Canada Expand Arctic Cooperation, Military Training - AFPS



UN Group Gives Nod for Greater Internet Oversight - AP

Global Internet Diplomacy - NYT editorial



Millions in Ransoms Fuel Militants’ Clout in West Africa - NYT

UNICEF Treats Record Number of Sahel Children for Malnutrition - VOA

Main Opposition Rejects Ghana Election Results - VOA

Kenyan President Urges Voters to Register as Deadline Looms - VOA

South Africa Deputy President in Race to Lead ANC - AP

South Africa: Mandela Making Progress with Treatment - VOA

Anatomy of Africa's Homegrown Terrorism - WPB opinion



Venezuela’s Chavez 'Faces Difficult Recovery' - BBC

One Man’s Illness Threatens Venezuela’s Revolution - NYT

Argentina Sees Protests after Marita Veron Verdict - BBC


Asia / Pacific

After N. Korea Rocket Launch, a Call for New Sanctions - NYT

UN Security Council Condemns Korean Rocket Launch - VOA

N. Korean Launch Draws International Criticism, Calls for UN Action - S&S

Kim Jong-un Earns Cachet With Rocket’s Success - NYT

North Korea Launch Increases Threat of Weapons - WT

US Warning Systems Detect, Track North Korean Missile Launch - AFPS

South Korea: N. Korea's Satellite Orbiting Normally - AP

For North Korea, Next Step is a Nuclear Test - Reuters

A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal - AP

Japan Accuses China of Airspace Intrusion Over Islands - BBC

Japan: China Plane Spotted Over Disputed Islands - AP

Japan Scrambles Jets as Chinese Plane Flies Over Disputed Isles - Reuters

China Calls on Japan to Halt Entries Into Disputed Waters - Reuters

Microblog’s Coverage of China’s New Leader Days Ahead - WP

China Ousts Senior Official in Corruption Drive - AP

Philippines Readies for Increased US Presence - VOA

Thai PM Visits Violence-Torn South After Deadly Attacks - Reuters

Thai ex-PM Abhisit Charged with Murder Over Protest Death - BBC

Former Thai PM Denies Murder Charge Over Protest Deaths - Reuters

Monks Protest in Burmese Cities - BBC

North Korea’s Latest Launch - WP editorial

North Korea’s Latest Provocation - NYT editorial

How Obama Got North Korea Wrong - TD opinion

Don't Bet On a Hard Landing for China - Bloomberg opinion

Tibet Is Burning - NYT opinion



Eurozone Agrees to Strict Bank Rules - BBC

Russia: Putin Pledges to Boost Economy, Military - VOA

Russia’s History Should Guide Its Future, Putin Says - NYT

Putin Criticizes US Bill to Punish Russian Rights Abusers - Reuters

New Ukraine Parliament Opens Amid Protests - VOA

Ukraine Parliament Speaker Elected Amid Brawls - AP

Failings Found in Trial of Ukrainian Ex-Premier - NYT

Court Convicts a Bosnian Serb General of Genocide - NYT

Turkey's PM Attacks Popular TV Show - VOA

Victim of US Rendition Wins Europe Court Ruling - AP


South Asia

Rights Group Accuses Pakistani Military of Abuse - AP

Rights Crisis in Pakistan Borders - BBC

Most Pakistani Leaders Don’t File Returns, Study Finds - NYT

India State Holds Key Elections - BBC