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12 December SWJ Roundup

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US Inspectors: Afghan Anti-Corruption Efforts ‘Deeply Troubling’ - WP

Vast Sums of Aid Continue to be Stolen in Afghanistan - CSM

Afghans Still Funneling Cash Out of Country - WT

US: Afghans Resisting Efforts to Track Cash Exodus - AP

Taliban Popular Where US Fought Biggest Battle - AP

Letting Go in Afghanistan as Mission Winds Down - S&S

Afghan Law Offering Abused Women Redress Makes Slow Gains - NYT

UN: Women Have ‘Long Way to Go’ in Afghanistan - S&S

Where War Still Echoes, Recalling Earlier Battles - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghan Women’s Perilous Future - WP editorial

A Decade of Western Folly in Afghanistan - TG opinion



Nations Supporting Syrian Opposition to Meet in Morocco - VOA

US Will Grant Recognition to Syrian Rebels, Obama Says - NYT

Obama Gives Syrian Rebels Recognition - WT

Obama: US Will Recognize Syrian Opposition - USAT

Obama Backs Syria Opposition Rebel Coalition - BBC

US Set to Boost Ties with Syrian Opposition - AP

Russia Slams US for Recognizing Syrian Opposition - AP

Extremists Among Syrian Rebels Who Seized Base - AP

US Labels Syrian Jihadist Group as Terrorists - VOA

On the Ground in Syria, Anger at the US - NYT

Armenians Fleeing Anew as Syria Erupts in Battle - NYT

Panetta Says Syria Chemical Threat Has Slowed - AP

Experts: Russia Likely to Stay Course on Assad - AP

How to Avoid Revenge Killings in Post-Assad Syria - CSM editorial

How US Can Prevent Use of Syria's Chemical Weapons - CSM opinion



Multiple Protests Rock Egypt - VOA

Morsi’s Supporters, Foes Hold Rival Rallies - WP

Thousands March in Egypt Rallies - BBC

Protests Heat Up in Egypt - USAT

Crowd Targets Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood - WT

Egypt Opposition Fears Violence From Brotherhood - AP

Concern Mounts Over Egypt's Proposed Constitution - VOA

In Egypt, Top Judges Pose New Challenge to Referendum - NYT

Egypt Judges Say Most Will Boycott Referendum - AP

Egyptian Army to Host Unity Talks as Crisis Deepens - Reuters

Can God Save Egypt? - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Panetta Makes Surprise Visit to Kuwait - VOA

In Kuwait, Panetta Affirms U.S. Commitment to Middle East - NYT

Panetta Visits Strategic Ally Kuwait - WP

Panetta Meets With Kuwait’s Amir, Stresses Strong Relationship - AFPS

Panetta Calls Kuwait Important US Partner - AFPS

Iran Shows Domestically Produced Helicopters - AP

Turkey Weighs Pivotal Oil Deal with Kurdistan - WP

Israeli Military Raids Offices of Palestinian NGOs - BBC

Israeli Soldiers Raid West Bank NGOs - WP

Israel to Withhold Palestinian Funds Until March - Reuters

Gaza's Tunnels Rebound From Israeli Offensive - AP

Senior Yemeni Intelligence Officer Killed - AP

Three Militants and a Tribesman Killed in Yemen Clashes - Reuters

Bahrain Activist's Sentence Cut - BBC

Tunisian National Strike Averted After Deal - AP

Turkey Is No Model for Arab Spring - TA opinion

Is Arab Spring Coming to Kuwait? - Forbes opinion

Islamists are Worse than Dictators - WT opinion

Palestinians Facing Same Old Choices - Commentator opinion

Abbas and Netanyahu in Wonderland - JP opinion


US Department of Defense

Graham: Defense Cuts Would Hurt Middle East Operations - WT

Defense Had Live Video of Attack in Benghazi - WT

US Military Space Plane Launches - BBC

DOD Announces Recruiting, Retention Numbers - AFPS

Troops in Korea Detained For Dealing Synthetic Marijuana - S&S

Defense Lawyer in WikiLeaks Case: Manning Treated like a ‘Zoo Animal’ - WP


United States

Obama, Boehner Trade Offers But Little Progress Apparent - WP

Boehner Says Obama Is Slow to Identify Cuts - NYT

Homeland Security Increasingly Loaning Drones to Local Police - WT

How to Protect Americans from anti-Terror Data Sharing - CSM opinion

US Should Walk Out of the United Nations - WT opinion


United Kingdom

US DOJ Outlines HSBC Transactions with Drug Traffickers - WP

HSBC Blasted for 'Stunning Failures over Oversight' - BBC

Standard Chartered Hit by $300m in Iran Fines - BBC

Has America Got It In For British Banks? - TT

HSBC: Too Big to Indict - NYT editorial



Mali: Islamists’ Attacks Against Civilians Grow More Brutal - WP

France Urges Rapid Foreign Military Intervention in Mali - Reuters

Mali’s Junta Ousts Prime Minister - WP

Mali’s Prime Minister Resigns After Arrest - NYT

Mali's PM Forced to Resign, After Arrest by Junta - AP

Eastern Congo Rebels Thrive on Fear, Chaos - LAT

UN: South Sudan Failing Journalists, Rights Advocates - VOA

Central Africa Republic Rebels Seize Town From Army - BBC

Nigerian Police Continue Search for Minister’s Kidnapped Mother - VOA

Ghana's Main Opposition Party to Challenge Election - VOA



Mexico's Ruling Party Chooses New Leader - Reuters

US Seizes Texas Condo It Says Owned by Former Mexican Governor - Reuters

Colombia's Congress Passes Controversial Military Justice Reform - Reuters

Colombia Military Reform Slammed by Rights Groups - AP

Venezuelan VP Says Chavez Recovering, Successful Operation - AP

Bolivia Judges Balk at Setting NY Man Free - AP

Co-op Laws in Cuba Are Seen as Progress - NYT

UN Launches Haiti Cholera Appeal - BBC

UN Launches Cholera Plan for Haiti but Needs Funds - AP

Cayman Islands Premier Arrested - BBC

Cayman Islands Leader Arrested in Corruption Case - AP


Asia / Pacific

North Koreans Launch Rocket, Defying Threat of Sanctions - NYT

North Korea Fires Long-Range Rocket in Defiant Move - WP

South Korea Says North Korea Has Fired Long-Range Rocket - AP

Defiant North Korean Rocket Launch Gives Kim Jong-un a Boost - CSM

North Korea's New Leader Burnishes Credentials With Rocket - Reuters

UN 'Deplores' N. Korea Missile Launch, Security Council to Meet - Reuters

US Vows to Pursue 'Appropriate Action' Against North Korea - Reuters

China Displeased Over North Korea's Rocket Launch - AP

Japan Protests North Korean Rocket Launch - AP

Russia Voices 'Deep Regret' Over North Korea Rocket Launch - Reuters

Tibet Slams Beijing Crackdown on Immolation 'Inciters' - VOA

Activists Say 8th Tibetan Child Self-Immolates in China - AP

Defiant China Catholic Bishop Removed - BBC

Death for China Plane Hijackers - BBC

US Military to Increase Presence in Philippines - Reuters

Kazakh Border Guard Gets Life Term in Killings of Soldiers - NYT

Burma Protest Leader Free on Bail - BBC

Why Asia's Insurgencies Are Europe's Shame - Bloomberg opinion



Chill Hits Europe Separatists Going Their Own Way - NYT

Russia to Close Radar Station in Azerbaijan - NYT

K-152 Nerpa: Russia Submarine Disaster Retrial Opens - BBC

Is Berlusconi Really Set to Lead Italy Again? - CSM

Italy: Berlusconi Attacks Monti's Record - BBC

Italy: Berlusconi’s Shameless Return - NYT editorial


South Asia

'Hundreds' Held in Swat, Pakistan, Custody - BBC

Bangladesh War Crimes Judge Quits - BBC

American Tariffs, Bangladeshi Deaths - NYT opinion