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11 December SWJ Roundup

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Report: Afghanistan Drawdown Still on Track Despite Violence - S&S

Report Says Afghan Forces Still Need Help - NYT

US DOD Official: Safer Afghanistan Moves Away From Taliban - AFPS

Pakistan, Corruption Remain Stumbling Blocks in Afghanistan - AFPS

Taliban to Attend Paris Meeting on Afghanistan - AP

Gunmen Kill Afghan Women's Affairs Official - VOA

Gunmen Kill Senior Women’s Activist in Afghanistan - WP

Women 'Failed' by Afghan Justice - BBC

Attacks Kill Afghan Police Chief, Official - AP

Obama, Panetta Laud Special Operator Killed in Rescue Mission - AFPS

Navy SEAL Killed in Doctor Rescue From Pennsylvania - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



EU Urges More Pressure on Syria - VOA

Germany Expels Syrian Diplomats - AP

Syria Rebels Overrun Aleppo Base - BBC

Syrian Rebels Gain Control of Captured Army Base - AP

US to Soon Recognize New Syrian Opposition Group - WP

US Places Militant Rebel Group on Terror List - NYT

State Department Designates Extremist Group as Terror Group - WP

Al Qaeda in Syria - NYT editorial



Egypt Gives Military Arrest Powers to Protect Referendum - VOA

Egypt’s Army Given Broader Powers - WP

Egyptian President Tries to Clarify Military Order - NYT

Egypt Braced for Rival Protests - BBC

Morsi’s Opponents Describe Abuse by President’s Allies - NYT

Unknown Attackers Fire at Cairo Protesters, Nine Hurt - Reuters

Egypt's Revolution Far from Over - WP opinion

Egypt on the Path to Nazism - JP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Major Lending Effort Aims to Boost Egypt, Arab Neighbors - WP

Iran Says Data Decoded from CIA Drone Captured in 2011 - AP

Saudi Arabia Says Cyber Attack Aimed to Disrupt Oil, Gas Flow - Reuters

Iraqi Kurdish Leader Visits Disputed Areas - AP

Lebanon Tries To Contain Spillover of Syria’s Civil War - VOA

Jordan's King Orders Release of Jailed Protesters - AP

Court Convicts Bahrain Activist - BBC

Libyan Reluctance Hampers US Investigation Into Benghazi Assault - NYT

Moroccans Fear That Flickers of Democracy Are Fading - NYT


US Department of Defense

Senate Moves to Block DOD Plans to Increase Number of Spies Overseas - WP

Military Brass Deals with Entrenched Culture of Alcohol Use in Asia - S&S

Rising Number of Soldiers Being Dismissed for Failing Fitness Tests - S&S

Secret Air Force Space Plane Ready for Launch on Tuesday - NBC

Pilot Calls F-35 ‘Big Leap’ in Fighter Capability - AFPS

WikiLeaks: Brig Boss Says Manning's Treatment Closely Watched - AP


United States

CIA Movie on bin Laden Raid Heroine Under a Cloud - WP

VA Triples Funding for Support Program to Combat Homelessness - S&S


United Kingdom

Clegg Opposes Web-Monitoring Bill - BBC

Huge HSBC Fine for Money Laundering - BBC

Scottish Ministers Calls for EU Talks on Independence - BBC

Belfast: Masked Men Petrol-Bomb Police Car - BBC



Mali: UN Security Council Has Growing Concerns Over Sahel - VOA

US, France Differ Over How to Deal With 'Explosive' Mali - Reuters

Mali PM Diarra Quits After Arrest - BBC

Mali's PM Resigns Under Duress - AP

15 Killed in Nigeria Shoot-Out With Radical Sect - AP

In Sudan, Protesters of Student Deaths Call for 'Revolution' - VOA

Ghana Opposition Considers Vote Challenge - VOA

Ghana Candidate Mulls Challenge - BBC

Mandela Has Lung Infection, South African Officials Say - AP

Mandela Hospitalization Punctuates ANC Leadership Change - VOA



Mexico Leader to Continue Drug Fight - AP

Mexican Navy to Hold the Fort During Shift in Drug War - Reuters

Mexican President Confident of Key Reforms in 2013 - Reuters

Mexican Architect Given Light Prison Term for Smuggling Drugs to US - Reuters

Venezuela’s Chavez in Cuba for Cancer Surgery - BBC

The ex-Bus Driver Who Could be Venezuela’s President - WP

Rights Court: El Salvador Should Probe Killings - AP

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez’s Legacy - WP editorial


Asia / Pacific

China Predicted to Overtake US as Economic Power by 2030 - VOA

Asia 'Set to Eclipse' US by 2030 - BBC

China Detains Two Tibetans in Self-Immolation Protests - NYT

Thousands in New York Protest China's Rule of Tibet - Reuters

New North Korean Leader Following in Footsteps of Predecessors - S&S

North Korea Extends Rocket Launch Window to December 29 - VOA

North Korea Extending Rocket Launch Period to Dec. 29 - AP

Japan LDP and Partner on Track for Big Election Win - Reuters

Japan Utility Admits Murky Hiring at Nuclear Plant - AP

Fault Under Japan Nuke Plant May Be Active - AP

Meeting Delay a Sign of Cooling US-Vietnam Ties - AP

Indonesian FM Stresses Need for Dialogue on South China Sea - VOA

Indonesia Captures Terrorist Who Escaped Jail - AP

Baby Among 6 Dead in Southern Thai Attacks - AP



Russia Vows Retaliation After US Human Rights Bill - VOA

Georgia and Russia 'Plan Direct Talks' - BBC

Italy: Monti Resignation Sparks New Eurozone Uncertainty - VOA

Romania Faces Upheaval as Center-Left Wins Vote - NYT

EU Receives 2012 Nobel Peace Prize - VOA


South Asia

Worry Grows Over Rising Sectarian Attacks in Pakistan - VOA

Crashes Raise Concern About Pakistani Air Force - AP

Facebook Shuts Down Pakistan Taliban Account - WP

UN, Pakistan Launch 'Malala Fund for Girls' Education' - VOA

Bangladesh Strike Sparks Violence - BBC

Riots, Bombs in Bangladesh Opposition-Led Strike - AP