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4 December SWJ Roundup

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US Pushes Peace Talks With Taliban - WP

Afghan Government: Coalition Cannot Arrest, Detain Afghans - S&S

Bomb Blast in Afghanistan Kills 2 NATO Troops - AP

Roadside Bombs Taking Toll on Afghan Soldiers, Police - S&S

Senate OKs Obama's Choice for Afghan Commander - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Defects; UN Pulls Staff - VOA

UN Pulling Staff from Syria, Violence Near Capital - AP

Assad Suffering Reversals in Fighting and Diplomacy - NYT

Obama Warns Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons - WP

US Warns Syria on Chemical Weapons - NYT

Obama Warns Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons - AP

Clinton Warns Syria About Using Chemical Weapons - VOA

Official: Syria Moving Chemical Weapons Components - AP

US Weighing Military Options if Syria Uses WMD - AP

Civil War in Syria Puts Turkey on Edge - WP

Russia, Turkey Resolve to Find Solution on Syria Crisis - VOA

Russia, Turkey Downplay Syria Differences - AP

Turkey to Get NATO Syria Shield - BBC

UN Chief Accuses Syria of Violating Golan Accord - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Joins EU in Pressuring Israel to Reverse Settlement Plans - VOA

International Pressure Mounts on Israel to Cancel W. Bank Building - WP

5 European Nations Summon Envoys of Israel - NYT

US Intensifies Criticism of Israel on Settlement Plan - Reuters

Australia Condemns Israel Settlement Plan - AP

Palestinians Condemn Israeli Settlements - AP

Israel Says Will Stick With Settlement Plan Despite Condemnation - Reuters

UN Calls on Israel to Open Nuclear Facilities - AP

Israel Could Face Palestinian War Crimes Charges - AP

Iran 'Captures US Drone Aircraft' - BBC

Iran Claims Capture of Another US Drone - AP

Iran Hints Direct Talks with US are Possible - WP

Iran Says Direct Talks with US are 'Possible' - AP

2 Plead Guilty in Plot to Ship Aircraft to Iran - AP

For Iraq, Year Ends the Way It Began, With Guns Drawn - NYT

DOJ Urged to Refile Charges in 2007 Deaths of Iraqi Boys - PTR

Sunni-Alawite Clashes Break Out in North Lebanon - Reuters

Senior Egyptian Judges to Supervise Morsi's Constitutional Referendum - VOA

Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council to Oversee National Charter Vote - WP

Egypt Judges 'Will Oversee Vote' - BBC

Egyptian Judges Break Ranks to Support Morsi Vote Request - NYT

Egyptian Papers Suspend Publication in Protest - AP

Mr. Netanyahu’s Strategic Mistake - NYT editorial

Israel Must Take Heed of Its Friends - TT editorial

Obama Helped Kill the Two-State Solution - FP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Terrorist Attacks Soar, Deaths Down From 2007 Peak - Reuters

Collaborating Extremist Groups Worry Africom Commander - AFPS

In Jordanian Terror Plot, Officials See Hand of Resurgent AQ in Iraq - AP

10 on Trial in France for Alleged Jihadist Funding - AP

Two Arrests in South-West France 'Over Merah Case' - BBC

British Government Challenges Abu Qatada Ruling - AP

'Rights Abuses' by AQ in Yemen's Abyan - BBC

Amnesty Details 'Horrific' AQ Abuses in South Yemen - AP

American Commander Details Al Qaeda’s Strength in Mali - NYT

Leader of al-Qaida Unit in Mali Quits AQIM - AP

NATO Supports Pakistan in Terrorism Fight - VOA



Turkey to Get NATO Syria Shield - BBC

Russia’s Lavrov to Meet NATO Ministers Despite Minor Injury - Reuters

NATO Southern Command Moves to High-Tech Campus - S&S


US Department of Defense

Experts: Restricting Access to Firearms Necessary to Reduce Suicide Rate - S&S

Court Ousts Trial Judge in Rampage at Ft. Hood - NYT

Judge Removed in Fort Hood Trial - BBC

Partnerships to Remain Keystone of Transcom’s Success - AFPS

A Healthy Approach to Tricare - WP opinion


United States

Washington Insider Rice Could Face Tough Nomination Battle - VOA

Border Agents’ Power to Search Devices Facing Increasing Challenges - NYT

Vietnam Vets File Suit Over Lack of PTSD Diagnosis, Loss of Benefits - S&S

Veterans' Gun Rights Sticky Issue in Defense Bill - AP

VA Trademarks "GI Bill" in Effort to Crack Down on Misuse - S&S

CIA: A New Director or a New Direction? - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

British Business Leaders Stay Silent on EU Exit - NYT

London's Mayor Says Would Campaign to Stay in EU - Reuters

Violence Erupts After Belfast Flag Vote - BBC        

Mob Storms Belfast City Hall Over UK Flag Vote - AP


United Nations

US Seeks to Drop Internet From UN Telecoms Talks - AP



Campaigners Call for End of Landmine Use - VOA



Congolese Troops Enter Goma - VOA

Congolese Army Returns to Goma - BBC

Niger's President Backs Mali Intervention - VOA

Kenya PM, VP Parties to Form Alliance  - VOA

Forster Promises Ghana ‘Unity Government’ - VOA

Burkina Faso Awaits Election Results - VOA



Two Mexicans Charged in Death of Coast Guard Member - NYT

Two Mexicans Charged Over US Coast Guard Death - BBC

Two Mexican Men Charged in Death of Coast Guard Officer - Reuters

Colombia Bombs FARC Rebel Base - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Reform a Hot Topic in China - VOA

Tibetan Monk Dies From Self-Immolation in China Protest - VOA

China Moves to Right Wrongs in City Bo Once Ruled - AP

Vietnam Steps Up Sea Patrols as Tensions With China Rise - Reuters

North Korea Launch Plan Alarms Region - VOA

Russia Urges N. Korea to Cancel Rocket Launch - VOA

Japan Campaign Opens With Focus on Economy, Nukes - AP



Obama Calls on Russia to Renew Weapons Pact - NYT

Obama Urges Russia to Work With US to Extend Arms Pact - Reuters

Greece Offers to Buy Back Bonds, Trim Debt - VOA

Terms of Greek Bond Buyback Top Expectations - NYT

Spain's Unemployed Inching Up to 5 Million - AP

Germany’s Merkel to Launch Campaign With Upbeat Party Congress - Reuters

US Hopes to Win Czech Nuclear Plant Bid - VOA


South Asia

Indian Navy Ready to Deploy to South China Sea as Tensions Climb - Reuters

Trafficked Maids to Order: The Darker Side of Richer India - Reuters

NATO Supports Pakistan in Terrorism Fight - VOA

Pakistan Reels With Violence Against Shiites - NYT

Suicide Truck Bomb Blast Wounds 8 in Pakistan - AP