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3 December SWJ Roundup

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Suicide Bombers Attack NATO-Afghan Airbase - VOA

Insurgents Launch Complex Attack on Major Coalition Base - S&S

Suicide Bombers Strike US-Afghan Air Base; Five Afghans Killed - WP

Attackers at US-Afghan Base Wore Coalition Uniforms - NYT

Afghanistan Taliban Attack US Base in Jalalabad - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Extrication Negotiations - FP opinion

What Iran and Pakistan Want from Afghans: Water - Time opinion



Syrian Forces Pound Damascus Suburbs - VOA

Syrian Forces Pummel Rebels in Capital - WP

Stores Shut in Protest as New Strife Grips Syria - NYT

Fighting Rages in Damascus, Activists Say - AP

Air Raid, Explosions Hit Outskirts of Syrian Capital - Reuters

Strife Hardens Syrian Rebel Brigade - AP

Turkey: Syrian Regime Resembles Armed Militia - AP

Report: Iraq Is Major Weapons Route to Syria - VOA

Flow of Arms to Syria Through Iraq Persists, to US Dismay - NYT

Iraq Says it Can't Search all Syria-Bound Planes - AP

Putin's Turkey Visit Could Smooth Syria Relations - VOA

Putin to Discuss Syria in Turkey - BBC

Putin Heads to Turkey Amid Differences Over Syria - AP

Clinton Sees NATO Deal on Turkey Patriot Missiles - Reuters

Syrian Demonstrations Sometimes Call Out Rebels - AP

Syria Moves Chemical Weapons, US and Allies Take Note - NYT

Al-Qaeda Affiliate Playing Larger Role in Syria Rebellion - WP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah: Now, We Have a State - JP

Abbas Returns Home to Hero’s Welcome - WP

Palestinian President Returns Triumphantly From UN - AP

Abbas 'Victory Speech': Jerusalem 'Eternal Capital of Palestine' - AS

Palestinians Still Face Familiar Challenges - NYT

Israel Retaliates for UN Vote on Palestine - VOA

UN's Ban Ki-moon Warns Israel of 'Fatal Blow' to Peace - BBC

Obama Punts to Congress Over Repercussions for UN Palestine Vote - TH

New Israeli Settlements Set Back Peace, Clinton Says - VOA

US Warns Israel on Settler Homes - BBC

Britain Considers Recalling Israel Envoy Over Settlements - Reuters

Netanyahu Brushes Off World Condemnation of Settlement Plans - Reuters

Collaboration in Gaza Leads to Grisly Fate - NYT

Iron Dome Missile Defense System Represents Breakthrough for Israel - WP

How Israel Lost Europe - FP opinion

Bibi's New Settlements Are Helping Iran - TOI opinion

Mahmoud Abbas the Moderate - NP opinion



Egypt's Top Court Suspends Work 'Indefinitely' - VOA

Egypt’s High Court Suspends its Work - WP

Egyptian Court Postpones Ruling on Constitutional Assembly - NYT

Egypt Judges Boycott Referendum - BBC

Islamist Protest Shuts Down Egypt's Top Court - Reuters

Egypt's Opposition Alliance Calls for Protests - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

White House Opposed New Iran Sanctions - FP

Risks Worth at US Consulate, Says Judge Who Visited Libya - McClatchy

Deadly Blasts Target Iraqi Shias - BBC

Yemen Army Kills 2 Tribesmen for Pipeline Blasts -AP

Kuwait Election Boycott Successful - VOA

Opposition Hails Kuwait Boycott - BBC

Union Calls Off Strike in Restive Tunisian Town - AP

The US Must Act in Bahrain - WP opinion

Redrawing the Mideast Map - NYT opinion

Mideast a Battleground for Weapons of the Future - Reuters opinion

Steep Price of US Disengagement from Iraq - Commentary opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Johnson Gives Legal Background for War Against al-Qaida - AFPS

Officials See Hand of Resurgent al-Qaeda Branch - WP

Military Drone Crashes Pile Up at Civilian Airports Overseas - WP

Missile Strike Kills Suspected Militant in Pakistan - VOA



Counselor Says Manning's History Showed Self-Harm Risk - AP

Wikileaks Suspect Bradley Manning Admits Making Noose - BBC


US Department of Defense

More US Lawmakers Seem Willing To Trim DoD - DN

Five-Year Legacy of Iraq Mission Gone Awry - PTR

Carter Outlines US Security Strategy in Tight-Budget Era - AFPS

Pentagon Plans to Expand Intelligence Gathering - VOA

Pentagon to Expand Defense Intelligence Agency’s Network of Spies - WP

DOD, Lockheed Martin Agree to More F-35s - AFPS

USS Enterprise Taken Out of Active Service - S&S

South Carolina Info Intrusions Traced to Overseas Hackers - AFPS

Air Force Offers Cultural Guides for Overseas-deployed Troops - AFPS

Saving Taxpayer Money on Tricare - WP editorial


United States

US House Speaker: Debt Negotiations Going 'Nowhere' - VOA

Warnings Mount as Tax Hike Talks Hit a Stalemate - WP

Negotiators Leading Talks on Fiscal Crisis Defend Stands - NYT

US Budget Talks 'in Stalemate' - BBC

Turkey's Defense, Pakistan Top Clinton's Agenda - AP

Partisan Split over UN Ambassador Rice Widens - AP

Young Immigrant Activists Cast a Wider Net - NYT

Perfidious Prosecutors - NYT editorial

Foreign Correspondents: Being There - NYT opinion

Why Rice Is Wrong for Secretary of State - PI opinion


United Nations

UN Internet Regulation Treaty Talks Begin in Dubai - BBC

Clashes Over Internet Rules to Mark Dubai Meeting - AP



Suspect Held After Raid on Australia Navy Vessel - BBC



DR Congo Rebels Leave Goma - VOA

DR Congo rebels pull out of Goma - BBC

South Sudan, Sudan Meet Over Border Pullout - VOA

Attackers Kill 10 Nigeria Christians - BBC

Guarded UN Backing for Mali Force - BBC

Niger's President Vows to Help Mali - AP

Britain Withholds Aid to Rwanda  - VOA

Malawi President Considers Closing Refugee Camp - VOA

Britain Withholds Aid to Rwanda  - VOA

Burkina Faso Holds Nationwide Elections - VOA



Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto Inaugurated as President - BBC

New Mexican President Signs Accord With Opposition - AP

Colombia Sets Deadline for FARC - BBC

Colombia: Displaced Grapple With Hurdles of Going Home - NYT

Paraguay Peasant Leader Shot Dead - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China Overtaking US as Global Trader - AP

Asia Stocks Rise on Improved China Manufacturing - AP

China Denies Reports of 'Interceptors' Imprisonment - VOA

Chinese Media Retreat After Reports of Unexpected ‘Black Jail’ Verdict - NYT

China Moves to Right Wrongs in City Bo Once Ruled - AP

North Korea to Launch Long-Range Rocket in December - BBC

North Korea Gears Up to Launch Long-Range Rocket - AP

Russia Urges North Korea Not to Launch Rocket - Reuters

Japan Opposition LDP's Lead Narrows Before December 16 Vote - Reuters



Greek Deal Puts Euro Zone in Slow Recovery Room - Reuters

Thousands Protest in Hungary Against Lawmaker's Call to Screen Jews - WP

Thousands Attend Anti-Nazi Rally in Hungary - AP

Thousands Rally Against Far Right in Hungary - Reuters

Slovenia Holds Runoff Presidential Election - VOA

Slovenian ex-PM Wins Presidency - BBC

Opposition Candidate Wins Slovenian Presidential Election - Reuters

Russia May Soften Religion Law Over Putin Concerns - Reuters

Bersani Wins Italy Primary, Heads to General Vote - AP

Bersani Wins Big in Italian Center-Left Primary - Reuters

Albania, Kosovo Urge Probe of ex-UN Prosecutor Del Ponte - AP

Kosovo Demands Investigation Into ex-UN Prosecutor Del Ponte - Reuters

Clinton in Czech Republic to Lobby for Westinghouse Nuclear Bid - Reuters

French Rightist's Ally Calls for New Leadership Vote - Reuters

Young, Educated and Jobless in France - NYT


South Asia

Indian Reforms Face Test With Parliament Vote - Reuters

India Cash Transfer to Poor Questioned - BBC

Bomb Kills 2 Police Officers in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Bangladesh Fire Victims Want Old Jobs Back - AP