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28 November SWJ Roundup

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Afghans Worry About Iran's Growing Influence - VOA

Kabul Bank Fraud 'Profited Elite' - BBC

Investigation Into General Allen Narrows Look at E-Mail - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Pace of Leaving Afghanistan - NYT editorial


Israel / Palestinians

Gaza Residents Hope Israeli Blockade Will End After Ceasefire - VOA

In Gaza, Warning Call Failed to Protect - WP

Israel Snuffs Out Hamas’ Missiles - WT

Palestinians Seek to Upgrade UN Status - VOA

Israel to Take 'Low Profile' Approach to PA UN Move - JP

France to Back Palestinian UN Bid - BBC

France Says It Will Vote in Favor of Palestinians’ UN Bid - NYT

France to Recognize Palestinian State at UN - AP

Palestinians Predict Historic UN Vote on Statehood - AP

Palestinians Say No Rush to Join International Court After UN Vote - Reuters

Behind the Iron Dome: How Israel Stops Missiles - BW

Remains of Arafat Exhumed in West Bank - VOA

Arafat’s Remains Exhumed for Probe - WP

Arafat’s Body Is Exhumed for Poison Tests - NYT

Arafat Grave Dug Up for Probe of Poison Suspicion - AP

Misguided UN Bid - JP editorial

An End to the Arafat Assassination Fantasy - TT editorial

Arafat’s Exhumation - JP editorial

A Palestinian Flanking Maneuver - WSJ opinion

Iron Dome Creator Joins the Ranks of Military Innovators - Commentary opinion

The Dangerous Success of Iron Dome - TOI opinion



Protests Rage Against Egyptian Presidential Decree - VOA

Egyptian President’s Hedging on Decree Fails to Stop Protest - NYT

Angry Protesters Fill Tahrir Square - WT

Mass Cairo Protest Against Mursi - BBC

Hundreds of Thousands Stage Mass Protest Against Morsi - WP

Morsi Faces Gravest Threat of His Egyptian Rule - TT

Egypt Mass Protests Challenge Islamist President - AP

Egyptians Challenge Mursi in Nationwide Protests - Reuters

Mursi Decree Stirs Debate on Brotherhood Role - Reuters

Has Morsi Started Something He Can't Finish? - Time

Egypt's 'Moderate' Despot - LAT opinion

Morsi’s Second Muslim Brotherhood Coup - WT opinion

Shame on Those Who Thought Morsi a Moderate - TNR opinion

Morsi Turns Tyrant to Save Democracy - Bloomberg opinion

Obama's Silence on Egypt Speaks Volumes - Commentary opinion



Fighting Rages in Syria; UNHCR Warns of Growing Trauma - VOA

Syrian Rebels Take Two Military Bases in Heavy Fighting - WP

Downing of Copter May Show a New Syrian Rebel Capability - NYT

Videos Appear to Show First Confirmed Hit of Aircraft by SAM - NYT

Syrian Rebels Claim Strategic Gains Amid Civil War - USAT

Civilians Killed in Syrian Strike on Olive Press, Rebels Say - NYT

Syrian Warplanes Bomb Olive Oil Factory; 20 Killed - AP

High Stakes as Syrian Opposition Tries to Form Government - Reuters

Syrian Rebels, Civilians Brace for Long Civil War - AP

Syria 'Names 142 Foreign Jihadists Who Fought with Rebels' - TT

UK Wants More Reviews of EU's Syria Arms Embargo - Reuters

Recent Events in Syria - WP opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

US Lawmakers Reiterate Criticism of Rice Over Benghazi Attack - VOA

3 Republicans Not Satisfied as Rice Concedes Error on Libya - NYT

Republicans ‘Troubled’ After Rice Meeting on Benghazi Attack - WP

GOP Senators More Troubled After Rice Meeting on Benghazi - AP

US Envoy Admits Benghazi Error - BBC

Rice's Hopes of Becoming New Secretary of State in Doubt - TT


Middle East / North Africa

Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in Mideast - NYT

Graph Suggests Iran Working on Bomb More Powerful than Hiroshima - AP

US Senate Works on New Package of Iran Sanctions - JP

Insurgent Attacks Kill 30, Wound Dozens in Iraq - AP

Car Bombs Kill 23 Shi'ite Muslims in Iraqi Capital - Reuters

Senior Diplomatic Source: Qatar is Bitter Enemy of Israel - JP

Israel: Tzipi Livni Announces Political Return - WP

Israel: Ex-FM Forms New Party to Oppose Netanyahu - NYT

Israeli PM Netanyahu Suddenly Seems Vulnerable - AP

World Bank Approves $500 Million Loan for Tunisia - Reuters

Libya Integrity Body Approves Foreign Minister - AP

New Libyan Foreign Minister Wins Integrity Appeal - Reuters


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Al-Qaeda's East Africa Network 'Regrouping and Rearming in Somalia' - TT

Pentagon: A Human Will Always Decide When a Robot Kills You - DR

Man Suspected of Plotting to Join Al Qaeda Held Without Bail - LAT

4 Ugandan Bombing Suspects Claim FBI Abused Them - AP

The Paradoxes of Counterterrorism - TNI opinion



Assange: EU Must Investigate WikiLeaks Block - AP


US Department of Defense

How David Petraeus Mastered the Media - Forbes

Faulty Part on Carrier has Domino Effect on Deployments - S&S

SECNAV Relieves Top Leaders of Naval Postgraduate School - DON

Women Sue Panetta Over Combat Exclusion - S&S

Servicewomen File Suit Over Direct Combat Ban - NYT

Military Dogs are Feeling the Stress of Combat Duty, Too - LAT

US Navy Moves Ahead to Replace Presidential Helicopters - Reuters


United States

CyberCity Allows Government Hackers to Train for Attacks - WP

US E-Commerce Surges - VOA

Lawyer for Socialite Involved in Petraeus Case Lashes Out at Leaks - WP

Socialite in Petraeus Scandal to Lose Honorary S. Korea Consul Title - AP

My Secretary of State - NYT opinion

Correcting Homeland Security Corruption - WT opinion

Border Control is Primary Problem - WT opinion

Immigration Reform is More than a Fence - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Top BBC Figures Acknowledge ‘Errors’ in Reporting Scandals - NYT

UK Officials: Late Lawmaker Sexually Abused Boys - AP


United Nations

Group Hacks IAEA Site, Urges Israel Reactor Probe - JP

UN Nuclear Agency Reports Being Hacked - AP

UN Atomic Agency Says Stolen Information on Hacker Site - Reuters



US Drones Ignite New Arms Race From Gaza To Iran To China - HP

OECD Sees 'Uneven' Global Economic Recovery - VOA

Remittances Can Help Economies of Poorest Countries Grow - VOA

Ten Big, Overlooked Stories from 2012 - FP opinion



DR Congo Rebels Hesitate on Plans to Withdraw From Goma - VOA

Congo Rebels Pledge to Leave Goma By Friday - VOA

Rebels in Congo Sending Mixed Signals on Pullout From Goma - NYT

Congo Rebel Pull-out Conditional - BBC

DR Congo Dismisses Goma Withdrawal Conditions - TT

Congo Rebels Say Will Withdraw From Goma - Reuters

AU Demands Humanitarian Access in Congo - VOA

Congo War Stems From Minerals, Ethnic Animosity - AP

Rwanda's Military Battles Hutu Rebels - VOA

Sudan Says to Resume Security Talks With S. Sudan Next Week - Reuters

Seven Killed as Nigeria Gunmen Rob Banks and Attack Police - Reuters

10 Killed in Central Nigeria Violence - AP

Nigeria Gunmen Open Fire in Pub - BBC

Indicted Kenyans Seek Alliance - BBC



UN: Latin American Poverty Lowest in 3 Decades - AP

Latin American Poverty Rate Ebbs to Lowest in 3 Decades - Reuters

Mexico Shifts Focus From Drug War to Growing Economy - NYT

Obama, Mexico’s Pena-Nieto Greet an Era of Wider Cooperation - AP

Mexico's Mayor-heroine Found Beaten to Death - TT

Soldiers: Mexico Beauty Queen Had Gun in Her Hands - AP

Colombian Rebels Say Peace Talks Going Well - AP

Venezuela Opposition Gov Says Supporters Attacked - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez Back to Cuba for Treatment - BBC

Venezuela's Chavez Heads to Cuba for Medical Treatment - Reuters

Brazil: Amazon Destruction 'at New Low' - BBC

Bolivia Arrests 7 in Jailed American's Case - AP

Cuba: US Rabbi Says Jailed American in Good Health - AP

Misconceptions About Mexico - CNN opinion


Asia / Pacific

The Pentagon Yawns at China's Carrier Operations - FP

Analysts: Tibet Self-Immolations Hit New Phase in China Protests - VOA

China: Tibetans Injured in Crackdown; Self-Immolations Continue - NYT

China 'Not Currency Manipulator' - BBC

US to Raise Passport Map Issue With China - Reuters

UN Committee Condemns N. Korea Over Widespread Rights Abuses - Reuters

New Satellite Images Suggest N. Korea Missile Activity - VOA

S. Korea: North Close to Rocket Launch - WP

North Korea May Be Planning Rocket Test - NYT

North Korea's Illegal Weapons Pipeline Flows On - WSJ

DMZ Xmas Display Shelved Again to Avoid N. Korea Provocation - S&S

US Military in Japan Wrestles with Curfew's Ineffectiveness - S&S

Easing Burma Sanctions Draws Interest of US Business - VOA

It Really is that Bad: A Powerful Speech on North Korea - WP opinion

In China, Elders Trump Reform - AT opinion



Debt Deal Marks 'New Day' for Greece - VOA

Greece, Markets Satisfied by EU-IMF Greek Debt Deal - Reuters

French Conservative Party Threatened with Split - WP

French Party Splits Over Leader - BBC

Sarkozy Returns to French Politics as Party Peace Broker - Reuters

Lack of Reform Progress Delays Bosnia's EU Bid - Reuters

Belgian Intelligence Workers Outed on Facebook, LinkedIn - WP

Fighter's Release Fuels Fears of Ethnic Violence in Russia - Reuters

Outrage at 'Jewish List' Call in Hungary Parliament - Reuters

Georgia’s Wrong Turn - WP editorial


South Asia

India’s Ruling Party Unveils Plan to Send Cash Directly to Poor - WP

India Journalists Deny Extortion - BBC

Bangladesh Mourns, Calls Factory Fire 'Act of Sabotage' - Reuters

Fire Highlights Harsh Lives of Bangladesh Workers - AP

India Should Look to China to Rebuild Rails - IE opinion