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27 November SWJ Roundup

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Pentagon: Discussion of Afghanistan Troop Numbers 'Premature' - S&S

Post-2014 Afghanistan Troop Levels Remain Undecided - AFPS

Audit Says Kabul Bank Began as ‘Ponzi Scheme’ - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Israel / Palestinians

Can Leaders Make Gaza Ceasefire Last? - WP

Talks Begin in Cairo on Steps After Gaza Ceasefire - NYT

Israel, Militants Begin Talks on Truce Details - AP

Violence Could Flare Again, Hamas Says - WP

UN Envoy Acknowledges 'Quiet Engagements' with Hamas - McClatchy

Afghan Students Denounce Israel Over Gaza Fighting - AP

US, Israel Should Support Palestinian Statehood - NYT opinion



Seeming Retreat by Egypt Leader on New Powers - NYT

Morsi Appears to Accept Power Limits - WP

Egyptian President Meets Judges Amid Unrest - VOA

Mursi Tries to Ease Egypt Crisis - BBC

Opposition Snubs Mursi Plan to Ease Decree Crisis - Reuters

Mursi Opponents Rally in Cairo's Tahrir - Reuters

US Has Concerns About Mursi Declarations in Egypt - Reuters

Clinton Keeps Up US Pressure Over Egypt's Political Crisis - Reuters

Egypt’s Power Struggle - WP editorial

The Crisis in Egypt - NYT editorial

Will Morsi Trigger Another Revolution? - Spiegel opinion



Savvier, Rebels Shift Tactics in Syria - NYT

Syrian Rebels Seize Major Dam in North - VOA

Syrian Jets Bomb Border Area - WP

Syrian Planes Bomb Factory in North, Many Killed - AP

Air Strike on Syrian Olive Oil Press Kills, Wounds Dozens - Reuters

Syrian Attack 'Kills 10 Children' - BBC

Russia’s Medvedev: Support of Syria Rebels 'Unacceptable' - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Window of Opportunity Might Open in US-Iran Dispute - LAT

Ehud Barak Quits Israeli Politics - BBC

Israeli Defense Minister Leaving Politics - WP

Israeli Defense Minister Says He Is Leaving Politics - NYT

Aide: Israel's Former FM Livni Returns to Politics - AP

Yasser Arafat's Remains Exhumed - BBC

Arafat’s Body Is Exhumed for Poison Tests - NYT

Kuwait to Allow Protest March on Eve of Election - Reuters

Clashes Erupt Near Former Bahrain Protest Hub - AP


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Lawyer Disbarred for Sending Secret Names of Gitmo Detainees to Legal Group - ABAJ



NATO to Decide on Turkey Missile Defense - VOA

Rasmussen Discusses Afghanistan Progress, Missiles for Turkey - AFPS

NATO Moving Naples Base to High-Tech Campus - AP


US Department of Defense

Manning's Lawyers Say Punishment Preceded Trial in WikiLeaks Case - BS

How the Air Force Blew $1 Billion on a Dud System - FT

Military Dogs of War Also Suffer PSTD - LAT

Navy Adds Host of Restrictions to Curfew in Japan - S&S

Transcom Seeks New Efficiencies, Cost Savings - AFPS

Alt Text: How to Tell Real SEALs From Basement-Dwelling Posers - Wired

11 Americans GI’s Charged in Kaiserslautern Brawls - S&S


United States

Both Sides Lay Groundwork for ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Debate - WP

US Scientists Find Lessons From Japan Nuke Crisis - AP

Suit Planned Over Death of Man CIA Drugged - NYT

Obama’s New Cabinet - NYT opinion

The Susan Rice Dilemma - NYT opinion

US-Canada: Good Neighbors, Bad Border - NYT opinion



ICC Accuses Nigeria’s Boko Haram of Crimes Against Humanity - VOA

Congo Rebels 'Agree to Withdraw From Goma' - BBC

Uganda Military Chief: Congo Rebels to Pull Out of Goma - Reuters

Ugandan Officials: Congo Rebels Need More Time - AP

Oxfam: Power, Water Shortages in DR Congo’s Goma - VOA

Congo: Hutu Rebel Group Attacks Rwanda - AP

Gunmen Attack Nigeria Police HQ - BBC

Somali Refugees Rank Third in Highest Population - VOA

Top Somali Businessman Shot Dead - BBC

Frenchman Kidnapped in Mali Asks Govt for Help  - AP



Brazil: Sao Paulo Officials Negligent on Human Rights - BBC

Oil Royalties Bill Ignites Protest and Divides Parts of Brazil - NYT

Brazil: Mass Rio Protest over Oil Revenue - BBC

Nicaraguan Ships Arrive in Waters Disputed by Colombia - Reuters

Mexican Beauty Queen Killed in Shootout - AP

Venezuelan Judge Who Angered Chávez Says She Was Raped in Prison - NYT

Bolivia: Arrest in Sale of Jailed American's Rice - AP


Asia / Pacific

Japan Is Flexing Its Military Muscle to Counter a Rising China - NYT

US Navy Secretary, Chinese Minister Discuss Seas - AP

China Defense Chief Says Military Buildup No Threat to the World - Reuters

Analysts: China Aircraft Carrier Landing Poses No Direct Threat - VOA

China’s Leadership Change Puts Pair Ahead of Their Peers for 2017 - NYT

Three Tibetans Self-Immolate in China Amid Protests - VOA

China: Tibetans Protest Amid Immolations - BBC

Tibetan Students in West China Clash With Police - AP

Vietnam Avoids Stamping Controversial Chinese Passports - VOA

Taiwan Media Deal Sparks Anti-China Protests - AP

Japan's Ruling Party Promises 'Cool-Headed' Diplomacy - Reuters

North Korea Suspected of Planning Rocket Test - NYT

Satellite Photo Shows Increased Activity at N. Korean Launch Site - Reuters

S. Korea Still Removing Mines Believed to be from Korean War - S&S

Gunmen Kill 3 in Attack on Indonesian Police - AP

Will Japan Overcome Its Myriad Problems? - TD opinion



EU Finance Ministers Meet on Greek Bailout - VOA

EU's New ESM Bailout Fund Legal - BBC

Estonia to Grow Faster Than Euro Zone - Reuters

Eurozone Deal on Greece Bailout - BBC

Greek Bankruptcy Averted, For Now - AP

Greek Prosecutors to Review Video of Threat by Extremist - NYT

After Bus Bombing, Bulgaria Frets Over Its Muslims - Reuters

Nationalists Win Parliamentary Election in Spain's Catalonia - VOA

French Center-Right Party Declares Sarkozy Protégé as Leader - NYT

French Conservatives Struggle to Cement Party’s Direction - WP

Crowding and Austerity Strain Portugal’s Prisons - NYT


South Asia

Toxic Cough Syrup Kills 16 Pakistanis - NYT

Journalist in Pakistan Eludes Bomb - NYT

Taliban Say They Tried to Kill Pakistani TV Anchor - AP

Bangladesh Garment Workers Protest Deadly Blaze - VOA

Garment Workers Stage Angry Protest After Bangladesh Fire - NYT

Bangladesh Mourns Fire Victims - BBC

Bangladesh Blames Sabotage for Factory Fire; Country Mourns - Reuters

Wal-Mart Distances Itself From Fire in Bangladesh - AP

Can India Fight Corruption at the Ballot Box? - Time opinion