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25 November SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Shiites Worry Freedoms May be Fleeting - WP

Army Continues to Roll Out Equipment to Fight IEDs in Afghanistan - USAT

NC Native Killed in Afghanistan Remembered as NCO Who 'Shined' - RN&O

Student Killed in Melee at Afghan University - NYT

Afghan Police: Student Killed in University Clash - AP

Karzai: Our Man in Kabul? - WSJ opinion

Why US Troops Must Stay in Afghanistan - WP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

On This, 2 Sides Agree: Fighting Hardened Positions - NYT

Hamas’s Success Frustrates Rival’s Nonviolent Approach - WP

After War that United Militants, Hamas Faces New Responsibilities - TT

Hamas No. 2 Rejects Gaza Arms Halt - AP

Cease-Fire Achieved by Leaving Thorny Issues Unresolved - NYT

Hamas Claim of Progress Complicates Talk of Truce - NYT

Gaza Cleric Calls Violation of Israel Truce Sinful - AP

America’s Failed Palestinian Policy - NYT opinion

Renew the Mideast Peace Process? Not Now - LAT opinion



Egypt's Top Judges Resist Morsi Decrees - VOA

Egypt Judges Vow to Oppose Expansion of Morsi’s Power - NYT

Grab for Power in Egypt Threatens New Democracy - WP

Egyptians Accuse Morsi of Rewriting Rules of Democracy - CSM

Egypt's Mursi Faces Judicial Revolt Over Decree - Reuters

Egypt Judges Call for National Strike Over Mursi Decree - BBC

Egyptian Judges Slam President's Power Move - WSJ

ElBaradei Says Egypt's President Must Rescind New Powers - AP

Protesters Try to Occupy Tahrir Square - TT

New Protests in Tahrir Square as Morsi Grants Himself Broad Powers - CSM

Egypt Shares Continue Slide After Suspension Lifted - Reuters

Suspected Militants Bomb Security Bases in Egypt's Sinai - Reuters

Morsi’s Moment - NYT opinion



Syrian Rebels Begin to Chip Away at Regime's Air Advantage - CSM

Iran: Missile Deployment in Turkey Would Increase Tensions - Reuters

Cold Ravages Syria Refugees as Aid Falters - NYT

The Syrian Linchpin - WP opinion

A Splintered Syrian Revolt - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Cancels Conference on Nuke-free Mideast - VOA

US Carrier Strikeforce Readies in Case of War with Iran - TT

Iranians Say Jailed Blogger Died 'of Shock' - BBC

Lebanese Army: 5 Syrians Arrested with Explosives - AP

Lebanon Holds 'Plotting' Syrians - BBC

Iraqi Kurds Send More Troops Into Standoff With Iraq Army - Reuters

At Renovated Iraq Shrine, Shiites Mark a Holy Day - AP

4 Killed During Shiite Gathering in Yemeni Capital - AP

Bomb Kills Four Yemenis Marking Shi'ite Muslim Ashura Festival - Reuters

Palestinians: Arafat's Remains to be Exhumed Tuesday - VOA

Palestinians: Arafat's Remains Said to be Exhumed Tuesday - AP

Saudi Arabian Women 'Monitored by Saudi Male Guardians' - BBC

Morocco Dismantles AQ Cell Sending Jihadists to Mali - AP

Morocco Says Breaks Al Qaeda Cell Sending Youth to Mali - Reuters

How Obama Can Earn Israelis’ Trust - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Election Speeded Move to Codify Policy on Drones - NYT

Obama’s Pick for CIA Could Affect Drone Campaign - WP

US Using Bad Info for Drone Strikes Like It Did for Detainees - FPIF opinion


US Department of Defense

National Guard Soldiers, Airmen Face Unemployment Crisis - S&S

Soldiers from the World Over Mix at Sergeants Major Academy - EPT

Navy Mine-Detecting Dolphins to Retire by 2017 - NT

SOCOM Recalls Thousands of SPEAR Ballistic Armor Plates - MT


US Central Intelligence Agency

Next CIA Boss Will Face Tough Decisions - WP

Why Generals Shouldn't Run the CIA - FP opinion

Petraeus, the Comeback General - LAT opinion


United States

Mountain-Climbing Program Helps Wounded Vets Overcome Barriers - S&S

Anonymous Hacker Behind Stratfor Attack Faces Life in Prison - RT

Will Puerto Rico Be America’s 51st State? - NYT opinion

Can’t Find a Job? Move Overseas. - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Northern Ireland Catholics 'Want to Stay in UK' - BBC

First UK Pilots Begin Training to Fly F-35 - NFDW

Has England found Richard III? - WP



DR Congo: African Leaders Demand Rebels Leave Goma - VOA

African Leaders Call for End to DR Congo Rebel Advance - AP

African Presidents Urge Congo Rebels to Abandon War - Reuters

DR Congo Conflict: M23 Rebels Urged to Stop War - BBC

Congo Rebels Ignore Appeal to Quit Attack - NYT

Congo Rebels Advance as Regional Leaders Seek Ceasefire - CSM

Congo Govt Says No Talks With M23 Rebels Before Goma Pullout - Reuters

DR Congo Army Accused of Abuses During Retreat from M23 - VOA

Morocco Dismantles Cell Sending Jihadists to Mali - AP

Britain's Rwanda Aid Funding ‘Repressive Regime’ Says Former Official - TT

US Congratulates Sierra Leone President on Re-Election - VOA

Sierra Leone Opposition May Dispute Results - AP

President Returns to Mauritania - BBC

Mauritania's President Returns Home After Gunshot Treatment - Reuters

South Africa: Police Kill 7 Suspected Robbers - AP

War Looms in Congo - WP editorial



Swallowing Rain Forest, Cities Surge in Brazil’s Amazon - NYT

New Corruption Scandal Rocks Brazilian Government - Reuters

Honduras Busts Drug Gang, Seizes $100 Million in Assets - Reuters

Heritage Leads Colombians to Judaism - WP

Venezuela National Guard Finds Buried Stash of Cash - BBC

Haiti Military Veterans in Hiding Renew Vow to Remobilize - AP

A Better Mexico-US Bond - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

China's Role in Southeast Asia Questioned - AP

China Lands First Jet on Its Aircraft Carrier - AP

China's Challenge with Corruption - CSM

China Holds Ex-Journalist Who Wrote of Boys’ Deaths - NYT

Clashes at Big Thailand Protest - BBC

Thailand: Police Fire Tear Gas at Bangkok Protesters - TT

Dawn of a New China? - NYT opinion



EU Budget Talks End Without Deal - BBC

Catalonia Prepares Itself for a Vote Against Spain - TT

Freed Russian Spy Avows Innocence - BBC

Thousands of Italians Rally Against Monti's Austerity - Reuters

10,000 March in Dublin Against Next Irish Budget - AP


South Asia

India Says China's New Passport Maps Unacceptable - AP

Cellphones Reshape Prostitution in India, Complicate Efforts to Prevent AIDS - NYT

Seven Children Killed by Pakistan Bomb - BBC

Roadside Bomb Kills at Least 7 in Pakistan - NYT

Bomb Hits Pakistani Shiite Procession, Kills 5 - AP

100 Killed in Bangladesh Factory Fire - VOA

More Than 100 Dead in Bangladesh Fire, Official Says - NYT

The Plight of Pakistan's Shiites - NYT opinion