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24 November SWJ Roundup

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Casualties Down But IED Attacks Continue With Cheap Materials - S&S

Suicide Bomber Devastates a Government Hub in Afghanistan - NYT

2 Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bomb Attack - VOA

Afghan Suicide Attack Kills 3, Wounds More Than 90 - AP

Kabul Streets Get Overdue Facelift - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Why US Troops Must Stay in Afghanistan - WP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Tension and Confusion Linger in Gaza Strip After Cease-Fire - NYT

Hamas Enforcement of Truce Complicated by Gaza's Militant Rivalries - VOA

Rival Palestinian Factions' Success Brings Them Closer - LAT

Israeli Gunfire Kills Palestinian Near Gaza Border - VOA

Israeli Troops Open Fire on Gaza Border - WP

Gaza Crowds Surge at Israel Border Fence, 1 Dead - AP

Palestinians: Cease-Fire Breach Threatens Calm - AP

Back to School in Gaza After Israel Offensive - AP

Analysis: Israel Wins US Support on Gaza But Differences Remain - Reuters

America’s Failed Palestinian Policy - NYT opinion

Renew the Mideast Peace Process? Not Now - LAT opinion



Grab for Power in Egypt Threatens New Democracy - WP

Clashes Break Out After Morsi Seizes New Power in Egypt - NYT

Egyptian Protests Turn Violent - VOA

Violence in Egypt after Morsi Assumes Sweeping New Powers - TT

Egypt Unrest Flares Over Morsi's Move to Broaden Power - LAT

Clashes Erupt Across Egypt Over Morsi's New Powers - AP

Egypt's Morsi Defends New Powers - BBC

Opponents of Egypt's Morsi Call Cairo Protest for Tuesday - Reuters

US Has Concerns About Egyptian President Mursi's Moves - Reuters

EU Calls on Egypt to Respect Democratic Process - Reuters

A Look at Powers Decreed by Egypt's President  - AP



Syrian Forces, Rebels Clash Near Damascus - VOA

Syrian Rebels Strengthen Hold in Country's East - AP

Turkish Fear of Syrian Attack Prompted Patriot Request - Bloomberg

Syria Says Turkey's Bid for NATO Missiles 'Provocative' - Reuters

Iran Criticizes Turkish Request for Patriots - AP

China Tries to Remain on Syria Crisis Sidelines - VOA

More Than 40,000 Killed Since Start of Syria Conflict - Reuters

Branded a Betrayer for Embracing Syria’s Rebels - NYT

Traffic in Young Brides Adds to Anguish in Syrian Camps - WP

The Syrian Linchpin - WP opinion

A Splintered Syrian Revolt - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Says Middle East Nuclear Talks Will Not Occur Next Month - Reuters

Iran Accuses US Navy of 'Illegal' Acts in Gulf - AP

Palestinians: Arafat's Remains to Be Exhumed Tuesday - AP

Algeria Scandals Mask High Level Power Struggle - AP

How Obama Can Earn Israelis’ Trust - WP opinion


Modern Warfare

Human Rights Watch Campaigns Against 'Killer Robots' - VOA


High Tech

Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs - NYT



NATO Allied Land Command Activating Next Week in Turkey - S&S


US Department of Defense

Rewrite the Rules on Military Sex - WP opinion


United States

UN Ambassador Rice Revisits Benghazi Controversy - VOA

Secession Fever Hits Texas - NYT

The Paperwork Mountain at Veterans Affairs - NYT editorial

Why Generals Shouldn't Run the CIA - FP opinion

Petraeus, the Comeback General - LAT opinion


United Kingdom

Code Found on Pigeon Baffles British Cryptographers - NYT

WWII Code Found on Dead Carrier Pigeon Remains a Mystery - WP

NYT Executive Testifies at Closed-Door Inquiry on BBC Scandal - NYT

NYT’s Thompson Testifies at London Probe Into BBC - AP



Army Fails to Halt Rebels’ Offensive in DR Congo - NYT

Great Lakes Regional Presidents Start Talks Over Congo - Reuters

Congo Rebels Push on After Repelling Counter-Attack - Reuters

Refugee Fears in DR Congo Crisis - BBC

DR Congo President Suspends Army Chief - VOA

Congo Fires Army Chief - AP

Congo Miners Pin Hopes on Distance From Rebel Push - Reuters

Police Raids Alienate Kenya's Largest Ethnic Minority - VOA

Nigeria: Large Rewards Offered for Boko Haram Leaders - BBC

South Sudan: Sudan Aerial Bombardment Kills 7 - AP

EU Apprehends Then Releases Nine Suspected Pirates Off Somalia - S&S

Koroma Wins Sierra Leone Election - BBC

Sierra Leone's Incumbent President Wins 2nd Term - AP

Sierra Leone's Koroma Promises Growth in New Term - Reuters

Ivorians Split on Former First Lady's Extradition - VOA

Mauritanian President to Return Home - VOA

Ugandan MPs Drop Gay Death Clause - BBC

War Looms in Congo - WP editorial



Mexican Police Arrest One of FBI's Most Wanted - AP

Mexico Arrests Man on FBI Most Wanted List - BBC

Chinese-Mexicans Celebrate Repatriation to Mexico - AP

Colombia: FARC Urges US to Free Commander - BBC

Nicaragua Expects Colombia to Respect Border Ruling - Reuters

Venezuela Opposition Seeks Return Home for Exiles - AP

Argentina Rejects US Debt Ruling - BBC

A Better Mexico-US Bond - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Diplomat Says Philippines Must Stand Ground in China Territorial Dispute - AP

China’s Factory Boom Losing Steam - WP

China Holds Ex-Journalist Who Wrote of Boys’ Deaths - NYT

US Detects N. Korea Missile-Test Preparations - Bloomberg

South Korea Marks Yeonpyeong Attack Anniversary - VOA

S. Korea Marks Island Bombing Anniversary with Military Exercise - S&S

South Korea Is Surprised by Departure of Candidate - NYT

Thailand PM Announces Emergency Powers Ahead of Protest - VOA

Thai Anti-Government Protesters Clash With Police - AP

Thai Police Fire Tear Gas in Clash With Hundreds of Protesters - Reuters

After 3 Years, Philippines Massacre Trial Drags On - VOA

Dawn of a New China? - NYT opinion



European Union Budget Talks Collapse - WP

New Setback for EU as Budget Talks Falter Over Admin Costs - NYT

EU President: Budget Deal Possible Early Next Year - VOA

UK’s Cameron: EU Deal Not Good Enough - BBC

UN Panel Criticizes Russia for Record on Human Rights - NYT

UN Criticizes Russia Over Torture Allegations - AP

Russian Lawmakers Introduce Law on 'Foreign Agent' Media - AP

Russian ex-Defense Minister's Confidant Charged - AP

Russian Scientist Jailed Under Putin Walks Free - Reuters

Catalan Vote Could Be a First Step Toward Self-Rule - NYT

Catalonia Prepares for a Vote Against Spain - TT

France: Where ‘In Bed With Media’ Can Be Taken More Literally - NYT

Italy Center-Left Leads in Latest Opinion Poll - Reuters

Turkey's PM, President Maneuver for Power - VOA

Norway Mass Killer Refers to Prison as 'Mini Abu Ghraib' - AP


South Asia

Pakistan Suspends Mobile Networks - BBC

Bomb at Pakistan Shiite Procession Said to Kill 7 - AP

At Least 7 Killed in Attack on Shi'ite Procession in Pakistan - Reuters

Sri Lanka Criticizes UN Report on Civil War - AP

Sri Lanka Chief Justice Faces Impeachment Hearing - AP

The Plight of Pakistan's Shiites - NYT opinion