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23 November SWJ Roundup

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US Troops in Afghanistan Celebrate Thanksgiving - VOA

US, Afghan Troops Gather for Thanksgiving Meal at Governor’s Compound - S&S

Football and Feasting in Kabul for the Holiday - AP

Afghanistan Also Pinched by Iran Sanctions - VOA

8 Executed by Hanging in Afghanistan Ending 4-year Moratorium - LAT


Israel / Palestinians

As Cease-Fire Holds in Gaza, Palestinians Press for Unity - NYT

For Netanyahu, Truce Brings Both Great Risks and Benefits - WP

Gaza Truce Holds as Region Steps Back From Brink - CSM

Talking Tough, Netanyahu Walks Cautiously in Gaza Conflict - Reuters

Hamas Declares Victory as Truce with Israel Holds - AP

Israel Pulls Back From Gaza, Invasion Force Intact - Reuters

Egyptian-Mediated Israel-Hamas Truce Terms Detailed - VOA

Full Text: Terms of Israel-Palestinian Ceasefire - WP

Gaza Residents Relieved on Day One of Cease-Fire - VOA

Hamas Leadership Emerges Stronger than Ever, Palestinians Say - WP

Hamas Emerges With Gains From Israeli Offensive - AP

In Gaza Courtyards, Pride and Sacrifice - NYT

Israelis Skeptical as Gaza Cease-Fire Takes Hold - VOA

Southern Israelis Disappointed by Gaza Cease-Fire - AP

Tunnelers, Aid Agencies Begin Resupplying Battered Gaza - Reuters

Life Resumes After Gaza Ceasefire - BBC

Egypt Brotherhood Leader Blasts Peace with Israel - AP

Police Arrest Suspects in Tel Aviv Bus Blast, Including Israeli Citizen - NYT

Israel Says It Arrests Tel Aviv Bus Bomber - AP

Hamas-run TV Channel Celebrates Tel Aviv Bus Bombing - WP

France Indicates Support for Palestinian UN Vote - Reuters

A New Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire - NYT editorial

A Path to Peace in Israel-Gaza Conflict - CSM editorial

How to Make a Hamas, Israel Ceasefire in Gaza Stick - CSM opinion

Who ‘Won’ the Israel-Gaza Conflict? - WP opinion

Israel’s Military Dominance - WP opinion



In Sweeping, Decree, Morsi Gives Himself New Powers - NYT

Egypt’s President Morsi Takes Sweeping New Powers - WP

Morsi Grants Himself Sweeping New Powers in Wake of Gaza - TT

Egypt’s Morsi Grants Himself Far-Reaching Powers - AP

Egyptian Fury Over Morsi 'Coup' - BBC

Egypt's Morsi Shields Assembly Writing Constitution - Reuters

Egypt's Morsi Orders Retrial of Mubarak-Era Officials - Reuters

Morsi Draws Fire With New Egypt Decree - Reuters

Egypt Proves Peace Role Can Survive Arab Spring - Reuters

Egypt Brotherhood Leader Blasts Peace With Israel - AP

Egypt Makes Good Impression on the West - TT opinion



Deployment of Patriots to Turkey Could Take Weeks - AP

Russia Opposes NATO Missiles on Turkey-Syria Border - VOA

NATO, Russia Clash Over Missile Deployment in Turkey - Reuters

Deadly Strikes by Syrian Forces Close a Hospital in Aleppo - NYT

Syrian Rebels 'Capture Key Base' - BBC

Syrian Rebels Strengthen Hold on Oil-Rich Province - AP

Libyan Leader Opposes Foreign Aid to Syrian Rebels - AP

Syria's Rebels Are Winning - FP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

France Indicates Support for Palestinian UN Vote - Reuters

Iraq: Baghdad, Kurds Trade Accusations of Troop Buildup - AP

Little Headway in Talks to Defuse Iraq Army-Kurdish Standoff - Reuters

Iran Faces Possible Health-care Crisis - WP

Blogger's Death in Iran Window Onto Cyber Patrols - AP

Israel’s Military Dominance - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Dependence on Paid Informant in Terrorism Case May Aid Defense - LAT



As Cyberwarfare Heats Up, Allies Turn to US Companies for Expertise - WP


US Department of Defense

Army Faces Budget Cuts, Uncertainty - WP

Worrisome Report on Eroded Combat Skills of an Army Stryker Regiment - BD

Talking Turkey about ‘Jointness’ - WP opinion

After Petraeus, A Little More Conversation - S&S opinion


United States

US Ambassador Revisits Benghazi Controversy - VOA

A Kansas Town Seeks Fame as a Chapter in Lincoln’s Rise - NYT

Women in Arlington Gesture Controversy Lose their Jobs - CCT

‘Call of Duty’ Video Game Highlights Real Threat - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain Bans Nigerian Islamist Group Accused of Murder - Reuters

Scandal-Scarred BBC Names Opera Chief as Leader - NYT

BBC Names New Director General - Reuters

Britain’s Place in Europe - NYT editorial

EU-UK Ties at a Breaking Point - TG opinion



In New Tack, Congo’s Army Starts to Fight - NYT

Congo Army Fights Back, Rebels Hold Goma - Reuters

Congo Rebels Demand Talks With President Kabila - VOA

Congo M23 Aebel Leader in Uganda for Talks - Reuters

DR Congo's Army Chief Suspended - BBC

Congo Suspends Army Chief After UN Arms Sale Report - Reuters

Fleeing Children Face Death and Squalor in Wartorn Congo - TT

Sudan Arrests Suspected Coup Plotters - VOA

Sudan Arrests Ex-Spy Chief After Foiled Plot - Reuters

Mauritania Arrests Suspected French Jihadist Headed to Mali - Reuters

Nigeria: Sect Kill 18; 4 Die in Other Violence - AP

Nigeria Hit by 'Blasphemy' Riot - BBC

Britain Bans Nigerian Islamist Group Accused of Murder - Reuters

Amnesty: Thousands Untried, 'Lost' in Mozambique Prisons - VOA

ICC Indicts Former Ivory Coast First Lady - VOA

Ivory Coast: War Crimes Warrant for Mrs Gbagbo - BBC

Arrest Warrant Issued for Wife of Ivory Coast’s Ex-President - NYT

Sierra Leone 'Fake' Votes Seized - BBC

More Misery in Congo - IT editorial



Mexico: Name Change Is Suggested For Other ‘US’ - NYT

Mexico's President Tries to Change Country's Name - AP

Mexican President Wants to Change His Country's Name, To Mexico - Reuters

Colombia Considers Leaving Treaty Over Border Spat With Nicaragua - Reuters

4 Chinese Oil Workers Freed by Colombian Rebels - AP

Colombia FARC Rebels Free Four Chinese Captives - Reuters

China Hostages Freed in Colombia by FARC - BBC

Gunmen Kill 7 in Attack on Guatemala Health Clinic - AP

Brazil: Sharp Jump in Sao Paulo Murders - BBC

Brazil's First Black Supreme Court President - AP

Uruguay Government Aide Defends Marijuana Plan - AP

Haiti's Rising Food Insecurity Risks Social Tension, Says FAO - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Pacific Allies Set Sights on Drone Development - S&S

China’s Premier Delivers Swan Song in Thailand - WP

Philippines Protests Depiction of Disputed Islands on New Chinese Passports - VOA

S. Korea Says IEA Wants Its Nuclear Sector to Be More Transparent - Reuters

South Korea Marks Island Attack - BBC

Vietnam Officials to Face Votes - BBC

Cambodia: Hun Sen Shows Knack For Staying in Power - AP

Obama's Southeast Asia Trip All Style, No Substance - IBD editorial

Dawn of a New China? - NYT opinion


EU Leaders Brace for Bitter Budget Battle - VOA

Budget Clash Leaves EU Summit Close to Failure - AP

Germany’s Merkel: EU Budget Deal Unlikely - BBC

Socialism May Be Waning, But Not For Young Russians - WT

France: Sarkozy in Court Over Suspicions of Illegal Donations - AP

France: Sarkozy Dodges Official Inquiry in Election Funding Scandal - Reuters

Monti Cannot Be Italy Election Candidate - Reuters

Georgia's New Premier Raises Pressure on President - AP

Albania Court Convicts Fugitive ex-Spy Chief - AP

Trial of Turkish Coup General Adjourned Till January - Reuters

Turkey to Consider Return of Capital Punishment - VOA

Cyprus 'Very Close' to Signing Bailout Deal - AP

Britain’s Place in Europe - NYT editorial

EU-UK Ties at a Breaking Point - TG opinion

The Second Career of Turkey’s Abdullah Ocalan - NYT opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Military Adversary Recounts Violent Backlash - AP

Taliban Suicide Bomber Strikes in Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan ID Cards Remove Ghost Voters, Target Poor for Aid - Reuters

Pakistani Taliban Vows to Avenge Mumbai Gunman Execution - VOA

How India Reacted to Mumbai Gunman’s Execution - WP