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22 November SWJ Roundup

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Thanksgiving Army-style at Remote Base in Afghanistan - S&S

Afghanistan Executes Six in Gesture on Taliban - NYT

Dismay Over New Afghan Executions - BBC

Suicide Bombers Kill 2 Afghan Guards - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Israel / Palestinians

Fragile Israeli-Gaza Cease-Fire Begins - VOA

A Shattered Gaza Celebrates Ceasefire - WP

Hamas and Israel Maintain Cease-Fire - NYT

Gaza Ceasefire Agreement Holds - BBC

Tentative Ceasefire Agreed Between Hamas and Israel - CSM

Israel-Gaza Ceasefire Holds as Skies Fall Silent - TT

Israelis Cautious as Ceasefire with Hamas Takes Hold - WT

IDF Believes Hamas, Islamic Jihad Will Honor Ceasefire - JP

Israel and Hamas Agree to Gaza Strip Ceasefire - AP

After Ceasefire, Both Israel, Hamas Claim Victory - WP

Hamas Declares 'Victory' after Ceasefire - JP

Israel's Battle Damage Report Says Hamas Crippled - Reuters

Egypt Leader and Obama Forge Link in Gaza Deal - NYT

Egyptian President Faces Test With Gaza-Israel Conflict - VOA

Morsi Earns High Praise for Navigating Path to Truce - WP

Iranian Missiles in Gaza Fight Give Tehran Government a Lift - NYT

Iran Admits Giving Hamas Technology for Missiles - WT

Lebanon Army Dismantles Rocket Aimed at Israel - Reuters

Hamas Says Truce Requires Opening of Gaza Crossings - Reuters

Israel Arrests 55 Suspected Palestinian Militants in West Bank - Reuters

After Gaza Truce, US Looks Ahead - WP

China to Host Palestinian Envoy, Urges Restraint in Gaza - VOA

Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Shield - VOA

A New Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire - NYT editorial

A Path to Peace in Israel-Gaza Conflict - CSM editorial

How to Make a Hamas, Israel Ceasefire in Gaza Stick - CSM opinion

Israel’s Military Dominance - WP opinion

Iranian Arms Threaten Israel's Existence - USN&WR opinion

Israel's Pillar of Defense Achieved Its Goals - Haaretz opinion

Don't Let Hamas Win the Long War - RCW opinion

Hamas Emerges Stronger from Gaza War - TS opinion



Turkey Makes Formal Request to NATO for Patriot Missiles - S&S

US, NATO Consider Turkey Request for Missile Support - AFPS

NATO Mulls Turkey's Missile Plea - BBC

Syrian Planes Said to Bomb Building Near Hospital - NYT

Syrian Planes Said to Bomb Building Near Hospital - AP

Rebels Capture Army Base in Eastern Syria - Reuters

Rebels Fight to Unify and Tighten Noose on Assad - TT

Mountaintop Town Is a Diverse Haven From Syria’s Horrors - NYT

Syria's Rebels Are Winning - FP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

World Powers Want New Nuclear Talks with Iran Soon - VOA

Fill Brought to Iran Site IAEA Wants to Inspect - Reuters

Iran: Khamenei Lets Ahmadinejad off the Hook - VOA

Iran MPs Warned on Ahmadinejad - BBC

US Navy to Briefly Reduce Carrier Presence in Persian Gulf - AP

Jordan Protesters Dream of Shift to King’s Brother - NYT

Are New Political and Economic Storms on the Horizon in Jordan? - WP

US Warns Bahrain's Society 'Could Break Apart' - McClatchy

Bahrain Medics Get Jail Sentences - BBC

Egypt: Dozens Injured in Cairo Clashes - BBC

Little Sign of Libyan Probe Into US Consulate Attack - AP

Security Chief in Benghazi Assassinated, Libyan Says - NYT

Libya: Police Chief of Benghazi Killed - BBC

Israel’s Military Dominance - WP opinion


Muslim World

Leaders of Muslim States Set to Hold Summit in Pakistan - AFPS


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Panetta Details Steps Needed to End al-Qaida Threat - AFPS

Terror Plot Targeted Overseas US Bases, FBI Says - AP

US Suspects' Alleged Terror Plot Beset by Hurdles, FBI Says - LAT

Kansas Disbars Lawyer Involved in Guantanamo Case - KCS

Navy Emails Lift Lid on bin Laden's Secret Burial - TT

Internal Emails Offer Details on bin Laden Burial - AP


US Department of Defense

Panetta Issues Thanksgiving Message to Troops, Families - AFPS

Probe Eyes Staff Role in Broadwell Obtaining Sensitive Documents - WP

Navy Chief Visits Gulf, Listens to Sailors’ Concerns - AFPS

New DOD Space Policy Addresses Safety, Security, Access - AFPS

US Cries Foul Over .army, .navy and .airforce - Politico

DOD Staff Eyed as Possible Source of Broadwell's Classified Info - WP

Air Force Brigadier General Reassigned to Pentagon - S&S

After Petraeus, A Little More Conversation - S&S opinion

Talking Turkey about ‘Jointness’ - WP opinion


United States

President Issues Thanksgiving Day Proclamation - AFPS

US Thanksgiving Weekend: Family Celebrations, Then Holiday Shopping - VOA

Thousands to Take Part in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - VOA

Analysts Now More Optimistic Lawmakers Can Reach Budget Agreement - VOA

Rice Breaks Silence to Defend Herself over Benghazi - TT

Rice Defends Benghazi Remarks - AP

Rice Says Benghazi Comments Based on Preliminary Intelligence - Reuters

Rice Defiant on Benghazi Remarks - BBC

CIA Director Battle - WT

Petraeus, Suddenly With Plenty of Free Time, Ponders His Next Move - NYT

Facebook Photo from Arlington Cemetery Sparks Internet Outrage - CCT

Rendering our Sincere Thanks - WT editorial

A Day of Thanks - WP editorial

The War on Thanksgiving - WT editorial

When Thursday Vanishes - NYT editorial

Giving Thanks for American Exceptionalism - WT opinion

A New Greatest Generation - WP opinion



UN Warns of ‘External Support’ of DR Congo Rebels - VOA

DR Congo Rebels Vow to Overthrow Government - VOA

Congo Rebels, After Victory, Vow to Take the Capital - NYT

M23 Rebels Press Forward After East Congo Gains - AP

DR Congo: Goma Cowers Under Rule of its New Masters - TT

Congo's Rebels Seek to Nurture Popular Movement - Reuters

Congo Rebels Reject Call to Leave Goma - Reuters

DR Congo to Study Rebel Demands - BBC

DR Congo General Sold Arms to Rebel Groups - Reuters

Sudan Says It Foiled a Military Coup Attempt - AP

Sudan Makes Arrests After Foiled 'Sabotage Attempt' - Reuters

South Sudan Oil Still not Flowing - VOA

Thousands of South Africans Live Near Toxic Mine Dumps - VOA

Erik Prince of Blackwater Heads to Africa, for China - CSM



Mexican Agencies Clash Publicly Over Shooting of CIA Employees - NYT

US and Mexico Agree on Water Deal - BBC

Curfew Over After Bolivian Census - BBC


Asia / Pacific

How Asia Sees Obama's Pivot to the Pacific - AP

Thailand, China Set Aggressive Targets to Increase Trade - VOA

ASEAN Secretary-General Defends Bloc, Despite Maritime Dispute - VOA

China Angers Neighbors With Sea Claims on New Passports - Reuters

A Chinese Education, for a Price - NYT

Protests after China Tweet Arrest - BBC

South Korean Gets Suspended Sentence in Twitter Case - NYT

N. Korea Threatens to Attack S. Korean Island Again - AP

UN Unveils New Plan to Tackle Unrest in Burma - VOA

UN Calls for Millions More in Donor Aid to Burma - AP

Burma's Muslims, Buddhists Ponder Segregation - VOA

Burma Opening No Gold Rush for US Firms - AP



EU Summit: Cameron Vows to Stop 'Unacceptable' Budget Increase - TT

EU Leaders Set for Budget Battle - BBC

Britain Poised for Budget Clash with EU - WP

Forget Nobel Peace Prize, EU Launches Summit Warfare - Reuters

US-Russia Relations in Holding Pattern - VOA

US Magnitsky Bill Collides With New Russian Nationalism - VOA

As NGO Law Takes Effect in Russia, Human Rights Groups Vow to Defy It - NYT

Catalan Independence Debate Hits Cold Realities - AP

France: Sarkozy 'Could be Placed Under Investigation' - TT

France: Sarkozy in Court Over Suspicions of Illegal Donations - AP

Greece: Bomb Explodes Outside Athens Home of Prosecutor - AP

Turkey to Consider Return of Capital Punishment - VOA

EU-UK Ties at a Breaking Point - TG opinion


South Asia

Day of Suicide Attacks Heightens Fears in Pakistan - NYT

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 23 in Pakistan - AP

3 Bomb Blasts Kill 6 in 2 Main Pakistani Cities - AP

Blast Hits Pakistan Shia March - BBC

Pakistani Shi'ites Receive Death Threat Text Messages - Reuters

Kasab Execution Unlikely to Impact India-Pakistan Peace Process - CSM

India Executes Mumbai Attack Gunman - VOA

India Hangs Lone Surviving Gunman in 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks - WP

With Kasab execution, Indian Gears of Justice Unusually Swift - CSM

Pakistan Taliban Vow to Attack Indian Targets Over Mumbai Gunman - Reuters

Taliban Demand India Return Mumbai Gunman's Body - AP