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21 November SWJ Roundup

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General Allen Resumes Command Duty in Afghanistan - NYT

Afghan Revolving Door: 5 Years, 5 US Generals - AP

France Ends Combat Mission in Afghanistan - VOA

France Ends Afghan Combat Mission - BBC

Opium Cultivation Rises in Afghanistan - VOA

Afghan Opium Harvest 'Down Sharply' - BBC

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 3 Near US Embassy - NYT

Karzai Praises Pakistan's Release of Taliban Prisoners - AP

Karzai Gives His Approval for Execution of Prisoners - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

DLA Readies Holiday Meals for Afghanistan-deployed Troops - AFPS

More Than One Mistake - PI opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Clinton, Netanyahu Meet in Jerusalem - VOA

Cease-Fire Deal Elusive in Gaza Conflict as US Widens Its Role - NYT

In Gaza, Sides Want Truce Without Backing Down - WP

Clinton Presses On With Efforts to End Israel-Hamas Fighting - AP

Push for Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Gains Momentum - AP

Turkey Finds It Is Sidelined as Broker in Mideast - NYT

Gaza Pounded Despite Truce Talks - BBC

Tel Aviv Bus Hit by Bomb; Hamas Celebrates - Reuters

In Gaza Conflict, Hezbollah Stays on Sidelines - AP

Hamas Leader Decries Killing of Alleged Spies - Reuters

In Gaza, the Familiar Fear Returns - WP

What is Life Like Inside the Tunnels of Gaza? - WP

Skirmishes in Israel-Palestinian Battle Over Photos of Killed Children - WP

Israel-Hamas Fight Highlights Role for US - WP editorial

Stop the Perpetual War - WP opinion

Hamas Left Israel No Choice but to Strike - NYT opinion

Palestinians Have Right to Defend Themselves - TG opinion

How to Defuse the Israel-Gaza Conflict - NYT opinion

7 Truths About Israel, Hamas & Violence - Bloomberg opinion

The Myth of a 'Pragmatic' Hamas - NYDN opinion



UK Recognizes Syria Opposition - BBC

Turkey Soon to Request Patriots from NATO - AP

With Capture of Regime Base, Syrian Rebels Net Weapons Trove - WP

Syrian Warplanes Bomb Damascus Suburbs - AP

Syrian Rebels Have Lost Their Innocence - DS opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Does the Gaza Crisis Make Israeli Strikes on Iran More Likely? - WP

Israeli-Hamas Conflict Creates Wedge in US Relations with Mideast Allies - WP

Obama Signals Shift in Approach to Middle East - WP

Iranian Kurds Fight Discrimination, Hope for Change - VOA

Iraqi-Kurd Tensions Soar After Firefight - WP

Kurdish Fighters Gather in Disputed Area in Iraq - AP

Ahmadinejad Off the Hook as Iran's Parliament Withdraws Summons - Reuters

Israel: Attack at US Embassy in Tel Aviv - BBC

Critics of Jordan's King Bemoan Missed Opportunities - VOA

Amnesty Attacks Bahrain 'Abuses' - BBC

Rights Group: Bahrain Fails on Reform Pledge - AP

Yemen Army Battles Tribesmen After New Oil Pipe Attack - Reuters

Egypt: Dozens Injured in Cairo Clashes - BBC

Egypt Protesters Firebomb Al-Jazeera Cairo Office - AP

Egypt Confiscates Warheads Smuggled From Libya - AP              

US Can’t Pivot Away from Middle East - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Big Disappointment in Brain Injury Treatment Study - AP

Ecstasy Effective in Treatment of Lingering PTSD, New Study Finds - S&S

Dietary Supplements Confusing for Troops, Doctors - S&S

Legal Experts: Hasan Trial Could Start in January, at the Earliest - AAS

Scandals Highlight Ethics Lapses in Military - VOA

Navy Fires Two More Commanders - S&S

Panetta Praises Outgoing, Incoming Southcom Commanders - AFPS

Defense and Industry Narrow Communication Gap - AFPS       

NDU Honors Special Operations Community - AFPS

Transcom Strives to Protect Networks Against Cyberthreats - AFPS


United States

Social Media Snags 4 US Residents Allegedly Supporting Taliban - CNN

US Charges 4 Men in Alleged Terror Plot - VOA

'Fiscal Cliff' Threatens U.S. National Security - WP editorial

Petraeus’s Affair Was No ‘Scandal’ - WP opinion

Time to End the War on Drugs - WP opinion



DR Congo Rebels Seize Key Eastern City - VOA

Rebels Take Goma, Key City in Congo - WP

Congo Rebels Seize Provincial Capital - NYT

DR Congo: UN Condemns Rebel Seizure of Goma - BBC

M23 Rebels Vow to Take Congo, as Troops Defect - AP

Thousands Flee Latest Congo Fighting - VOA

DR Congo Urges Sanctions on Rwanda for Support of M23 Rebels - VOA

Islamists Take Mali Town From Separatists - VOA

South Sudan Accuses Sudan of Bombing Its Territory - Reuters

Kenyans Shot After Army Crackdown - BBC

Mauritanian President Prepares to Return Home - VOA



Argentina Cities Hit by Strike - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Obama Meets Chinese, Japanese Leaders at East Asia Summit - VOA

China Might be Moving Closer to ASEAN on South China Sea - VOA

Obama Affirms Japan Ties as China Sea Spats Threaten Trade - Bloomberg

Obama, in Cambodia, Sidesteps Ghosts of American Wartime Past - NYT

Asian Leaders Discuss Vast Free Trade Region - VOA

Asian Nations Plan Trade Bloc That, Unlike US’s, Invites China - NYT

South Korean Man Gets Suspended Sentence for Tweets - NYT

Burma’s Muslims Lose Homes, Hope - WP photo gallery

Obama Blunders Again on the World Stage - TT opinion



As Europe Plots Closer Ties, Britain Mulls Split - AP

US To Seek Compromise Agreements With Russia On Security, Economy - VOA

Russia: Putin, in Need of Cohesion, Pushes Patriotism - NYT

Dozens of Groups Boycott Russia's New NGOs Law - AP

US Rejects Report of Hacking at French Presidency - AP

Eurozone Finance Chiefs Resume Greek Bailout Talks - VOA                   

EU Fails to Reach Greece Deal - BBC

Spain Gets Mixed Reviews on Handling Economy - VOA

Poland Thwarts Terror Attack on Top Leaders - AP

Polish Man Held on Terror Charges - BBC

Kosovo Ex-rebel Faces Fresh Trial - BBC

Croatia Jails ex-PM Over Bribery - BBC

Amnesty International Workers Start Strike - AP


South Asia

India Hangs the Only Surviving Mumbai Attacker - NYT

India Hangs Lone Surviving Gunman in 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks - WP

India: Mumbai Attacks Gunman Executed - BBC

Bomb Blast Kills 5 in Southwest Pakistan - AP

Bomb Kills Three Soldiers in Pakistan, Toll 'Likely to Rise' - Reuters