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20 November SWJ Roundup

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Karzai Accuses US of Violating Detainee Pact - VOA

Karzai Orders ‘Full Afghanization’of US-Run Prison - WP

Karzai Orders Takeover of Prison at Bagram - NYT

US Violating Detainee Pact, Karzai Says - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Israel / Palestinians

Israel Pounds Gaza as Diplomacy Intensifies - VOA

Clinton Headed to Mideast to Seek Solution on Gaza - WP

Clinton to Visit Middle East in Move to Defuse Gaza Conflict - NYT

Ceasefire Urged as Gaza Explodes - WT

Clinton Visits Israel as Gaza Ceasefire Hopes Rise - TT

Obama Sending Clinton to Jerusalem, Ramallah, Cairo Amid Gaza Crisis - AP

White House: Hamas Must End Rocket Fire, Egypt Can Help Crisis - Reuters

While Trying to Mediate, Egypt Blames Israel for Gaza Conflict - NYT

Gaza Truce Pressure Builds, Cairo in Focus - Reuters

Gaza Ground Attack Plan 'On Hold' - BBC

Israel Faces Attack on Cyber Front as Fight with Gaza Continues - WT

UN Chief Warns Israel Against Gaza Incursion - Reuters

Israel and Hamas Continue to Trade Staggering Blows - LAT

Gaza Death Toll 'Rises Over 100' - BBC

Israeli Bombing Kills Militant in Gaza; Death Toll Reaches 100 - AP

Backing Tough Talk, Israeli Premier Wages 1st War - AP

Israeli Offensive in Gaza Was Years in the Making - AP

In Gaza, Thin Line Between Militants and Population - WP

In West Bank, a Growing Sense of Identity With Hamas - NYT

In Israel, Violence is a Way of Life - WP

In S. Israel, Urban Dwellers Learn to Sprint for Bomb Shelters - NYT

Lebanese Army Dismantles Rockets Aimed at Israel - AP

Iran Says Gaza Factions Need to be 'Equipped' to Counter Israel - AP

Russia Upset by Security Council Silence on Gaza - AP

Russia Accuses US of Blocking UN Action on Israel-Gaza Conflict - Reuters

How 'Iron Dome' Defends Israel's Skies - PS

Hamas’s Illegitimacy - NYT editorial

Invading Gaza - WT editorial

The Callousness of Hamas - WP opinion

Roots of the Conflict? Blame Hamas - Commentator opinion

Hamas' Miscalculation - FA opinion

Hamas Wins Over Doubters in Gaza with Battlefield Prowess - CSM opinion

The Long Road to a Moderate Hamas - TNR opinion

Gaza Without End - NYT opinion

Gaza’s Uncertain Future - WP opinion

We in Gaza Will Not Die in Silence - TG opinion

Israel Needs Decisive Victory in Gaza - JP opinion

Can Israel End this War at a Time of its Choosing? - CSM opinion

Bombing Hamas Won't End Gaza Violence - Newsweek opinion

How Obama Can Use Pressure to Bring Peace - NYT opinion

Israel's Show of Force is No Bluff - WAJ opinion

A New Middle East, Same Old Story in Gaza - TT opinion

Middle East Melting Down Into ‘Obamawar’ - WT opinion



European Union Backs Syrian Opposition Coalition - NYT

EU Endorses Syrian Opposition - AP

Islamists Reject Syria Opposition - BBC

Syrian Extremists Spurn Western-Backed Coalition - AP

NATO Ready to Protect Turkey from Syrian Missiles - VOA

Germany: Turkey Will Ask NATO for Patriot Missiles  - AP

Syrian Rebels Say They Seize Base on Damascus Outskirts - Reuters

Syrian Information Ministry Hit With Mortar Fire - Reuters

Syria Refugees 'Face Winter Risk' - BBC

Iran Starts Building Gas Pipeline to Syria - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli-Hamas Conflict Creates Wedge in US Relations with Mideast Allies - WP

US Puts New Sanctions on Hezbollah Leader Released by Iraq - AP

Iraqi President Heads to Tense Kurdish Area - AP

Pushing for Change, Some in Jordan Point to King - AP


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Propaganda Plan is Source of Controversy - USAT

Marine Corps Forms New Squadron to Fly F-35B - AP

Silent But Deadly: Special Forces Seek Quiet, Subsonic Bullets - Wired

Chairman’s Corner: Recent Allegations Not a Distraction - AFPS

Coast Guard's Maritime Security Response Team Has Unusual Mission - TD

Transitioning Troops Don't Always Get Prompt Pain and Psych Meds - S&S

Services Announce Recruiting Numbers for Fiscal 201- AFPS

Soldier on Trial in Chen Case Says He Tried to Help - FO

US Soldier Enters No Plea in 2009 Iraq Shootings - Reuters

Fiscal Cliff Threatens Pentagon Spending - WP editorial

A Sharp Eye on Cuts for Defense - WP opinion


United States

For Obama and Clinton, Their Final Tour in Asia as Partners - NYT

GOP Says Intelligence Right, Narrative Wrong on Libya - WT

State Department Review on Benghazi Attack Works in Secrecy - WT

Case Pits Technology-Based Police Search Against Citizens’ Rights - NYT

College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All - NYT

The Wrong Man for the CIA - NYT opinion

Obama's Unearned Victory Lap in Burma - HP opinion



New Fighting After DR Congo Rejects Rebel Demand for Talks - VOA

DR Congo Minister: Army Controls Goma Despite Rebel Advances - VOA

Congo Forces and Rebels Resume Fight for Goma - NYT

DR Congo M23 Rebels 'Enter Goma City' - BBC

Rebels Enter Goma, Congo, Seize Airport - AP

Congo Rebels Enter Goma as Clashes Resume - Reuters

Rwanda and DR Congo Trade Accusations as Tensions Mount - TT

UNICEF: Congolese Kids Face Psychological Trauma - VOA

Mali Islamists Claim Desert Town - BBC

Anti-Terror Operations Stoke Religious Tension in Kenya - VOA

Kenya Army 'Rampage' Over Deaths - BBC

Kenya Begins 30-Day Voter Registration - VOA

UK Aid to Nigeria 'Not Working' - BBC

Murder Case Against a Sheik Tests Senegal’s New President - NYT

Observers Praise Sierra Leone Elections - VOA



Colombia's FARC Declares Truce - BBC

Rebel Group in Colombia Announces Cease-Fire - NYT

Colombian Rebels Call Truce as Peace Talks Start - Reuters

UN Gives Colombia Disputed Isles - BBC

World Court: Disputed Islands Belong to Colombia - AP

UN Court Ruling Expands Nicaragua's Offshore Rights - Reuters

Honduras Parties Elect Candidates - BBC

Easing of Restraints in Cuba Renews Debate on US Embargo - NYT


Asia / Pacific

How Asia Sees Obama's Pivot to the Pacific - AP

South China Sea Dispute Flares at ASEAN Summit - VOA

China Stalls Move to Quell Asia Disputes Over Territory - NYT

Obama Meets China, Japan Leaders Amid Sea Tensions - AP

Obama Urges Asia to Ease Tensions Over Sea Territory - Reuters

Obama at ASEAN as Sea Row Rumbles - BBC

Obama Wades Into Thorny Asian Territorial Row - AP

Obama to Promote US Interests at ASEAN Summit - VOA

Obama's Historic Burma Speech Mostly Well Received - VOA

Obama: In Burma, ‘Flickers of Progress’ Must Spark Reform - WP

Obama: Historic Burma Visit Sign of Progress - AP

Obama Makes History With Burma, Cambodia Visits - AP

Obama's Visit to Cambodia Highlights Economic Growth and Struggles - CSM

Obama Praises 'Constructive' US-China Relationship - TT

Obama, Wen Hail US-China Relationship - AP

China Troubleshooter Moves on From Chongqing Post - AP

China Appoints New Top Official for Scandal-Ridden Chongqing - Reuters

Japan: Okinawa Files Protest After 2nd US Trespassing Incident - S&S

Striking a Balance in Burma - WP editorial

Obama Must Use Burma Visit to Push for Reform - WT opinion

US Can Profit from China's Transition - RCW opinion



EU States Act to Plug Crucial Defense Gap - Reuters

Business Sees Risk of British Exit From EU - NYT

Downgraded France Says It Needs More Time - AP

France’s Conservative Opposition Party Splits Over Leadership - WP

Sarkozy Ally to Lead French Right - BBC

Poland Says Arrests Person Planning 'Terrorist Attack' - Reuters

Russian Activists to Boycott Law on NGOs - AP

Russia's Jailed Pussy Riot Members Change Lawyers - VOA


South Asia

Pakistan Blasphemy Case Against Christian Girl Dropped - BBC

Pakistan: Blasphemy Charges Dropped Against Christian Girl - TT

Pakistan Court Acquits Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy - AP

Outrage at India Facebook Arrests - BBC

Outrage in India Over Arrests for Facebook Post - AP