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17 November SWJ Roundup

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Dunford Cites Progress, Challenges in Afghanistan Mission - AFPS

Roadside Bomb Kills 17 in Afghanistan - VOA

Bomb Kills 17 Civilians in Afghanistan - NYT

Land Mine Kills 17 Afghans Traveling to a Wedding - AP

Pakistan Releases Son of Afghan Militant Leader - AP

Oops! Taliban Reveal Identities of Their Mailing List Members - ABC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Israel / Palestinians

US Fears Ground War in Gaza Could Hurt Israel and Help Hamas - NYT

Israel, on New Battlefield, Sticks to Tough Approach - NYT

Gaza Conflict: Israel Vows to Intensify Offensive - BBC

Israel Readies for Possible Ground War - WP

Likelihood of Israel Launching Ground Invasion in Gaza Grows - LAT

Israel Authorizes More Reservists After Rockets Target Cities - Reuters

Rockets Target Jerusalem; Israel Girds for Gaza Invasion - NYT

Gaza Conflict: Militant Rocket Targets Jerusalem - BBC

Hamas Targets Jerusalem in Major Escalation - AP

Tel Aviv: Beloved Oasis Outraged by Rocket Fire - AP

Israel's Barak Seeks Three More Iron Dome Rocket Interceptors - Reuters

Suspected Collaborator With Israel Executed on Gaza Street - NYT

Israel, Hamas Fight Gaza Conflict Online - VOA

Why Tweet Airstrikes? - WP

Abbas Asks Arab League Chief to Visit Gaza - Reuters

Egypt Seeks Israel-Gaza Truce - VOA

Egypt President Toughens Rhetoric on Israel - AP

Thousands Protest in Egypt Against Israeli Attacks on Gaza - Reuters

Analysis: Israel-Hamas: a Clash Waiting to Happen - AP

Interactive Map Showing Hamas's Rocket Range Inside Israel - WP

Heading Off Full-Blown War in the Gaza Strip - WP editorial

Israel's Least Bad Option in Gaza - JP editorial

Hamas, Israel Both Have Reasons to Escalate - CSM opinion

Rocket Attacks' Deadly Impact on Israel - TOI opinion

Israel’s Shortsighted Assassination - NYT opinion

Israel Did What It Must for Security - Commentator opinion

Why Israel Attacked Gaza - NP opinion

Another Pointless War in Gaza - TG opinion



Iran Set to Expand Nuclear Work, UN Agency Says - NYT

Iran Increased Nuclear Enrichment Capacity, IAEA Report Says -LAT

UN Nuclear Inspectors Report Worrisome Steps by Iran - WP

IAEA: Iran Making Steady Advances on Nuclear Program - CSM

UN Nuclear Agency: Iran Poised to Expand Nuke Work - AP

IAEA: Iran Ready to Double Uranium Enrichment at Fordo - BBC



Europe Mulls Increased Support For Syrian Opposition - VOA

UK Moves Towards Syria Opposition - BBC

UK: European Nations to Debate Syria Arms Embargo - AP

In War-Torn Syria, Secrets and Double Lives - Reuters


Libya US Consulate Attack

Petraeus Testifies on Benghazi Attack - VOA

Petraeus Says CIA Saw Libya Attack as Terrorism - NYT

Petraeus Testifies Benghazi Attack Was Terrorist Act - WP

Petraeus Fails to Ease Partisan Divide Over Libya Consulate Attack - LAT

Petraeus Says He Believed Terrorists Were Behind Libya Attack - AP

In Benghazi Testimony, Petraeus Says Al Qaeda Role Known Early - Reuters

Petraeus: Benghazi Attack 'Was Terror Strike' - BBC

'Real-Time' Video Shows Benghazi Drama, But Questions Remain - CNN

Intel Officials Unable to Say Who Changed CIA Talking Points - Fox

Flashback: What Susan Rice Said About Benghazi - WSJ

Dozen House Women Defend Rice Over Libya Comments - AP

Obama Must Explain Benghazi Terror Attack - MJS editorial

The Best Way to Investigate Benghazi - WP opinion

Susan Rice’s Tarnished Résumé - WP opinion

Don’t Scapegoat Rice - WP opinion

Susan Rice's Miserable Record at the UN - Fox opinion

The Benghazi Circus - NYT opinion

Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Said to Release Hezbollah Operative - NYT

Iraq Releases Prisoner, Draws US Ire - WP

Hezbollah Man Wanted by US Freed From Iraq Custody - AP

Iraq Releases Suspected Hezbollah Operative Daqduq - Reuters

Iraqi Police Clash With Kurdish Guards, 1 Dead - AP

Jordanian Protesters Call for Revolution - VOA

Protesters in Jordan Denounce King Abdullah II - LAT

Protesters Come Up Empty In Jordan - NYT

Jordan's Crisis: Is An Uneasy Peace Emerging? - CSM

Egypt's Mursi to Avoid Coptic Ceremony, Dismays Christians - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Panetta Tells VOA He Won't Step Down Right Away - VOA

Details So Far in Petraeus Scandal Not Legally Damaging - S&S

US Hazing Trial Confronts Army's Delicate Race Relations - VOA

Madigan Medical Center Review Finds 150 More With PTSD - TNT

Army Suicides for 2012 Surpass Last Year's Numbers - AP

Charged General's Wife: Long War Hurts Families - AP

The Legacy of David Petraeus and the Future of American War - TA opinion

Pentagon Will Survive Fiscal Cliff - USN&WP

Pentagon Can Recover from Petraeus and Allen Scandals - CSM editorial


United States

Congressional Leaders: Confident ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Can Be Averted - WP

4 Killed in Texas Train Crash Were Military Veterans - NYT

Time to Rethink the CIA? - WP opinion

The Petraeus Affair’s Resulting Witch Hunt - WP opinion

Why is the Woman So Often the Villain? - WP opinion

A US Energy Renaissance - WP opinion



US-Australia Conference Points to Possibilities - AFPS



Nigeria Boko Haram Commander Ibn Saleh Ibrahim 'Killed' - BBC

Mali's Mujao Islamists and Rebels in Battle for Control - BBC

DR Congo Vows to Defend Goma City From M23 Rebels - BBC

Congo Army, Rebels Clash in Worst Fighting for Months - Reuters

Congo: 151 Rebels Killed in Clash With Army - AP

Congo PM Says UN Must Impose Sanctions on Rwandan Officials - Reuters

Sudan: UN Renews Peacekeepers for Abyei - AP

Kenyans Anxious About Operation to Track Police Killers - VOA

Sierra Leone Ready for Elections - VOA

Sierra Leone Election Campaign Encouraging, Says Carter Center - VOA

Close Sierra Leone Vote Carries High Hopes for Growth - Reuters

Factbox-Top Contenders in Sierra Leone Election - Reuters

Zimbabwe Finance Minister Allocates Funds for 2013 Polls - VOA



Could Central American Gangs Usurp Role of Mexican Cartels? - CSM

7 Mexico Police Face Trial in US Vehicle Shooting - AP

Dominican Drug Official to Fight Extradition to US - AP

Dutch Fighter in Colombia Peace Talks Role - AP

Colombia Arrests Three Over Killing of 10 Farm Workers - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Foes Hope for 'Political Prisoner' Amnesty - AP

Nicaraguan Protests Erupt Over Rise in Power Costs - AP

US Contractor Jailed in Cuba Sues US, Employer for $60m - Reuters

Young Man Killed During Student Protest in Haiti - AP


Asia / Pacific

Obama Will Not Shy Away From Human Rights on Asia Tour - VOA

In Cambodia, Panetta Touts Benefits of US Asia 'Pivot' - VOA

China Inflexible on Sea Disputes Ahead of ASEAN Summit - VOA

Japan PM Set for General Election - BBC

Japan PM Dissolves Parliament; Vote Set for Dec 16 - AP

US, Thai Leaders Move Defense Alliance Into 21st Century - AFPS

S. Korean Cities Fear US Bases Won't Meet Deadline to Vacate - S&S

Obama’s Historic Visit to Burma - WP

Obama Visit Underscores Lack of Change for Burma’s Poor - NYT

US Eases Import Ban on Myanmar Ahead of Obama Trip - Reuters

President Obama Goes to Asia - NYT editorial

China’s Anxieties Mirror Our Own - WP opinion



Russia Chafes as US House Passes Magnitsky Act - WP

Russia’s Putin Parries Merkel’s Jabs on Rights - NYT

Germany's Merkel Pays Putin a Prickly Visit - CSM

US Urges Georgia Political Rivals to Cooperate - Reuters

US Embassy Warns Americans of Possible Attacks in Greece - AP

Judge Overturns Croatian Generals' War Crimes Sentence - VOA

Hague Court Overturns Convictions of 2 Croatian Generals - NYT

War Court Clears Croatia Generals - BBC

Two Croatian Generals’ Convictions Overturned - WP

Joy in Croatia as UN Overturns 2 Key Convictions - AP

EU Police Arrest ex-KLA Fighters for Kosovo War Crimes - BBC

EBRD Votes to Give Kosovo Membership - Reuters

France Vows to Restore Order in Corsica After Shootings - BBC

Ikea 'Deeply Regrets' Use of Forced Labor in Former E. Germany - BBC


South Asia

End of British Aid Marks Economic Shift for India - VOA

Polio Fighters in Pakistan Struggle Against Myths and Realities - WP