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16 November SWJ Roundup

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Senate Grills Nominee to Replace Allen as NATO, ISAF Commander - S&S

Dunford Foresees Some American Forces in Afghanistan after 2014 - WP

Afghan Command Nominee Vague on Troop Withdrawal Timetable - Reuters

US, Afghanistan Start Talking to Reach Security Pact - AP

Afghan Officials: Pakistan Frees Taliban Detainees - AP


Israel / Palestinians

UN Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting on Gaza Violence - VOA

Casualties Rise in Gaza Battle; Hamas Rockets Target Tel Aviv - NYT

Israel Mobilizes Troops as Hostilities Escalate - WSJ

Signs Mount of Possible Israeli Invasion of Gaza - AP

Israel's Military Begins Calling Up 16,000 Reservists - Reuters

15 Palestinians, 3 Israelis Killed in Intense Air Assaults - WP

IAF Hits 70 Gaza Targets After Rockets Trigger TA Sirens - JP

Hamas Targets Tel Aviv as Part of Rocket Barrage - AP

Israel Intensifies Gaza Air Strikes - VOA

Gaza Missiles Fired at Tel Aviv - BBC

Israel Warns of Escalation After Tel Aviv Missile Firing - Bloomberg

In Israeli Border Town, Rubble and Blood - NYT

UN Says Agency Teacher Killed in Gaza - AP

Egypt Torn Between Allies in Gaza and Treaty With Israel - NYT

US Urges Turkey, Egypt to Encourage Hamas to Deescalate - Reuters

Panetta: Gaza Violence Cause for Concern - VOA

Egypt Shows Support for Gaza Strip - WP

Egypt’s President Balances Hamas Against Israeli Peace - NYT

Gaza: Egypt Shows Support of Hamas - CSM

Egypt PM to Visit Gaza in Support of Hamas - Reuters

Israel to Hold Fire in Egypt Premier's Gaza Visit - AP

Fire Continues During Egypt PM Visit, Despite Ceasefire - Reuters

Iran Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza Strip - AP

Israel and Hamas Battle on Social Media as Well - AP

Bolder Hamas Tests Alliances in a Shifting Arab World - NYT

Analysis: Israeli Gaza Offensive Looks to Be Brief - AP

Analysis: Hamas Trying to Restore Shattered Morale - JP

Israel's 'Pillar of Defense' Operation at a Glance - AP

Middle East Peace Takes a Beating - LAT editorial

Another War in Gaza? - WP opinion

Time for Mr. Obama to Earn His Peace Prize - WT editorial

Netanyahu's Extremely Risky Gamble - DS opinion

Next for Israel: Know When to Stop - TOI opinion

Will War in Gaza Inflame Arab Spring? - NP opinion

No One Can Win a War in Gaza - FP opinion



France Raises Issue of Arming Syrian Rebels - VOA

France Pushes Arming Syria Rebels - BBC

France Explores Idea of Arming Syrian Rebels - AP

Turkey Recognizes Syrian Opposition - VOA

Securing Chemical Arms in Syria a Vast Task, Pentagon Says - NYT

UK Charges 2nd Man With Taking Hostages in Syria - AP

The World’s Next Genocide - NYT opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

US Congress Probes Libya Attack - VOA

Intelligence Committees See Film of Benghazi Attack - Reuters

CIA Deputy: Rice Got Initial Assessment on Libya - AP

Clinton to Testify on Benghazi Attack - WP

Clinton to Testify on Libya Attack - AP

Clinton 'to Testify on Benghazi' - BBC

Petraeus to Testify About Benghazi Attack - VOA

More Questions for Gen. Petraeus About Benghazi - WT opinion

Silencing General David Petraeus - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Ready to Ramp Up Nuke Program - AP

US Navy Rushes Robotic Tools to Clear Mines to Persian Gulf - NYT

Protests Over Gas Prices in Jordan Turn Deadly - NYT

'Gunman' Killed in Jordan Unrest - BBC

Jordan’s Opposition Vows to Hold More Protests - AP

Jordan Police Vow to Strike Those Who Stir Unrest - AP

Tunisian Held in US Embassy Attack Dies in Prison - AP

Tunisian Held Over U.S. Embassy Attack Dies in Hunger Strike - Reuters


US Department of Defense

GOP Senator Outlines $68 Billion in Defense Cuts - AP

Report Targets Military Pay, Benefits for Debt-Deal - S&S

Pentagon Opens Website in Propaganda War With Terrorists - AP

Panetta Orders Military Ethics Review - VOA

Panetta Orders Review of Ethics Training for Military Officers - NYT

Panetta Orders Review of US Military Leaders - WP

More 'Explicit' Details on Scandal as Panetta Orders Review of Ethics - S&S

MacDill AFB Checking its ‘Friends’ After Petraeus Affair - WT

On Thin Ice in the Arctic - LAT opinion

When the Strains of War Lead to Infidelity - WP opinion

Semper Fi, Honey? - NYT opinion


Central Intelligence Agency

Holder Defends FBI’s Handling of Petraeus Investigation - WP

Veteran FBI Agent Helped Start Petraeus E-Mail Inquiry - NYT

Petraeus and the Blackmail Myth - LAT opinion


United States

Petraeus Scandal Illustrates Fragility of Cyber Privacy - DPA

Paula Broadwell’s Drive and Resilience Hit Obstacles - WP



EU Group Endorses Mali Mission - BBC

France Urges Mali to Step Up Talks With Rebels - AP

M23 Rebels Clash with DR Congo Troops - VOA

DR Congo Fighting Near Goma City - BBC

Rebels Attack Villages in South Sudan, Deploy More Forces - Reuters

MRC Chairman Released From Kenya Prison - VOA

Ebola Claims 2 New Victims in Uganda - VOA

South African Platinum Miners End Strike - VOA



Mexico Lawmakers Submit Plans to Overhaul Police, Fight Graft - Reuters

Mexico's Top Anti-Drug Prosecutor Resigns - AP

Mexico Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Legalize Marijuana - Reuters

Colombian Rebels Want Constitutional Assembly After Peace Deal - Reuters

Three Held Over Colombia Killings - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Xi Confirmed as China's New Leader - VOA

Changing of the Guard in China - WP

China Unveils New Leaders - LAT

China Anoints Xi as New Leader - BBC

China Names Conservative, Older Leadership - Reuters

China’s New Leader Given Broad Powers - AP

China's Military Pledges Loyalty to New Leader Xi - AP

China's New Party Leader Eschews Predecessors' Rhetoric - LAT

What Will China’s Leadership Team Do? - WP

Promise to Tackle China’s Problems, Few Hints of Shift in Path - NYT

China's New Leaders Could Have Reform Thrust Upon Them - Reuters

2 Tibetans Self-Immolate in Restive West China - AP

Japan on Course for Sixth PM in Seven Years - Reuters

Japan: Okinawa Legislators Protest US Military Incidents - AP

US Expands Counter-terror Training in Cambodia - WP

Panetta in Cambodia for Talks on US-Asia Security - AP

US, Thailand Ink Agreement Focused on Security, Stability - S&S

Philippine Muslim Militant Leader on FBI's Most Wanted List - DPA

Burma Stop Expected to Highlight Obama Asia Tour - VOA

Obama Aides: Burma Visit Not a 'Victory' Lap - AP

Burma Issues Prisoner Amnesty Ahead of Obama Visit - VOA

Burma Prisoner Release Criticized - BBC

Burmese University, Awaiting Obama, Patches Over a Long Neglect - NYT

A Chinese Status Quo - WP opinion



Another Recession Hits Eurozone - VOA

NATO Welcomes Nordic Air Surveillance of Iceland - AP

Multinational Airlift Wing Reaches 'Full Operational Capability' - S&S

France Tells Germany It Will Slash Deficit - AP

Greeks Pelt German Diplomat in Austerity Protest - NYT

Britain and Spain Trade Blows Over Gibraltar - Reuters


South Asia

A Pakistani Lawyer Takes on the Army and Pays in Bruises - NYT

Pakistani Soldier First Executed in Four Years - BBC

India Hindu Leader 'Improving' - BBC

Sri Lanka Tamil Party Urges UN to Open Int'l Probe - AP