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14 November SWJ Roundup

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US Weighing Troop Plans for Post-2014 Afghanistan - VOA

US Quickly Going Through Commanders in Afghan War - AP

A Look at US Generals in Afghan War - AP

Government Blocking of YouTube Leaves Afghans Frustrated - S&S

Death Penalty Wanted for Soldier Accused of Afghan Massacre - AP

Methodical Murder of 16 Afghans Merits Court Martial - Reuters

Afghan Killings Case Testing Military System - AP

Kabul Rocket Attack Kills One in Afghan Capital - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



France Recognizes, and May Arm, Syrian Rebels - NYT

France Recognizes New Syria Group, 1st in West - AP

France Backs Anti-Assad Coalition - BBC

Russia to Seek Progress, Bigger Middle East Role in Riyadh - Reuters

Violence Flares as Syrian Opposition Garners Support - VOA

New Opposition Head Gives Renewed Hope to Syrians - AP

Millions in Syria Have Fled Homes - VOA

Obama’s Nightmare - NYT opinion

Among Syria's Rebels, Heartbreak and Blood - Bloomberg opinion



Iranians Debate Whether to Talk to US - WP

Iran Says It's Tested New Air Defense System - AP

'Three Arrested' Over Death of Iranian Blogger Beheshti - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Terrorist Who Killed Americans Walks Free in Iraq - WSJ

Israel Prepares New Missile Defense System - AP

Palestinian Official: Gaza Militant Dies of Wounds - AP

Palestinians Firm on UN Statehood - WP

Palestinians Prepare to Exhume Arafat to Check for Poison - NYT

Arafat's Tomb Sealed Off in Preparation for Exhumation - BBC

Saudi Arabia Struggles to Employ Its Most-Educated Women - WP

Protests Break Out in Jordan, Mention King by Name - WP

Jordan Raises Fuel Prices, Sparking Protests - AP

Bahrain Unable to Silence Unrest - VOA

New UAE Curbs on Online Dissent - BBC

Growing Ties Between Egypt, Turkey May Signal New Regional Order - LAT

Egypt's Brotherhood Slams Israel Over Gaza Strikes - AP

Female Gadhafi Bodyguard Killed in Egypt - AP

The Brotherhood's Egypt - NR opinion


General Petraeus

Panetta: Petraeus Resignation Was Right Call - S&S

Room for Secrets, Even for CIA Boss - WP

FBI Probes How Woman Obtained Classified Files - WP

Emails Described CIA Director's Movements - Reuters

Holder, Mueller Were Mum on Petraeus for Weeks - WT

Petraeus Case Raises Fears About Privacy in Digital Era - NYT

Who is Jill Kelley? - WP

One Lesson From a Messy Scandal - NYT editorial

The Petraeus-Benghazi Connection - WP opinion

Charting a Post-Petraeus Era - WP opinion

David Petraeus: A Necessary Man - LAT opinion

We Must Wait to Pass Judgment - WP opinion

The Real Petraeus Scandal - NYP opinion


General Allen

DOD Inspector General Investigates ISAF Commander - AFPS

DOD: Allen Emails to Petraeus Friend 'Inappropriate and Flirtatious' - S&S

FBI Probe Into Petraeus Snags His Successor - WP

Petraeus CIA Scandal Engulfs US Gen John Allen - BBC

Scandal Widens; US General's Emails 'Flirtatious' - AP

Gen. Allen in Fight for His Career - WP

President Has Faith in Allen as Afghan Commander - VOA

White House Supports Top US Commander in Afghanistan - NYT

Obama Backs Allen Amid Email Probe - BBC

Who is Jill Kelley? - WP

One Lesson From a Messy Scandal - NYT editorial


General Ward

General Demoted Amid Questions About Lavish Expenses - LAT

Four-Star General Demoted for Improper Spending - CNN

General Demoted for Lavish Travel, Spending - AP

Gen. 'Kip' Ward Demoted Over Lavish Spending Allegations - NBC


US Department of Defense

Ex-Secretary of Defense Gates Warns Against Drastic Military Cuts - WE

Panetta Says He Will Stay in Washington to Meet Challenges - AFPS

Concern Grows Over Top Military Officers’ Ethics - NYT

Somalia News Website is Run by the US Military - AP

Afghan Killings Case Testing Military System - AP

One Lesson From a Messy Scandal - NYT editorial


United States

As US Congress Reconvenes, Budget Challenges Loom - VOA

Obama Meeting With Labor Leaders on US 'Fiscal Cliff' - VOA

Obama to Open Fiscal Talks with Plan to Raise Taxes on Wealthy - WP

Scandal Complicates Moves on Cabinet, National Security - Reuters

Top Candidates for State Dept. Are Both Facing Possible Hurdles - NYT

GOP Senators Object to UN Ambassador Running State Dept. - LAT

Fed Agencies, Private Firms Fiercely Compete for Cyber Experts - WP

US Court Gives Saudi Man Life Sentence for Terror Plot - VOA

Saudi Student Jailed for Plot to Attack Bush's Home - BBC

Getting Away With Torture - NYT editorial

How Counter-Terrorism Blinded Intelligence - TA opinion

Reshuffling Obama's Cabinet - LAT opinion


United Kingdom

Cameron 'Fed Up' Over Abu Qatada - BBC

Britain Releases Radical Cleric on Bail - VOA

Militant Islamic Preacher Is Freed on Bail in Britain - NYT

Radical Cleric Abu Qatada Released from Jail - AP

Royal Navy Submariner Admits Secrets Breach - AP

BBC Begins Disciplinary Action After Reporting Debacle - NYT



African Union Backs Mali Mission - BBC

African Bloc Backs Plan to Recapture North Mali - Reuters

France Rules Out Any Use of Air Power in Mali - AP

UN: Military Action Avoidable in Mali - AP

Somalia News Website is Run by the US Military - AP

ICC Prosecutor Hails Shift in Fight Against Sexual Violence - VOA

Kenyan Ambush Death Toll Rises - VOA

Sudan: UN Mobilizing to Contain Darfur Yellow Fever Outbreak - VOA

Sudanese Rebels Shell Oil State Capital Kadugli - Reuters

Floods Receding in Nigeria - VOA

Zimbabwe Officials Dismiss Report on Diamond Stealing - VOA



Mexico Prez: US Lacks Moral Authority for Drug War - AP

Mexican Police Commander Linked to US Vehicle Hit - AP

4 Killed in Mexico as Gunmen Open Fire on Wedding - AP

Mexico Congress OKs Biggest Labor Shake-Up in Decades - Reuters

Mexico Resort of Acapulco Asks Help for Heavy Debt - AP

Colombia Peace Talks Pushed Back - BBC

New Corruption Trial Ordered for Peru's Fujimori - AP

Middle Class Now Rivals Poor in Latin America - Reuters

UN Once Again Votes to Condemn Cuba Embargo - AP

Cuba Oil Dreams on Hold as Drill Rig Set to Depart - AP

Haiti Facing Sandy Food Shortage - BBC

Fall Rains Bring Havoc to Haiti - AP


Asia / Pacific

Asia Leaders to Discuss Cooperation, Rights, Disputes With China - VOA

In Australia, US Renews Focus on Asia-Pacific - VOA

China’s Aristocratic Class Shaping Politics - NYT

In China, Corruption is Hot Topic at Party Congress - LAT

China's Communist Party Conclave Nearly Finished - AP

China Congress to Give First Clues to New Leadership - Reuters

Chinese Debate Xi’s Views on Reform - WP

Report Says North Korea Continues Rocket Testing - VOA

Rights Groups Press Obama Aides on Burma, Cambodia - Reuters

UN Asks Asian States to Accept Burma Refugees - VOA

New Leadership in China - NYT editorial

To Rise, China Must Fight Corruption - TN opinion

Beijing Fears Its Own French Revolution - SMH opinion



Kremlin: Obama Says He's Ready to Visit Russia - AP

Georgia Eyes Payback From Russia for WTO Deal - Reuters

Stavridis: New Aviation Element ‘New Step’ for US, Poland - AFPS

Ukraine: Tymoshenko Trial Delayed - VOA

Envoy Says Bosnian Serbs Seek to Undermine Peace Deal - Reuters

Hollande Losing Support in France - WP

French Parties Clash on Terrorism - BBC

Greece Secures Short-term Finance - BBC


South Asia

American Football League Gets Foot in South Asia - VOA

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi in India Visit - BBC

UN 'Failed Sri Lanka Civilians' - BBC