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13 November SWJ Roundup

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Decision on Afghanistan Deployment Nearing, Panetta Says - NYT

Panetta: Admin Deciding on Post-2014 Troop Levels - AP

US to Soon Determine Post-2014 Troop Presence in Afghanistan - Reuters

Germany to Decide on Next Step in Drawdown - Reuters

Influential Afghan Rallies Followers, Stoking Fears - NYT

Afghan Haqqani Faction Would Consider Talks Under Taliban - Reuters

Karzai to Push for Investments During India Visit - VOA

British Soldier Among Those Killed in Afghan Attacks - VOA

4 Rockets Fired on Afghan Capital; 1 Dead - AP

Afghans Find Hope for Justice in Video Testimony at Bales' Hearing - AP

Pakistan Accuses Afghans of Killing Civilians - AP



Election Over, US Cautiously Mulls Syria Options - Reuters

New Mayhem on 2 Borders as Syrian Opposition Unifies - NYT

United Syrian Opposition Seeks Recognition in Cairo - VOA

Israel Shells Syrian Artillery Battery After 2nd Mortar Attack - WP

Israel Reports 'Direct Hits' on Syrian Target - AP

Violence Flares in Golan Even as Opposition Seeks Recognition - Reuters

United Syrian Opposition Seeks Recognition in Cairo - VOA

Arab League Gives Hesitant Welcome to Opposition Coalition - Reuters

Gulf States Recognize Syrian Opposition - BBC

Mistrust of Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Lingers - Reuters

International Red Cross Launches Syria Appeal - VOA



Dempsey: US Will Make ‘Measured Response’ to Iranian Threats - AFPS

Iran's Army Drill to Test New Air Defense System - AP

Jailed Blogger Not Tortured Before Death, Iran Says - NYT

The Need for US-Iran Talks - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Rocket Volley From Gaza Hits South Israel - BBC

Gaza Rocket Attacks Increase Pressure on Israel to Hit Back - AP

Israel Considers Resumption of Gaza Assassinations - AP

Palestinian UN Bid on 29 November - BBC

Palestinians Set Date for UN Bid - AP

Abbas Says Ready to Start Talks With Israel After UN Upgrade - Reuters

Palestinian Aide Discounts Israeli Sanctions Threat - Reuters

Shootout Throws Spotlight on Lebanon's Sectarian Tinderbox - Reuters

UAE Toughens Law on Internet Dissent - Reuters

Egyptian Jihadist Calls To Destroy Sphinx, Pyramids - ARN

Egypt Arrests Fugitive Linked to Red Sea Bombings - AP

Egyptian Groups Reject $4.8 Billion IMF Loan - AP


General Petraeus

Timeline Shows FBI Discovered Petraeus Affair in Summer - NYT

US Congress Demands Inquiry Into Petraeus Resignation - VOA

Lawmakers Want Probe of FBI’s Handling of Petraeus Investigation - WP

FBI Inquiry Into E-Mails Raises Questions on Motives - NYT

US General in Afghanistan Is Linked to Petraeus Probe - NYT

Marine General Investigated for Emails to Petraeus Friend - AP

Identity of Second Woman Emerges in Petraeus' Downfall - Reuters

Petraeus Told Broadwell to Stop Harassing Friend - WP

Petraeus Shocked to Hear of Threatening Emails, Associates Say - AP

David Petraeus: Broadwell Affair Was 'Colossal Mistake' - BBC

Petraeus Ghostwriter ‘Clueless’ to Affair - WP

The Spymaster’s Secret - WP editorial

Get Petraeus Back to Work - WP opinion

Why David Petraeus's Affair Matters - TA opinion

The Siren and the Spook - NYT opinion

Petraeus’s Mysterious Fall - WP opinion

An Honorable Man’s Fatal Flaw - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Obama Considers Kerry for Job of Defense Secretary - WP

Concern Grows Over Top Military Officers’ Ethics - NYT

Chairman Looks at Changes to US Global Footprint - AFPS

A Son Lost in Iraq, But Where is the Casualty Report? - ST

New York Gets $9.5M From Firm Over Soldier Debt Fraud - AP


United States

Obama, Congress Face Budget Showdown - VOA

Deficit Cutters Set their Sights on Pentagon's Budget - AP

Obama’s Cabinet: Who’s In, Who’s Out? - WP

States Petition to Secede From Union - CBS

US Election: Unhappy Americans Ask to Secede from US - BBC

US to Be World’s Top Oil Producer in 5 Years, Report Says - NYT

US to Overtake Saudi Arabia in Oil Production - Reuters

US Re-elected to UN Human Rights Council Seat - AP

Washington Steps Back From Policing Indian Lands As Crime Rises - NYT

Obama Vows to Improve US Veterans' Access to Education, Benefits - VOA

Prospects Improve for US Immigration Reform - VOA

Rethinking the ‘Just War,’ Part 1 - NYT opinion

Rethinking the ‘Just War,’ Part 2 - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Radical Cleric Abu Qatada Wins Deportation Appeal - VOA

Abu Qatada Wins Appeal Against Deportation - AP

Vaz Urges Action Over Radical Cleric Qatada case - BBC

New IRA Faction Claims Northern Ireland Killing - AP

Scandal Sidelines More BBC Executives - WP

2 Executives Step Aside at BBC as Turmoil Deepens - NYT

New BBC Head Vows to 'Get a Grip' - BBC



Clinton Arrives in Australia for Defense Meetings - AP

Panetta Set to Visit Australia, Focus on Rotational Deployments - S&S

Australian Leader Orders National Inquiry Into Child Sex-Abuse Claims - WP



Heavy Casualties Reported in Ambush on Kenyan Police - VOA

Cattle Rustlers Kill Police Officers During Ambush in Kenya - NYT

More Kenyan Police Bodies Found - BBC

Sierra Leone Ritual Murder Fears Rise Ahead of Elections - VOA

Sierra Leone Leader Rebuts Corruption Charge Before Vote - Reuters

Guinea Promises to Continue Corruption Fight Despite Killing - VOA



New Strategies Needed in Drugs Fight: Mexico, Central America - Reuters

LatAm Leaders Call for Review of US Legal Pot Vote - AP

After Mexican Soldiers Become Outlaws - WP

25 Hurt in Colombia Attack Blamed on Rebels - AP

Former Lula Aide Jailed in Brazil - BBC

Former Brazilian Presidential Aide Gets 10 Years - NYT

Top Aide to Brazil's Lula Gets 10 Years for Corruption - Reuters

Brazil: 31 Dead Over Weekend in Sao Paulo - AP

Honduras: 5 Cops Allegedly Slain by Fellow Officer - AP

Argentina Seeks Ship Dispute Help - BBC

Nicaragua Begins Talks With IMF Over New Financial Aid Deal - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Panetta Heads to Asia, As Administration Makes Strategic ‘Pivot’ - WP

Panetta’s Asia-Pacific Trip Seeks to Broaden Rebalance - AFPS

Dempsey Confers With Crucial Pacific Allies - AFPS

China Discusses Leadership Transition Online - VOA

Signs of Wrangling in China Over Top Military Post - NYT

China Warns Dalai Lama on Tibet - BBC

China Slams Dalai Lama; Tibetans Self-Immolate - AP

Dalai Lama Wants Thorough Probe Into Tibet Deaths - AP

2 More Tibetans Dead After Fiery Anti-China Protests - VOA

China: Beijing’s Velvet-Glove Security Force - WP

‘Social Risk’ Test Ordered By China for Big Projects - NYT

Satellite Imagery Shows N. Korea Missile Activity - AP

N. Korea Has Better Harvest But Faces Shortages - AP

UN Peacekeepers on Track to Leave East Timor - AP



European Austerity Protests Far From Revolution - Reuters

Putin Suggests Some Flexibility on Russia’s Anti-Dissent Laws - Reuters

Ukraine Opposition Warns Yanukovich, Vows to Free Tymoshenko - Reuters

Lenders View Greece's Austerity Favorably - VOA

Greece to Get 2 More Years but Delay to Bailout - AP

Greece's Far-Right Party Goes on the Offensive - Reuters

Dutch Coalition Revamps Unpopular Austerity Plan - AP

Dozens Arrested in Croatia Anti-Corruption Sweep - AP

Angry Turkish Secularists Plant Their Flag at Trial - NYT


South Asia

Afghanistan’s Karzai to Push for Investments During India Visit - VOA

Pakistan Accuses Afghans of Killing Civilians - AP

Burmese Pro Democracy Icon to Visit India - VOA

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Begins Visit to India - BBC