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12 November SWJ Roundup

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Karzai Holds Crucial India Talks - BBC

Karzai in India to Woo Investment in Afghanistan - AP

After Cuts, Will Afghans Become Willing Recruits for Insurgency? - S&S

Resilient Afghan Governor Frets About Budget, Not Bombs - Reuters

NATO Soldier, Afghans Civilians Killed in Separate Attacks - VOA

Afghan and Briton Are Killed in Attack - NYT

Gunman in Afghan Uniform Kills British Soldier - AP

Soldier’s Defense Questions Lone Gunman Claim - NYT



Israel Fires into Syria, Violence Also Flares on Gaza Border - VOA

Israel Fires Into Syria After Shell Hits Post - NYT

IDF Fires Warning Shot Into Syria After Shelling - JP

Israel Fires at Syria After Stray Mortar Strikes Army Post - WP

Israel Drawn Into Syria Fighting For First Time - AP

Israel Fires Warning Shots at Syria Over Golan Shelling - Reuters

Syrian Jet Bombs Area Near Turkish Border - AP

Moderate Syrian Cleric to Lead Opposition - VOA

Syria Cleric Moaz al-Khatib to Lead Opposition - BBC

With Eye on Aid, Syria Opposition Signs Unity Deal - NYT

Syrian Opposition Groups Strike Deal - WP


Middle East / North Africa

US Fears Hezbollah Operative Held in Iraq May Go Free - NYT

Israel Fires into Syria, Violence Also Flares on Gaza Border - VOA

Israel 'Prepared to Escalate' Over Gaza Violence - VOA

Iran Launches Air Drills in Country's East - Reuters

Acquitted Shi'ite Medics Face Uncertain Future in Bahrain - VOA

Abu Qatada Deportation to Jordan Ruling Awaited - BBC

Yemen's Main Oil Export Pipeline Shut After Bombings - Reuters

Tunisia Battles Over Pulpits, and Revolt’s Legacy - NYT

Egypt to Probe Former Army Head, Officials Over Court Budget - Reuters

Egypt 'Baby Trafficking Ring' Broken Up in Cairo - BBC


General Petraeus

FBI Scrutinized on Petraeus - WSJ

Petraeus Probe Draws Scrutiny From Lawmakers - WP

Congress’ Questions for Petraeus Will Have to Wait - WT

Congress Wants Answers on FBI's Petraeus Investigation - AP

Congress Received No Advance Notice - WP

Officials Say FBI Knew of Petraeus Affair in the Summer - NYT

E-mail Threats Triggered Probe - WP

Petraeus Email Link Woman Named - BBC

Did Petraeus Stumble in Unfamiliar Terrain? - WP

General David Petraeus: A Huge Loss for US - BBC

Petraeus Helped Lead Fight Against Global Terrorism - USAT

A Look Back at Petraeus’s Career - WP

Petraeus’s Wife a Family Advocate - WP


US Department of Defense

Marine Corps Ads Target Women, Minorities to Join as Officers - S&S

Questioning the Brass - NYT opinion


United States

On Veterans Day, an Emotional Gathering of Vietnam Veterans - S&S

Obama Honors Sacrifice Made by Nation's Veterans - AP

Tricking the TSA - WP editorial

The Foreign Policy Agenda - NYT editorial

Foreign Policy Red Flags - WP opinion


United Kingdom

'Radical Overhaul Beeded' at BBC - BBC

BBC Chairman Says Network Needs Radical Overhaul - NYT

Crisis-hit BBC Searches for New Chief - WP



West African Allies Call for International Forces in Mali - VOA

African Leaders Agree to Send Troops to Mali - AFP

West Africa Bloc ECOWAS Agrees to Deploy Troops to Mali - BBC

Uganda Parliament to Probe Alleged Government Graft - VOA

Guinean Government to Investigate Killing of Treasury Official - VOA

Portuguese Head to Former African Colony - WP



Paraguay Seizes Huge Cocaine Haul - BBC

Another Earthquake Hits Guatemala - BBC

Say No to Venezuela - WP editorial


Asia / Pacific

Dempsey Says He’s Listened, Learned During Korea Visit - AFPS

Joint Chiefs Chairman Visits Korea’s Demilitarized Zone - AFPS

Japan Economy Contracts Amid Slowdown - BBC

US Navy, Japanese City Set Up Direct Emergency Hotline - S&S

China, at Party Congress, Lauds Its Cultural Advances - NYT

Chinese Media: Tibetan Dies in Self-Immolation - VOA

Burma Quake Kills About 12, Collapses Bridge - VOA



Greek Lawmakers Back Fresh Cuts - BBC

Wave of Evictions Leads to Homeless Crisis in Spain - NYT

Violence Erupts at Polish march - BBC


South Asia

Afghanistan’s Karzai Holds Crucial India Talks - BBC

Karzai in India to Woo Investment in Afghanistan - AP

Pakistani Officials Consider Options for Filtering YouTube - WP

The New Pakistani ‘Gangsters’: Lawyers - WP

Sri Lanka Opposition Calls Prison Deaths Massacre - AP