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11 November SWJ Roundup

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General David Petraeus

FBI Said to Have Stumbled Into News of Petraeus Affair - NYT

Officials: Threats Sparked FBI Probe of Petraeus - WP

FBI Investigation of Threatening Emails Revealed Petraeus Affair - LAT

FBI Probed Woman Linked to Petraeus - WSJ

Gmail Probe Led FBI to CIA Chief David Petraeus's Affair - BBC

FBI Whistle-Blower Contacted Cantor on Petraeus Affair - Politico

Rep. Peter King: Petraeus "Absolutely Necessary Witness" - RCP

Congress: Sooner or Later, Petraeus Must Answer Questions on Benghazi - WT

Morell to Testify Instead of Petraeus on Benghazi - Politico

With Paula Broadwell, Petraeus Let His Guard Down - WP

A Brilliant Career With a Meteoric Rise and an Abrupt Fall - NYT

Paula Broadwell: Petraeus' Biographer a Military Reservist, Scholar  - AP

Petraeus Relationship Leads to Book, Scandal for Broadwell - Reuters

With Digital Trail, an End to the Hushed Affair - NYT

Petraeus's Surprising Departure - TE editorial

Petraeus Let Down His Country as Well as His Family - NYDN editorial

How Petraeus Changed the US Military - CNN opinion

Why Petraeus’s Gmail Threatens National Security - WP opinion

Let's Be Grateful to Petraeus, Remember His Outstanding Service - Fox opinion

The Thoughtful, Superfit 'Warrior Monk' Who Helped Fix Iraq - TT opinion

When Should Sex Cost Public Officials Their Jobs? - LAT opinion

When a CIA Director Had Scores of Affairs - NYT

Ralph Peters On Petraeus: "Timing Is Just Too Perfect" - RCP opinion



US Faces Challenges in Building Counterterrorism Unit in Libya - WP

DOD Releases Detailed Timeline for Benghazi Response - AFPS

Pentagon Releases Benghazi Timeline - VOA

Pentagon Explains Benghazi Response - WP

Pentagon Releases Timeline of Benghazi Attack - WT

Morell to Testify Instead of Petraeus on Benghazi - Politico

Rep. Peter King: Petraeus "Absolutely Necessary Witness" - RCP

Congress: Sooner or Later, Petraeus Must Answer Questions on Benghazi - WT

International Prosecutor Probes New Cases in Libya - AP

Obama Will be Held Accountable for Libya Disaster - WT opinion



Soldier's Insider Attack Story is Part of Training - AP

At Soldier’s Hearing, Grisly Descriptions of Chaos and Horror - NYT

Victims Testify About Details of Afghan Massacre - AP

Pakistan Urges All Afghan Insurgents to Pursue Peace - Reuters

Artist, Admired Around the World, Yearns for Acceptance at Home - NYT



Twin Bombings Kill Syrian Forces, Opposition Seeks Unity - VOA

Suicide Blasts in Syria Kill at Least 20 Troops - AP

Syria Opposition Seeks Consensus - BBC

Syrian Group Fights Effort to Unify Foes of Government - NYT

Syrian Opposition Debates Forming US-Backed Assembly - Reuters

Syria's Opposition Urges West to Send Rebels Arms - AP


Israel / Palestinians

After Attack, Israeli Shells Kill 4 in Gaza - WP

Violence Surges on Israeli-Gaza Border - NYT

Dead and Injured in Gaza Flare-Up - BBC

Israeli PM: Ready to Strike Back Harder in Gaza - AP

Israel Says Ready to Escalate as Hamas Joins Gaza Clashes - Reuters

Israel Says to Close Cash Tap if Palestinians Seek UN Statehood - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Mideast Nuke Talks Called Off - AP

Arab Spring Economies to Recover Slowly in 2013 - Reuters

US Weighs Broader Nuke Deal with Iran - AP

Iran to Probe Alleged Death of a Jailed Blogger - AP

Iraq Rethinks Russian Arms Deal - VOA

Iraq Cancels Russian Arms Deal - BBC

Iraq Reconsiders $4 billion Russian Arms Plans - AP

Jordan's ex-Spy Chief Sentenced - BBC

Jordan Sentences Ex-Intelligence Chief to Jail - AP

Yemen Tribal Leader Held Under House Arrest Over AQ Ties - Reuters

Women Fight to Define the Arab Spring - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Missing Records Complicate Benefit Claims by Iraq, Afghanistan Vets - S&S

Submarine Vets Call for USS Scorpion Investigation - USAT


United States

Across US, Veterans Day Commemorations Under Way - AP

Hundreds of Vets Lend a Hand in Sandy Relief - S&S

Doctors Taking a Closer Look at Crime by Veterans - PPG

Texas Chase and Shooting by Officers Under Inquiry - NYT

America Still Honors Her Heroes - WT opinion


United Kingdom

UK to Remember Fallen Soldiers - BBC

'Betrayal' of Jailed SAS War Hero - TT

Top Spy Chiefs to be Quizzed in Public - TT

BBC Boss George Entwistle Resigns - BBC

BBC Director Quits in Furor Over Coverage of Sexual Abuse - NYT

BBC Director Resigns After Wrongly Implicating Politician in Sex Scandal - AP



Algerian Official Warns Against Mali Intervention - AP

As Coal Boosts Mozambique, the Rural Poor Are Left Behind - NYT

Three Police Shot Dead in Nigeria - BBC

Rebels in Sudan's Darfur Claim to Capture Tank in Battle - Reuters

Kenya Introduces Biometrics for Voter Registration - VOA

Kenya Police Die in Bandit Attack - BBC

Guinea Treasury Chief Assassinated - AP

Central Africa Republic President 'Orders Son’s Arrest' - BBC



Wave of Violence Sweeps Brazil's Biggest City - AP

Ecuador President to Seek Reelection - BBC

Ecuador's President Makes Re-election Bid Official - AP

Stagnant US Exports to Cuba Belie Fair's Optimism - AP

Wife of American Jailed in Cuba Pins Hopes on Obama's Re-election - Reuters

US Economic Recovery Could Come From Latin America - WT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Words and Deeds Show Focus of the US Military on Asia - NYT

China Leadership Transition Formally Edges Forward - AP

China Turns Corner on Economy as Party Chooses New Leaders - Reuters

New Hope for Reformers in China? - WP

Communist Party in China Digs In Amid Call for Reform - NYT

Cautious Enforcer to Be China's Next Premier - AP

China's Ex-President Overshadows Party Congress, Transition - Reuters

Chinese Official Reaffirms ‘Rebalancing’ of Economy - NYT

For China’s Next First Lady, a Lowered Profile - WP

China Says 18-Year-Old Tibetan Self-Immolates - AP

Japan Likely to Embrace Free Trade Pact - NYT

Burma Hit by Strong Earthquake - BBC

Strong Quake Strikes Burma, Killing at Least 5 - AP

Red China’s Iron Grip on Power - WT opinion



EU: Funding Crisis as Talks Collapse - TT

Opinion Poll Shows Greek Opposition Pulling Ahead - Reuters

Computer Expert Convicted in Vatican Leaks Case - NYT

EU Member Slovenia Holds Presidential Election - AP


South Asia

Pakistanis Honor School Girl Shot by Taliban - VOA

27 Killed in Sri Lanka Prison Riot - VOA

27 Inmates Killed in Sri Lanka Prison Shootout - AP

Sri Lanka Opposition Wants Probe Into Prison Clash - AP