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10 November SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Guards Testify About Night of Massacre - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Britain Pushing Harder for International Resolution in Syria - VOA

US May Begin Broader Push for Syria Resolution - VOA

US Donates $34 Million to UN Plan to Help Syria - AP

New Syria Opposition Chief Wants No-Strings Aid - AP

Syrian Opposition Remains at Odds - WP

Deraa Bombings 'Kill at Least 20 Soldiers' - BBC

Group: Syria Blasts Kill, Wound Dozens of Troops - AP

One Day: 11,000 Flee as War and Hardship Worsen - NYT

Syria’s Opposition Has Already Won - WP opinion



IAEA to Resume Nuclear Talks with Iran - VOA

Iran Implicitly Confirms Attack on US Drone - VOA

Questions Linger about Iranian Blogger's Death - VOA



Pentagon: Troops Meant for Benghazi Response Would Have Been Late - WP

Pentagon Timeline Shows Military Response to Libya Attack - AP

US Officials Meet Potential Recruits for ‘New Special Operations Force’ - TP


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Cancels Russian Arms Deal - BBC

Pentagon Clears Sale of Lockheed Planes to Saudi Arabia - Reuters

Gaza: Palestinian Boy 'Killed by Israeli Gunfire' - BBC

Clashes Near Bahrain Shia Mosque - BBC

A Vague Role for Religion in Egyptian Draft Constitution - NYT

Egyptian Islamists Rally for Shariah Law - AP


General David Petraeus

Petraeus Resigns as CIA Chief Over Extramarital Affair - VOA

CIA Director Petraeus Resigns, Citing Affair - WP

Petraeus Quits; Evidence of Affair Was Found by FBI - NYT

CIA Director Petraeus Quits Over Extramarital Affair - TT

CIA Chief Petraeus Resigns Over Affair - WT

Petraeus Resigns CIA, Citing Affair; FBI Investigating - USAT

CIA Chief Petraeus Quits Over Affair - BBC

Petraeus's Legacy: Paving Way For Exit From Iraq - AP

The Storied Career of David H. Petraeus - WP

The Iraq Success Story That Propelled David Petraeus to the Top - WP

Woman Linked to Affair Is a Lifelong High Achiever - NYT

Highlights of Gen. David Petraeus' Career - AP

Resignation Letter to CIA Employees - WP

Petraeus's Bumpy Ride - WP opinion

Did Petraeus Have to Resign? - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Navy Tells its Leaders to Act After Alleged Okinawa Rape - AP


United States

Possible Post-David Petraeus CIA Picks - Politico

Clinton Praises Slain US Libya Ambassador - VOA

Obama, Republicans Lay Out Positions for Fiscal Negotiations - VOA

Puerto Rico Approves US Statehood Bid - VOA

Obama’s Foreign Tests - WP opinion



Uganda Efforts to Capture Warlord 'Destined to Fail' - VOA

Three Police Shot Dead in Nigeria - BBC

Nigerian Flood Victims at Risk of Waterborne Diseases - VOA

In Nigeria, Time Running Out for Kids Poisoned by Lead - VOA

UNHCR: Hepatitis E Epidemic Growing in S. Sudan - VOA

Zimbabwe MP Wants to Ease Strict Media Laws - VOA



Mexico Police Charged Over US Embassy Staff Shooting - BBC

More Die in Brazil Gang Violence - BBC

What the US Election Means for Cuba - WP


Asia / Pacific

Tibetan Protests Erupt in Western China - VOA

China’s State Enterprises Pledge to Push Forward With Reform - VOA

New Hope for Reformers in China? - WP

Dempsey Begins Trip to South Korea, Australia - AFPS

S. Korea Launches New Forum for Asia-Pacific Security Talks - DN

South Korea Finds Cracks in Nuclear Reactor - VOA



Talks for EU 2013 Budget Collapse - BBC

Russia's Putin Invites Obama to Moscow - VOA

Corruption Cases Go Forward in Russia - WP

Russia: Anti-Putin Protester Given Four-Year Prison Term - VOA

US Establishes Full-time Aviation Detachment in Poland - AFPS

First US Unit to be Continuously Stationed in Poland Activated - S&S

Turkish Military Helicopter Crash Kills 17 - BBC

Seventeen Turkish Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash - Reuters

Life in Prison Suite Doesn’t Agree With Norway’s Mass Killer - NYT


South Asia

Britain to Stop Aid to India - VOA

Indian Activist Enters Politics - WP

Father of Wounded Pakistani Girl Grateful for Global Support - VOA

Pakistan 'To Pay Cash To Poor To Send Kids To School - BBC

27 Inmates Killed in Sri Lanka Prison Shootout  - AP

Deadly Clashes at Sri Lanka Jail - BBC