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9 November SWJ Roundup

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Bombings Kill at Least 20 in Afghanistan as Attacks Escalate - NYT

No Breakthrough in Afghan Peace Efforts Before 2014 - Reuters

NATO: 2 International Troops Die in Afghanistan - AP

As ‘Insider Attacks’ Grow, So Does US-Afghanistan Divide - S&S

For Afghan Troops, Donkeys Are the New Helicopters - WP

Blood From at Least 4 People Found on Bales After Afghan Massacre - AP

Report: Energy-Drinking Troops Experience Sleepiness on the Job - Bloomberg

Air Force 1-Star in Afghanistan Reassigned Amid Probe - AFT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Plight of Afghan Women - WP opinion



US: Stronger Opposition Could Weaken Foreign Support for Assad - VOA

Missteps by Rebels Erode Their Support Among Syrians - NYT

Syria Opposition Seen Uniting After US, Qatari Push - Reuters

Syrian National Council Faces Unity Choice - BBC

Assad Vows to Remain in Syria - VOA

UN Warns of Escalating Humanitarian Need in Syria - AP

UN Says 11,000 Syrians Flee in Past 24 Hours - NYT

Twenty Syrian Security Personnel Killed in North - Reuters

Turkey Says No Official Request So Far for NATO Missiles - Reuters

Syria Rebels Take Turkish Border Town, Kurds Alarmed - Reuters

Errant Artillery Fire From Syria Hits Golan Heights Again - NYT



Iranians Attacked US Drone Over International Waters - AFPS

US Confirms Iran Fired on Drone - VOA

Iran Fired on Military Drone in First Such Attack, US Says - NYT

Iran Warplane Shoots at US Drone - WP

Iran Fires On, Misses Unarmed US Drone Over Persian Gulf - S&S

Iranian Jets 'Fired on US Drone' - BBC

Iran Lawmaker: US Drone Violated Airspace - AP

Iran, UN Nuclear Agency Plan December Talks - Reuters

Iran Bans `Luxury' Imports as Sanctions Bite - AP

Iranian Blogger Dies After Arrest - BBC           

Obama's Victory Vindicates Iran Policy - G&M opinion

Did CNN Bother Talking to Tehran? - TG opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Obama Win Stirs Israeli Worries Over PM's Romney Support - VOA

Israeli Leader Accused of Having Tilted to Romney - WP

Israel: Tunnel Explodes on Gaza Border - AP

Child Rapes, Killings Terrify Parents in Iraq - AP

Iraq's Ousted Bank Chief Professes His Innocence - AP

Bahrain Security Boosted Around Opposition Mosque - AP

Bahrain Uses Teargas to Disperse Shi'ites - Reuters

Egyptian Islamists Rally for Shariah Law - AP

Don't Exaggerate the Obama-Netanyahu Feud - JP editorial

Will Obama Impose a Peace Plan on Israel? - Commentary opinion



Private Accused of Leaks Offers Partial Guilty Plea - NYT

Manning 'Offers Guilty Plea' in Wikileaks Case - BBC


US Department of Defense

The Next Sec Def: Will Obama Choose Change or Stability? - S&S

Quadruple the Marine Corps Amphibious Forces? Yes, Say Commanders - FP

Pentagon Provides Storm Response Update - AFPS

US Admiral Cleared of Misconduct in Pentagon Probe - AP

Fort Bragg Hearing Focuses on General's Travel, Relationships - FO

SEALs Reprimanded for Consulting on 'Medal of Honor' Game - AP

SEAL Team Six Members Punished Over Video Game - BBC

Army Brings Back PT Test for Career Advancement Course Entrance - S&S

Soldiers Smuggled Spice Through Korean, US Military Postal Systems - S&S


United States

Obama's First Foreign Policy Challenge: Replacing Hillary Clinton - McClatchy

Attorney General Holder Unsure Whether He’ll Stay - WP

The US 'Fiscal Cliff' Explained - VOA

Cybersecurity Involves Federal, Industry Partners, Allies - AFPS

New York City Mayor Bloomberg Imposes Post-Sandy Fuel Ration - BBC

We (US Military Veterans) Aren’t Victims - BR opinion

Benghazi Battle Just Beginning for Obama - WT opinion



Heads of State Gather in Bali to Discuss Global Democracy - VOA



Political, Military Insecurity Deepen Mali Humanitarian Crisis - VOA

Mali Arrests French Radical 'For Islamist Ties' - BBC

France Tries to ID Suspect Jihadist Held in Mali - AP

Sudan rebels 'Down' Khartoum Jet - BBC

South Sudan Women Choose Family Planning, Longer Lives - VOA

Group: US Troops Should Actively Hunt for Kony in Central Africa - AP

Civil Societies in Zimbabwe Fear Pre-Election Crackdown  - VOA

Gunmen Kill 3 Policemen, Steal Weapons in Northeast Nigeria - Reuters

Thousands Mourn Church Bomb Victims in Nigeria - VOA

Chinese Workers Killed in Nigeria - BBC

Nobel Laureate Soyinka: Nigeria 'at War' With Sect - NYT

Somalia's Al Shabaab, Squeezed in South, Move to Puntland - Reuters

Zambia Cracks Down on Harassing Journalists - VOA

UK’s Mitchell Denies 'Rogue' Action Over Rwanda Aid - BBC

Ghana Shopping Center Collapse: Negligence Blamed - BBC



Mexico Charges 14 Federal Police Over Attack on US Officers - Reuters

US States’ New Marijuana Laws Upset Mexico - WP

Colombian 'Drug Lord' Captured in Venezuela - BBC

Ten Colombian Farm Workers Killed 'By Extortion Gang' - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez to Obama: Forget Global Wars, Fix Domestic Woes - Reuters

Student Killed Amid Protest in Dominican Republic - NYT

Thousands Join Argentina Protest - BBC

Argentine Anti-Government Protesters Flood Streets - AP

EU-LatAm Banana War Ends After 20 Years - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Panetta Aims to Fortify Alliances on Asia-Pacific Tour - AFPS

Locklear, Regional Military Leaders Seek Closer Cooperation - AFPS

US Restarts Efforts to Move Okinawa Marines to Guam - S&S

China's Hu Issues Warning About Corruption - VOA

China’s Leader Offers Praise for the Status Quo - NYT

Bo Xilai's Successor Says He Doesn't Know Timing of Trial - VOA

More Tibetans Self-Immolate as China's Party Congress Opens  - VOA

Tibetans Greet China's Leaders With Protest - AP

China Says No to Foreign Rights Monitors for Tibet - Reuters

Japan Seeks Tighter Pact With US to Confront China - NYT

S. Korean Presidential Frontrunner Willing to Meet North's Leader - VOA

Obama to Visit Burma, Cambodia, Thailand - AP

Obama to Make Historic Burma Visit - VOA

Obama to Make Historic Burma Trip - BBC



Hertling Leaves USAREUR Without Fanfare, Retires - S&S

Russia: Putin Presses Overhaul of Top Military Leaders - NYT

Russia; Putin Reshuffles Top Russian Military Officers - AP

Russia Sacks Armed Forces Chief - BBC

Russia Hopes for US Flexibility on Missile Defense Plan - VOA

Russia Hopes for US Flexibility on Missile Shield - AP

Russian Police: Politkovskaya Killed for Reporting - AP

Ukraine’s Ultranationalists Show Surprising Strength at Polls - NYT

US Stations First Permanent Military Unit in Poland - Reuters

10 US Troops Start Mission to Poland - AP

German Woman Charged in Neo-Nazi Crime Rampage - NYT

Germany Says Quick Greek Aid Unlikely - VOA

Defections Shake Greek Coalition - NYT

Balkan Asylum Seekers Come Under Suspicion - AP

Norwegian Mass Killer Complains of Prison Conditions - AP

Greece Drinks the Hemlock - NYT opinion

Germany's Infantile Crush on Obama - DS opinion


South Asia

UK to End Aid Support to India By 2015 - BBC

UK to End Aid Spending in India by 2015 - AP

Pakistan: Tens of Thousands Sign Malala Petition - BBC

Sri Lanka’s Parliament Tries to Impeach Chief Justice - NYT

Sri Lanka Promises Elections for Former War Zone - AP

Clash Erupts at Sri Lankan Prison - AP