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8 November SWJ Roundup

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Afghans Reflect on Obama Win - VOA

A Weary Afghanistan Sighs at Obama’s Second Term - WP

Afghans Have Mixed Reaction to US Election - S&S

US Soldier in Afghan Rampage Had “No Sign of PTSD” - Reuters

Agent Recounts Livid Reaction to Afghan Massacre - AP

UK Marines Accused of Murder Granted Anonymity - AP

Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Troops in Laghman - BBC

Insurgents Kill 8 Afghan Police, Soldiers - AP

4 Members of Afghan Police Are Found Guilty in Rape - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Obama Re-Election Signals New Phase in Syria War - AP

Britain: Obama Victory An Opportunity For Syria - AP

Britain Opens Direct Talks With Syrian Opposition - VOA

Britain Urges Rethink on How to End Syria Conflict - Reuters

Syrian Opposition Elects New Leaders - WP

Syrian Opposition Unity Plan Runs Into Resistance - Reuters

Women Shut Out of Syria's Opposition Leadership - AP

Syrian Rebels Target Assad Palace Near Capital - VOA

Syria Government Strongholds Hit - BBC

At Least 130 Dead in Syria Fighting - VOA

Syrian Rebels Kill 10 Pro-Assad Palestinian Militiamen - Reuters

Turkey Considers Deploying Missiles Near Syria - NYT

Turkey to Request NATO Missile Defense on Syria Border - Reuters

Turkey Searches Armenian Plane en Route to Syria - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Obama Faces New Mideast Challenges in Second Term - LAT

Israel’s Netanyahu Rushes to Repair Damage - NYT

Israeli Leader in Bind After Obama Victory - AP

Israel Jails Palestinian Activist - BBC

Iranian Report Gives Credence to Negotiations With World Powers - WP

Iran's Ahmadinejad Attends Democracy Forum - AP

Car Bomb Attacks Kill 3 People in Iraq - AP

In Crackdown, Bahrain Revokes Citizenship of 31 Men - NYT

Yemen Security Official Assassinated in Capital - AP

Libya Ex-Leader Faces Murder Inquiry - BBC

Obama's Win Means Israel Must Dig In - IH opinion

Bahrain's Going Down in Flames - FP opinion


US Department of Defense

What Obama's Re-Election Means for the Military, Veterans - S&S

Lawyer Cites Civilian Decision to Seek Dismissal of Gitmo Tribunal - MH

‘Grand Old Man’ Mentors Young Marines - AFPS

For Navy SEALs, Biggest Threat May Be Hollywood - Newsweek

Pentagon Officials Provide Storm Response Update - AFPS

Presidential Inaugural Support Remains Vital Military Mission - AFPS

DOD Issues Request for New Mobility Applications, Devices - AFPS

Manning Indicates Might Accept Responsibility for WikiLeaks - Dissenter

Linguist Working for Navy Charged Under Espionage Act - AP

Female Officers Say 1-Star Asked for Nude Pics - AT

Female Officers Sent Nude Photos to General - AP

Obama's New Pentagon Roster Uncertain - FP opinion


United States

An Array of Relationships for Obama to Strengthen and Redefine - NYT

Abroad, Obama’s Victory Brings Demands for Attention - NYT

Obama Faces Immediate Spending, Tax Issues - VOA

Back to Work, Obama Is Met by a Looming Fiscal Crisis - NYT

Obama Faces Tough Foreign Challenges - WP

Obama Faces Washington Challenge - BBC

After Obama Win, US Backs New UN Arms Treaty Talks - Reuters

Iraq, Afghan War Veterans Made Strong Showing in Election - S&S

Boeing Shakes Up Shrinking Defense Business - AP

President Proclaims Nov. 11 as Veterans Day - AFPS

New Storm to Strike Areas Hard Hit by Hurricane Sandy - VOA

Appeals Court Rejects Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld - Reuters

California Man Behind Anti-Muslim Movie Sentenced To Prison - VOA

US Anti-Islam Filmmaker Jailed - BBC

Time to Take on ‘the Warfare State’ - WP opinion

Did Foreign Policy Matter in 2012? - FP opinion

The Elections, Gridlock and Foreign Policy - Stratfor opinion

Can Obama Give Us Confidence? - NYT opinion

Obama’s Time to be Bold - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Plan to Boost Army Reserves' Role - BBC

Cameron and Merkel Talks 'Warm' - BBC



Africa Seeks Deeper Relations with Obama after Election Victory - VOA

Uganda Demands UN Retract Congo Accusation - VOA

Blast Rocks Somali Parliament - VOA



Argentines Prepare for Huge Anti-Government March - AP

Argentina 'Freezes Chevron Money' - BBC

Dozens Killed in Guatemala Earthquake - NYT

Dozens Killed in Guatemala Quake - BBC

Guatemalans Huddle in Streets After Deadly Quake - AP


Asia / Pacific

Asia Welcomes Obama Re-Election - VOA

Asia Stocks Sink as US Faces Fiscal Crunch - AP

China Congratulates Obama on Election Victory - VOA

Warm Words From China, With a Subtext of Warning - NYT

In China, a Once-a-Decade Power Shift - WP

Opening Meeting, China’s President Warns of Risks - NYT

China Starts Leadership Transfer - BBC

Ex-Leader of China Asserts Sway Over Top Posts - NYT

China's Hu Urges Firm Party Control, Curb on Graft - AP

China's Hu: Graft Threatens State, Party Must Stay in Charge - Reuters

China's Hu Promises Economic Reforms, Higher Incomes - Reuters

China's Premier-In-Waiting Schooled in Free Thought - Reuters

Pentagon Challenges Chinese Monopoly on Rare Earths - Bloomberg

China Submarines to Soon Carry Nukes, Draft US Report Says - Reuters

China's Hu Issues Warning About Corruption - VOA

China: Four Tibetans Set Themselves on Fire - BBC

China: 4 Tibetans Self-Immolate on Same Day - AP

Japan Utility Seeks More Funds for Nuclear Crisis - AP

Burma Says Obama Will Visit Later This Month - AP

Laos Pushes for Massive Dam Despite Criticism - VOA

Laos Breaks Ground for Controversial Mekong Dam - NYT

Is There an Arms Race in Asia? - WPR opinion



Obama Victory Brings Europe a Sense of Continuity and Relief - NYT

Ex-Communist Nations Nudge Obama Amid Feelings of Neglect - VOA

Russian Court Keeps Activist in Custody - VOA

Russia Hopes for US Flexibility on Missile Shield - AP

Ally of Former Georgian Leader Faces Criminal Charges - NYT

New Georgia Government Detains Army General, Ex-Minister - Reuters

Georgia Arrests 'Abuse' Minister - BBC

Fragile Coalition in Greece Narrowly Backs Austerity - NYT

Greek Lawmakers Pass Crucial Austerity Bill By Narrow Vote - AP

Greece MPs Back Austerity Cuts - BBC

Turkish Government Seeks End to 8-Week Hunger Strike - VOA

Russia Reset Has Run Out of Gas - MT opinion


South Asia

India's Governing Party Shows Spine for a Change - IHT

Pakistanis Expect Ties with US to Remain Tense After Obama Win - LAT

Obama Victory Infuriates Pakistani Drone Victims - Reuters

Pakistan's Minority Hindus Feel Under Attack - AP

Truck Bomb Rocks Pakistan's Largest City, Kills 1 - AP

Suicide Attack on Base in Pakistan's Biggest City Kills 1 - Reuters