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6 November SWJ Roundup

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With Election Day Set, Many Afghans Doubt Vote Will Be Fair - S&S

US Soldier Faces Hearing in Afghan Massacre - VOA

Pretrial Hearing Starts for Soldier Accused of Murdering 16 Civilians - NYT

US Soldier Showed No Remorse After Massacre, Fellow Soldier Says - WP

Prosecutor: Staff Sgt. Bales Had Blood of Massacre Victims On Him - AP

US Soldier in Court Over Massacre - BBC

IED Kills 3 Reservists in Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

US Fingerprints on Afghan Corruption - WP opinion



Observatory: Suicide Car Bomb Kills 50 Syrian Troops - VOA

Bomb Kills at Least 50 Syrian Troops - AP

Deadly Car Bombings Rock Syria - BBC

Syrian Chaos Deepens as Rebel Rivals Fight at Border Crossing - AP

Iraqi Kurdish President Warns Syrian Kurds Over Infighting - Reuters

International Military Intervention in Syria Remains Unlikely - VOA

Peace Envoy Fears Somalia Fate for Syria - Reuters

Libya Helps Bankroll Syrian Opposition - WP

Gunmen in Damascus Kill Brother of Parliament Speaker - NYT

Gunmen Kill Brother of Syrian Parliament Speaker - AP

Syria Shutters Hamas Offices in Break With Group - AP

Russian Foreign Minister Meets Syrian Defector - AP

Syrian Guns 'Hit Israeli Patrol' - BBC



Netanyahu Says He’d Go It Alone on Striking Iran - NYT

From Sudan to Cyber, Secret War With Iran Heats Up - Reuters

UN: Iran Not Cooperating on Nuclear Weapons Probe - AP

Iran’s Surprise Success: Tourism - WP

Iran's Fake Anger - TC opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Clears Sale of Missile Defense System to UAE, Qatar - Reuters

US Election Results Could Influence Israel's Parliamentary Vote - VOA

Israel Issues Housing Tenders in East Jerusalem - AP

Israel Advances Plans for 1,213 New West Bank Settlement Homes - Reuters

Turkey Tries ex-Israeli Commanders Over Mavi Marmara Raid - BBC

Turkish Court Tries Israelis in Gaza Flotilla Case - AP

Blair: Iraq's Economy Growing Since Saddam Ousted - AP

Bomb Near Military Base Kills at Least 10 in Iraq - AP

Death Toll From Suicide Bombing Near Baghdad Rises to 27 - Reuters

New Saudi Interior Minister Named - BBC

2 Killed in Bahrain Blasts - VOA

Bombs in Bahrain’s Capital Kill 2 Foreigners - NYT

US Military Delegation Visits Egypt's Troubled Sinai - AP

Egypt: Harassers of Women in Cairo Now Face Wrath of Vigilantes - NYT

New Coptic Pope Says Egypt's Constitution Must Be Inclusive - Reuters

Five Wounded as Rival Militias Battle in Libya - Reuters

Sunni Islamism Replaces Arab Nationalism - JP opinion

Obama's Libya Intervention Is a Failure - NI opinion

Mahmoud Abbas: Terrorist or Scapegoat? - TA opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Official Describes Sequestration’s ‘Devastating’ Impact - AFPS

USN Chief: Partners Needed for Missile Patrols - DN

Fort Hood Shooting Victims Sue Government - AP

Prosecutors Allege Five Women Involved in BG Sinclair Case - FO

DOD Provides Hurricane Sandy Response Update - AFPS

Transcom Transforms for Changing Global Requirements - AFPS


United States

Presidential Race Tight on Eve of Election- VOA

Washington Area Contractors Planning for Sequestration Delay - WP

NYC Officials Rush to House Sandy Victims - VOA

Veterans of Recent Wars Running for Office in Record Numbers  - S&S

Pakistani Scientist Loses Appeal on Shooting Conviction - Reuters

3 Ways Obama, Romney Are Same on Foreign Policy - USN&WP opinion

A Romney-Ryan Foreign Policy - NR opinion

Flip-Flopping on Foreign Policy Is a Virtue - FP opinion



Climate Change Could Alter Eating Habits - VOA

World Stocks Mixed Before US Vote, China Congress - AP



ECOWAS to Explore Dual Strategy Against Mali Militants - VOA

Minister: Important Steps Made in Mali Talks - AP

Rights Groups: No Justice on South Sudan's Death Row - VOA

South Sudan Expels UN Rights Officer - NYT

Senior US Diplomat Sees Hope in Somalia - VOA

State Dept. Official Visits Somalia Amid Signs of Recovery - NYT

US Expects Ugandan Peacekeepers to Stay in Somalia - Reuters

Female Foreign Minister for Somalia - BBC

Rwandans Kill DR Congo soldier - BBC

Mass Arrests in Nigeria Over Biafra Protest - BBC

Marikana Mine Killings: South African Police 'Planted Weapons' - BBC

Johannesburg Jail Van Blast: South African Officer Held - BBC

Ethiopia Presents New Islamic Council - VOA

Rainy Season Ravages Nigeria - VOA



Colombia: Dutch Rebel Arrives in Havana for Peace Talks - AP

French, Brazilian Defense Ministers Discuss Planes - AP

Nicaragua Sandinistas Widen Local Control with Poll Wins - BBC

Sandinistas Win Most Municipal Races in Nicaragua - AP

Presidential Hopefuls Exit in Chile Cabinet Shuffle - Reuters

Haiti Appeals for Emergency Aid - BBC


Asia / Pacific

China Relentlessly Harries Japan in Island Dispute - AP

As China Awaits New Leadership, Liberals Look Provincial Party Chief - NYT

China’s President Seeks Influence Long After He Leaves Power - WP

China Ramps Up Congress Security - BBC

China Rebuffs UN for Criticizing Tibet Unrest - VOA

China: Death Penalty Over Mekong Murders - BBC

China Sentences 4 Mekong Smugglers to Death - AP

Dead China Briton 'Had Spy Links' - BBC

Taiwan to Buy 2 Frigates From US - DN

US: Recent Upgrades in S. Korea Bot Preparations for War - S&S

S. Korean Fighter Jets to Fly Nonstop to Alaska Drill - TC

South Korea Extends Nuclear Probe, Risks Power Shortfall - Reuters

US and Japan Begin Huge Military Drill, Minus Key Part - NYT

Japan: Okinawans to Get Access to US Bases Furing Emergencies - S&S

Philippines Muslim Rebel Chief Pursuing Peace After Decades of War - VOA

Gunmen Free Filipino Mayor From 7 Months in Jungle - AP

Charity Says Threats Foil Medical Aid in Burma - NYT

New Leadership in China - WP editorial

How Important Is China's Power Shuffle? - TT opinion



Leaders Assess European Economies During Asia-Europe Summit - VOA

Europeans Losing Faith in Their Parliament - NYT

Russia: Putin Dismisses Defense Minister - BBC

Putin Dismisses Russian Defense Minister After Scandal - Reuters

Russia: Putin Fires Defense Minister in Wake of Scandal - AP

Ethnic Tension Drives Russian Crackdown on Rubber-Bullet Guns - NYT

Ukrainian Election Officials Call For Partial Vote Recount - VOA

Greece: More Austerity Despite Strikes, Dissent - NYT

Greece Braced for 48-hour Strike - BBC


South Asia

UN Imposes Sanctions on Pakistan-Based Haqqani Network - AP

Pakistan’s Haqqani Network Hit With UN Sanctions - Reuters

Top Pakistani Generals and Judges Trade Barbs - NYT

Canadian PM in India to Boost Economic Ties - AP

Sri Lanka Levels 14 Charges Against Chief Justice - AP