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5 November SWJ Roundup

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As NATO Nears Exit, Construction Dries Up - NYT

A Renegade Diplomat in Afghanistan - Newsweek

US Soldier Charged in Massacre of 16 Civilians to Appear in Court - WP

Italy Will Not Desert Afghanistan, Prime Minister Says - AP

Isle Guard Brings Aloha to Afghans - HSA



Syrian Opposition in Key Qatar Meeting to Unify Ranks - VOA

Syria’s Disparate Opposition Groups Open Talks on Forging United Front - NYT

Syria's Main Opposition Group Broadens Base - AP

Bomb Shakes Damascus, Opposition Holds Unity Talks - Reuters

Syrian Exiles Resist US Proposal - AP

Syrian Rebels Reportedly Capture Oil Field After 3-day Battle - AP

Syria Rebels 'Capture Key Oilfield' - BBC

Assad's Army Bombards Damascus After Rebel Attacks - Reuters

Red Cross Reaches Wounded in Syrian City Homs - AP

Japan to Host Int'l Talks on Wider Syria Sanctions - AP

Israeli Military Chief Tours Golan After Syrian Incursion - AP

Prominent Syrian-Born Palestinian Actor Killed - AP



Israeli Report Cites a Thwarted 2010 Move on Iran - NYT

Israel Almost Hit Iranian Nuclear Sites in 2010 - AP

TV: Israel Security Heads Halted Iran Attack Alert - AP

Netanyahu, Barak Clashed With Army Over Iran Attack - Reuters

Iran Claims Production of New Advanced Drone - AP


Libya US Consulate Attack

Behind Crisis in Benghazi, a Lack of Firepower - WT

After Benghazi, Muslims Attack Free Speech - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel’s Netanyahu Cool to Abbas’s Hint at Waiving ‘Right of Return’ - WP

Palestinian’s Remark, Seen as Concession, Stirs Uproar - NYT

Palestinian Leader Abbas Violates Taboo on Refugees - AP

Palestinians: Arafat's Remains to Be Exhumed Nov. 26 - AP

French President Visits Lebanon Amidst Turmoil - VOA

France Will Stand Against Instability in Lebanon - AP

Iraq Signs Gas Deal With Pakistani Company - AP

Two Saudi Border Guards Killed in Ambush in South - Reuters

Five Bomb Blasts Hit Bahrain Capital, Two Workers Killed - Reuters

Bahrain: 2 Killed in Bomb Blasts - AP

Clashes and Car Bombing Highlight Insecurity Across Libya - NYT

Libya: Gun Battles Erupt in Tripoli - WP

Blast Damages Libyan Police Station - VOA

Libya: Explosion at Benghazi Police Station Injures Three - Reuters

Tawadros Chosen as New Pope of Egypt's Coptic Christians - VOA

Egypt: Coptic Church Chooses Pope Who Rejects Political Role - NYT

New Pope Chosen for Egypt's Copts - BBC

Palestinians at the UN, Again - NYT editorial

Hamas Trying to Act Like a State - Time opinion

Silence on Bahrain - WP opinion

Sunni Islamism Replaces Arab Nationalism - JP opinion


US Department of Defense

Billions More Needed to Refurbish B61 Nuclear Bombs - AJ

USS Enterprise Completes Final Voyage - AP

Pentagon Pushed Email Voting Despite Security Concerns - McClatchy

Online Bidding Site Helps Rid Military of Surplus - S&S


United States

Obama, Romney Race to Close Election Finish - VOA

Fuel Shortage, Cold Weather Hamper US East Coast Recovery - VOA

TV Review: 'SEAL Team Six' Fails In Its Mission - LAT

Federal Response: Sandy Versus Katrina - NYT opinion

The Permanent Militarization of America - NYT opinion

Debunking Obama’s Terrorist Narrative - WT opinion

Inviting Criminals Across the Border - WT opinion

Big Government Intervention Not Needed for Natural Disasters - WT opinion


United Kingdom

British PM in Gulf Seeking to Boost Military Ties - AP

As Scandal Flared, BBC’s Leaders Missed Red Flags - NYT



Australia's Place in the 'Asian Century' - TD opinion



Officials at G-20 Meeting Warn About Debt in Europe and US - NYT

G-20 Officials Meet to Discuss Debt in Europe, US - AP

World Stocks Fall Ahead of Tight US Election - AP

Publishers Abroad Take On Google - NYT



Attack at Kenyan Church Causes Casualties - VOA

Deadly Church Attack Hits Kenya - BBC

South Sudan Expels UN Rights Officer - BBC

South Africa: Deputy President Urged to Challenge Zuma - AP

Female Foreign Minister for Somalia - BBC

Shaky Finances Rattle Nigeria's Airline Safety - Reuters



Zetas Cartel Occupies Mexico State of Coahuila - LAT

Mexican Officials Capture Key Lieutenant of Sinaloa Drug Cartel - LAT

Americans Ready to Risk Lives to Save Souls in Monterrey, Mexico - LAT


Asia / Pacific

China Party Endorses Expulsion in Scandal - NYT

China Relentlessly Harries Japan in Island Dispute - AP

China's Mission Impossible: a Date for Hu's Military Handover - Reuters

Activists Say Tibetan Artist Sets Himself on Fire in China - VOA

China Slams UN for Criticizing It on Tibet Unrest - AP

Dalai Lama Says Expects China Political Reform Under Xi - Reuters

US Election Fascinates Chinese; Some Envy Voters - AP

China's Next Leaders Might Curb Macau's Fortunes - AP

China Communist Party to Probe Wen Family Wealth - Reuters

Japan: Protests in Tokyo Against US Osprey Aircraft - AP

South Korea's Park Pledges Engagement With Pyongyang - Reuters

Military Discipline for 'Soldiers' on S. Korea Exam's Front Line - Reuters

Australia, Philippines to Augment Military Drills - AP

Communist Rebels Kill 4 Soldiers in Philippines - AP

Aung San Suu Kyi Refuses to Take Sides in Burma Ethnic Violence - VOA

EU Chief Offers New Aid to Burma - BBC

3 Cambodian Loggers Fatally Shot in Thailand - AP

Is China Better than US at Picking Leaders? - BBC opinion



Russia Fights Unrest on Skis - WP

Hundreds Rally in Protest Over 'Stolen' Ukraine Election - Reuters

Greek Unions Start 3 Days of Anti-Austerity Action - AP

Greece Makes Austerity Push, Workers Gear for Strike - Reuters

Swiss Banking Secrecy Under Assault - WP

1 Killed, 18 Wounded in Bomb Attack in Turkey - AP

Car Bomb 'Kills Child' in Turkey - BBC

Cyprus Remands Three for British Soldier Stabbing - Reuters

Russia: Putin and Stalin - WP opinion


South Asia

In Fractious Political Times, a Scion of India’s Dynasty Stays Quiet - NYT

India’s Ruling Party Tries to Regain Ground - AP

India's Congress Holds Mass Rally - BBC

Iraq Signs Gas Deal With Pakistani Company - AP

Pakistan Must Protect Girls' Schools - TG opinion