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4 November SWJ Roundup

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Hearing Set for Afghan Slayings Suspect Bales After Lengthy Wait - BH

Afghanistan's Shocking Invitation to the Taliban - GN editorial

Sunday Dialogue: Pakistan-Afghan Options - NYT readers’ debate



Head of Anti-Taliban Group Killed in Pakistan - VOA

Bombing Kills Taliban Enemy in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Bomb Kills Politician in Buner - BBC



Syria Opposition Meets in Qatar - BBC

Divided Syrian Opposition Faces Feuds Over Leaders - AP

Syrian Dissident Pushes to Unite Fragmented Opposition - Reuters

Syrian Activists: 6 People Died Each Hour of October - VOA

Syria Rebels Attack Key Base in Bid to Disrupt Airstrikes - NYT

Syrian Rebels Launch Major Assault on Northern Airbase - TT

Syrian Rebels Attack Air Base to Secure N.-S. Corridor - Reuters

Rebels 'Attack Key Airbase at Taftanaz' - BBC

Israel: Syria Tanks Enter Golan DMZ - AP

Syria Tests Turkish Leader - WP

Rebel Sniper Takes Inspiration From Film ‘Enemy at the Gates’ - TT

American Amateurism on Display in Syria - DS opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

Libya Attack Shows Pentagon’s Limits in Region - NYT

Pentagon: Libya Attack Over by Time Troops Arrived - AP

US Considered Moving Consulate Month Before Deadly Attack - DM

Papers Blast Obama Over Benghazi - WS

Benghazi's Smoking Gun - AC opinion

US Commandos Were Too Late to Stop Libya Attack - DR opinion

Devil’s bargain for Obama in Benghazi - WT opinion

What We Can Learn from Obama’s Benghazi Failure - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Claims Production of New Advanced Drone - AP

Iran's Parliament to Grill Ahmadinejad on Currency - AP

Ahmadinejad Backs Down in Row with Iran's Judiciary - TT

Hezbollah Under Fire, But Lebanon Hold is Tight - AP

France to Oppose Those Creating Instability in Lebanon - Reuters

Iraq's Sunni VP Receives 3rd Death Sentence  - AP

Israel President Welcomes Abbas' Refugee Remarks - AP

Israel's Peres Welcomes 'Courageous' Words From Abbas - Reuters

In Turbulent Bahrain, Calls for Change in US Policy - WP

Rights Activist Detained in Bahrain - AP

Sunday Protests Planned in Kuwait Despite Warning - Reuters

Jordan Court Postpones Verdict of Ex-Spy Chief - AP

Algeria Gains Crucial Help in Fight Against Al Qaeda - NYT

Israel's Barak Rejects Egypt Remark Made by Aide - AP

Gunmen Kill Three of Egypt's Security Forces in Sinai - BBC

Suspected Jihadis Kill 3 Police in Egypt's Sinai - AP

Activists Rally to End Prison Torture in Egypt - Reuters

Egypt's Coptic Church Prepares to Choose Pope - AP

Libya: Life Slowly Returns to Former Gaddafi Stronghold - Reuters

Libya: Explosion at Benghazi Police Station Injures Three - Reuters

Arab Spring? More Like a Hurricane - DS editorial

After Tyrants, the People Must Act - NYT opinion

Did Israel, US, Just Practice an Iran Strike? - TNR opinion


US Department of Defense

US Air Force Struggles With Aging Fleet - AP

Hearing to Reveal Details of Charges Against Army BG - FO

Former USAF IG Gets 1-Year Sentence, Dismissal for Sexual Assault - S&S

Navy Removes Ship's Command After Boozy Port Visit - AP

Tests of Wits and Mettle at Interrogation Training Ground - S&S

Iraq War Contractor Ordered to Pay $85M to Poisoned Soldiers - AP


United States

US Presidential Race Still Close as Candidates Make Final Push - VOA

Millions of Americans Vote Before Election Day - VOA

Man Behind FEMA’s Makeover Built Philosophy on Preparation - NYT

Eastern US Continues to Recover From 'Superstorm'  - VOA

Obama Addresses Storm Recovery - VOA

Obama Thanks First Responders, Agencies for Sandy Response - AFPS

Military Plays Key Role in Storm Relief Efforts - PI

Fake Boarding Passes Pose Safety Threat at Airports - WP

The Military’s Swift Path to Citizenship - NYT editorial

American Exceptionalism and Its Discontents - NR opinion

American Exceptionalism Is Arrogance - TNI opinion

Whoever Wins, Big Challenges Ahead for US - WPR opinion

Taking Sandy’s Threat Seriously - WP opinion

Deciding Where Future Disasters Will Strike - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Clinton Condemns N. Ireland Officer Killing - BBC



In S. Africa, Honeymoon is Over For Party That Ended Apartheid - WP

'Youths Executed' in Nigeria City - BBC

Nigerian Forces Raid Kidnappers' Hideout - VOA

Nigeria Security Forces Kill 13 in Raid on Kidnappers - Reuters

US Renews Sanctions, Sudan Criticizes Decision - Reuters

Sudan Blocks UN Force From Investigating Deaths - AP

Sudanese Rebels Deny Recruiting Child Soldiers - AP

Seven Hurt in Kenya Church Attack - BBC

Al-Qaida-Linked Mali Group in Burkina Faso for Talks - AP

Somalia Wants Ugandan Troops to Remain - Reuters

British-Somali Businessman's 2nd Restaurant Targeted - VOA

Bombers Attack Somali Restaurant - BBC

5 Kidnapped Aid Workers Freed in Niger, 1 Killed - VOA

Anger at Ghana Salary Increases - BBC

Military Intervention in Mali Looms - IT editorial



Mexico’s Drug Lords Take Advantage of US Transportation Network - WP

Cuba Accuses US of Helping Dissidents Access Internet - BBC

In Mexico, a Deadly Warning - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Close Army Ties of China’s New Leader Could Test the US - NYT

Chinese Patrol Ships Pressuring Japan Over Islands - NYT

China Clamps Down Ahead of Annual Congress - TT

Report: Another Tibetan Burns Himself in China Protest - AP

Joint Exercise Practices For Potential Conflict With N. Korea - S&S

Australia, Philippine Defense Chiefs to Discuss Military Drills - AP

Indonesia: Police Kill Terror Suspect in Raid - BBC

Indonesian Police Kill Alleged Militant in Raid - AP

EU Chief Offers New Aid to Burma - BBC

Europe Urges End to Burma Killings, Pledges Aid - Reuters

4 on Japan Nuclear Safety Team Took Utility Money - AP

In China, a Guessing Game - WP opinion

The US Isn't Ready for Asia Conflict - FP opinion



In Europe, Separatism On the Rise - WP

Merkel: Euro Debt Crisis Will Last 5 Years or More - AP

Two Ukrainian Elections Officials Hint at Partial Re-Vote - VOA

Resilient Romania Finds a Currency Advantage in a Crisis - NYT

Southeast Turkish Village Heals Wounds on Basketball Court - VOA

Golden Dawn: Undisguised Fascism in Greece - TT opinion

Misunderestimating Spain - NYT opinion


South Asia

Italy Hopes India Will Let it Try Marines Held in Fishermen Deaths - AP

How India Sees the US Presidential Election - TD opinion