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2 November SWJ Roundup

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Report: Afghan Security Forces Not Ready for 2014 - S&S

US Audit Finds Afghanistan Incapable of Sustaining Security - VOA

Report: Afghan Security Forces Face Infrastructure Challenges - AFPS

Third Australian Earns Victoria Cross in Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Analysis: US Likely to Become Entangled in Syria's War - McClatchy

China Presents Four-Point Proposal For Resolving Civil War in Syria - NYT

US Looks for New Civilian Leadership in Syrian Opposition - VOA

Syrians Wary of US Push to Overhaul Opposition - AP

Fighting Erupts Between Syrian Rebels and Kurds - WP

Syrian Opposition Says Rebels Kill 28 Soldiers - VOA

Rebels Kill Unarmed Syrian Soldiers - WP

Video Is Said to Show Syrian Rebels Executing Prisoners - NYT

Syria Rebels 'Take Checkpoints' - BBC

Syria Rebels Kill 78 Soldiers, Attack Checkpoints - AP

Missing Journalist's Family to Travel to Beirut - AP

How to Establish a Moderate Syria - PI opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

US Provides Detailed Account of Libya Attack - WP

CIA Played Major Role Fighting Militants in Libya Attack - NYT

US: CIA Rushed to Save Diplomats as Libya Attack Was Under Way - AP

WSJ: State and CIA Had Secret, Botched Deal for Benghazi Security - WP

CIA Officials in Libya Made Key Decisions During Benghazi Attacks - Reuters

Key Task Force Not Convened During Benghazi Consulate Attack - CBS

New Details on Failed, Fateful Push for More Security at Benghazi - WP

'Troubling' Surveillance Before Benghazi Attack - FP

Tunisia: Suspect in US Consulate Attack Held - AP

Benghazi Timeline: CIA Errors, No Evidence of Conspiracy - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran: Drug Trafficking Soars as Sanctions Take Bigger Bite - WP

Iran Hostage Taker Returns to the Spotlight, With Insight - NYT

Israel: Netanyahu Rival Blasts 'Obsession' With Iran - Reuters

Israel Confirms Killing Arafat Deputy in 1988 - AP

Lid Lifted on PLO Man's 1988 Killing - BBC

Kuwaiti ex-MP Released on Bail - BBC

Bahrain Activist Sentenced for Anti-King Web Posts - AP

Morocco 'Dismantles Terror Cell' - BBC

Gunmen Occupy Libyan Parliament - BBC

Mauritanian Opposition Tells Army to Stay Out of Politics - Reuters

Israel Must Wage a War of Ideas - JP opinion

UK Must Atone for Its Sins in Palestine - TT opinion

An Islamist Power Grab in Tunisia - NYT opinion

Extremists on the March in Tunisia - TI opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Urged to Televise Guantanamo Terror Trial - AP

DOD Launches ‘Airlift Event’ to Support Sandy Relief - AFPS

Navy Dispatches 3 Locally Based Ships to NY Area - VP

Brigadier General Takes Stand in Aviano Sexual Assault Case - S&S

Soldier, Accomplice Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Case - AP

Military Has Not Solved Problem of Sexual Assault, Women Say - NYT


United States

US East Coast Perseveres With Intense Storm Cleanup - VOA

Jersey Shore Begins to Register Magnitude of Sandy’s Devastation - WP

Gasoline Runs Short, Adding Woes to Storm Recovery - NYT

UN HQ’s Building Suffers 'Unprecedented Damage' From Sandy - AP

Some Muslim Clerics Say Sandy Is God's Punishment - AP

Massachusetts Man Gets 17 Years in Terrorist Plot - NYT

Mass. Man Sentenced to 17 Years in Terror Plot - AP

US Man Jailed for Pentagon Plot - BBC

Military Voters Can be Rope in Political Tugs-of-War - S&S

Bring Drones Out of the Shadows - WP editorial

The US Needs Muslim Allies - WP opinion


United Kingdom

New Battle in Britain Over Budget for Europe - NYT

British Man Admits Iran Arms Charge - BBC

Northern Ireland Prison Guard Slain in Gun Ambush - AP

Prison Officer Killed in Northern Ireland Motorway Shooting - Reuters

A Shield of Celebrity Let a BBC Host Escape Legal Scrutiny - NYT

UK Comedian Arrested by BBC Sex Scandal Detectives - AP

A Bird Skeleton, a Code and, Maybe, a Top Secret - NYT



Jilted Africa Cool to US Vote After Obama Fever Fades - Reuters

US Tells Sudanese Rebel Group to Stop Recruiting Refugees - VOA

Amnesty: Nigerian Security Making Insurgency Worse - VOA

Nigerian Army Accused of Abuses - BBC

Kidnappers Free 7 Sailors Abducted Near Nigeria - VOA

Leader Ousted, Guinea-Bissau Is Now a Drug Haven - NYT

Guinea Electoral Commission Swears in Most Members - AP

Somali Forces Make Mass Arrests - BBC

One-In-Four South Africans Jobless, Mine Layoffs Loom - Reuters

Rebel Group Tries Comeback in Sierra Leone Polls - VOA

Kenya Police Make 3 Arrests in Venezuela Diplomat Murder - Reuters



Mexico Detains 23 Officers for Alleged Drug Links - AP

Gang Rules 6 Years After Start of Mexico Drug War - AP

Mexico Sees Biggest Remittances Drop Since 2009 - AP

Colombia Halloween Blast Kills Two and Injures Dozens - BBC

2 Killed, 37 Injured in Colombia Halloween Bombing - AP

New Arrest in Case of Bolivian Journalist Set Alight - BBC

Guatemala Indigenous Leader 'Escapes Street Attack' - BBC

Cuba 'Hard Hit' by Storm Sandy - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Orient Shield Exercise Highlights Military’s Focus on ‘Pacific Pivot’ - S&S

US Urges Calm in China, Japan Dispute - AP

Second Stealth Jet Puts China on Path to Top Regional Power - Reuters

Amid Heavy Security, China Readies for Leadership Handover - VOA

Grabs for Power Behind Plan to Shrink China’s Elite Circle - NYT

China's New Leaders Face Economic Challenges - VOA

China’s ‘Firefighter-in-Chief’ Ascending - WP

Restrictions Pave Path to a Transition in China - NYT

Chinese Cafe Owner Given 8-Year Sentence Over Online Messages - NYT

Pigeons Set China Congress Security Plans Aflutter - Reuters

Japan Protests Another US Troop-Related Incident - AP

Japan: Protest Over Okinawa 'Assault' - BBC

Japan Announces Power Savings Moves as Reactors Remain Idle - Reuters

Apple, Google Maps Run Afoul of South Korea - VOA

US to Raise Serious Rights Concerns with Cambodia - AP

Fears Grow of Spreading Instability in Burma Sectarian Violence - VOA

Civilians in Western Burma Told to Turn in Arms - AP

World Bank Promises Aid to Burma - BBC



Europeans Wary About US Election - VOA

Russia: Scheduling Changes Prompt Questions About Putin’s Health - NYT

Russian President Putin Out of Sight - WP

Russian Defense Chief in Hot Water - WP

Russia's Internet Censor Law Goes Into Effect - VOA

Russia Breaks Baby Trafficking Ring in N. Caucasus - Reuters

Almost All Greeks Think Economy is Terrible - WP

Greek Bank List Editor Acquitted - BBC

Greek Editor Not Guilty in Publishing Names With Swiss Accounts - NYT

Clinton Urges Albanians to Safeguard Parliamentary Elections - VOA

Dissident Says Reforming Lukashenko's Belarus Impossible - Reuters

Putin's Russia: More Fragile Than It Looks - Reuters opinion


South Asia

US Declines Pakistani Radical's Offer to Help Sandy Victims - CNN

Girl Dies in Pakistani Kashmir Acid Attack - BBC

Bangladesh’s Internet ‘Info Ladies’ - AP

The Charitable Face of Pakistani Militants - NYT opinion

Are India's Poor Used As Guinea Pigs? - BBC opinion