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1 November SWJ Roundup

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In This Corner, a Much-Needed Distraction - NYT

'Green-on-Blue' Attacks Difficult to Deal With, UK Commander Tells MPs - TG

Afghans Set Presidential Poll Date; Taliban Jeer - AP

Taliban Can Run for President Says Election Chief - AFP

3rd Australian Wins Victoria Cross in Afghanistan - AP

Face of Defense: Elite Security Marine Serves in Afghanistan - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Clinton: SNC No Longer Leads Syrian Opposition - VOA

As Fighting Rages, Clinton Seeks New Syrian Opposition - NYT

US Looks to Build Alternative Opposition Leadership - WP

Clinton Warns Syria Rebels to Resist Extremism - BBC

Clinton Calls for Overhaul of Syrian Opposition - Reuters

US Wants Syrian Opposition Shakeup to Defeat Assad - AP

Fighting Between Rebels, Kurds Threatens to Open New Front - WP

Syria Presses Heavy Air Bombardment of Rebels - AP

Syria Jets Bomb Rebel Strongholds in Damascus and North - BBC

Syrian Rebels Arm Palestinians Against Assad - Reuters



Sudan's Iran Alliance Under Scrutiny - VOA

Israeli, French Leaders Push for Iran Sanctions - AP

Iran Supreme Leader Warns Subordinates to Stop Bickering - NYT

Iran Leader Warns Against Public Political Clashes  - AP

9 Iranian Female Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike - AP

Domestic Politics Shaping Debate Over a Nuclear Iran - WP opinion

Anatomy of a Deal With Iran - TNI opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Middle East Indifferent About US Presidential Election - VOA

Syria War Puts anti-US 'Axis of Resistance' on the Defensive - AP

Radicals Gain Among Lebanese Sunnis - WP

Officials: Attacks in Iraq Kill 4 People - AP

Kuwaitis Protest After Activist Held for Insulting Emir - Reuters

Kuwait Warns of Harsher Measures Against Protests - AP

US Decries Bahrain Ban on Public Demonstrations - AP

Amnesty: Bahrain Must Lift Ban on All Protests - Reuters

Yemen LNG Gas Pipeline Blown Up Again - Reuters

Sinai Becomes Prison for African Migrants - NYT

Revolution Brings Hard Times for Egypt's Treasures - NYT

Libya Parliament Approves New Premier’s Cabinet - NYT

Libya Congress Approves New Government Amid Protests - Reuters

Libyan Congress Backs New Cabinet - BBC

Arab Women Turn to Crafts as a Source of Employment - NYT


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Has Full Confidence in Africom Commander, Little Says - AFPS

Greenert: Navy to Focus on Health of Force, Naval Dominance - S&S

Greenert Uses Position Report to Check Course of Navy - AFPS

New US Monument Honors Military Service Dogs - AP

Soldiers' Suit of Iraq War Contractor Goes to Jury - AP

Wife Says Former Aviano Inspector General is Innocent - S&S

Air Force Academy Brawl Injures 27 Cadets - TG


United States

Cable Warned Consulate Couldn't Withstand 'Coordinated Attack' - Fox

Retired FBI Agent Arraigned in Afghan Scheme - AP

Feds: Defense Firm Put Untrained Guards in Iraq - AP

Exam Said to Be Leaked to Guards at Nuclear Site - NYT

Drug-Sniffing Dogs Have Day in Court as Justices Hear Arguments - NYT


United Kingdom

Top UK Court Rejects Bid to Free US-held Detainee - AP



Nigeria Violence: Zamfara Villagers 'Murdered' - BBC

Amnesty: Nigerian Forces Making Islamist Insurgency Worse - Reuters

Nigerian Pirates Free Six Russians, One Estonian - Reuters

French Firm: 7 Kidnapped Sailors Freed in Nigeria - AP

UN Resisting African Calls to End Somalia Arms Embargo - Reuters

Sudan's Iran Alliance Under Scrutiny - VOA

Congo Cooperative Offers Employment to Ex-Combatants - VOA

Some Zimbabwe Restrictions Lifted, But Money Remains Tight - VOA

South Africa Guards 'Shoot Dead Two Miners' - BBC

Political Play Banned in Uganda - BBC



Mexico Poised to Charge Police Officers in US Ambush - Reuters

Mexico Study: US Legalization Cuts Cartel Profits - AP

Mexico's Day of Dead Brings Memories of Missing - AP

Colombia Urabenos 'Gang Leader' Captured in Argentina - BBC

Top Former Dominican Anti-Drug Official Arrested on Drug Charges - Reuters

New Arrest in Case of Bolivian Journalist Set Alight - BBC

Brazil Sniffer Dog 'Under Threat' from Rio Drugs Gangs  - BBC

Haiti Food Fears Grow After Sandy - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Wary of Future, Professionals Leave China in Record Numbers - NYT

China's Communist Elite Readies for Power Transfer - AP

Photos Show Second China Stealth Fighter Prototype - AP

Expect Feisty Defense From China's Disgraced Bo Xilai - Reuters

China Sentences Man to 8 Years for Subversion - AP

Cambodian Opposition Leader Asks Obama to Cancel Visit - VOA

UN: Burma Must Protect Muslims and Halt Discrimination - Reuters

Burma: Evidence Shows Mob Violence Was Planned - AP

Burma: Foreign Investment Bill in Parliament Again - Reuters

China: Silencing a Voice for Justice - NYT opinion



Russia Blacklist Law Takes Effect - BBC

Russians See Church and State Come Closer - NYT

Spain’s Economic Crisis Sparks Catalonia Independence Drive - VOA

Greece Ministers Blamed Over Swiss Bank Account List - BBC

Turkey Given Reassurance by Germany on Talks - NYT

Clinton Urges Serbia to Accept Kosovo’s Borders - NYT

US, EU Presses Kosovo to Integrate Ethnic Serb Population - VOA

Amnesty Slams Bosnia's Republika Srpska for Rapes - VOA

US Looks to Boost Private Investment Ahead of Croatia EU Membership - VOA

France Expels Radical Tunisian Imam - AP

Dealing With Secession in Europe - NYT opinion

Keep an Eye On, But Don't Isolate Ukraine - Bloomberg opinion


South Asia

Persistent Inflation Poses Challenges for India - VOA

Population Bulge Tests India's Growth Aspirations - AP

Sri Lanka Hampers Legal Redress for Rights Abuses - Reuters

Sri Lanka Starts Move to Impeach Chief Justice - AP