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31 October SWJ Roundup

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Taliban Hits Region Seen as ‘Safest’ for Afghans - NYT

2 NATO Troops Killed in Apparent Afghan Insider Attack - VOA

Two NATO Troops Killed in Insider Attack in Southern Afghanistan - WP

Man in Afghan Uniform Kills 2 British Troops - AP

Afghan Election Date Is Set for April 5, 2014 - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Observers: More Than 120 Die in Fighting in Syria Tuesday - VOA

Syria Activists Report 23 Dead in Damascus Suburb - AP

UN Envoy Says Syria Situation Worsening - VOA

Syrian Air Force on Offensive After Failed Truce - Reuters

Syrian Air Force Commander Is Reported Killed - NYT

Syrian Air Force General 'Killed by Rebels' - BBC

Syrian Rebels' Self-Defeating Infighting - TN editorial



Israeli Defense Chief Says Iran Postponed Nuclear Ambitions - NYT

Iran Nuclear Program is Major Talking Point in US Election -VOA

US, EU Hopeful of New Iran Nuke Talks - AP

Iran Urges Recognition of its Nuclear Rights - AP

Iran Begins New Military Exercises - AP

Iranian State Media Reports Navy Ships Docked in Sudan  - VOA

In Sudan Blast, Signs of Iran and Israel's Rivalry - AP

Iran Blinks, Just a Bit, For Now - TT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Reckons with Unraveling Gaza Policy - WP

Lebanon’s Sunnis at Risk of Radicalization - WP

IG report: Iraqi Auditors Point to Huge Money Laundering - AP

Bahrain Bans All Protests in New Crackdown - NYT

Bahrain Government Bans Protests - BBC

Qatar Urged to Free Poet Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami - BBC

Yemen LNG Gas Pipeline Blown Up Again - Reuters

Protesters Disrupt Libya’s National Congress in Tripoli - WP

One Dead in Tunisia Clash Between Salafists and Police - BBC

Morocco Bombing Suspect Arrested by German Police - BBC

Tunisia’s Challenges - NYT editorial

Secret Surveillance - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Majority of US Drones Still Openly Broadcasting Secret Video - S&S

Riverine Success in Iraq Shows Need for Naval Quick-Reaction Force - S&S

Heavier, Tracked, More Tank-like Stryker Vehicle Unveiled - NT

Bases Along East Coast Scramble to Return to Normal After Sandy - S&S

In Videotaped Interview, Former Aviano IG Denies Sexual Assault - S&S


United States

Northeast Suffers Huge Damage in Storm’s Path - NYT

Superstorm Moves On, Leaving Devastation Behind - WP

Obama To Visit Storm-Ravaged New Jersey as Death Toll Mounts - VOA

A State-by-State Look at the East Coast Superstorm - AP

Chiarelli: Private Sector Will Lead in Breakthroughs in Brain Disorders - AC

Answers Needed About Benghazi Attack - WP opinion

Obama Doesn't Get It About Libya - NR opinion

Churchill Hates Obama's Foreign Policy - NI opinion

A Never-ending Drone War - FP opinion

Do We Really Need FEMA? - NYT opinion



Armed Intervention for Mali Being Finalized - VOA

Western Diplomats See Danger in Mali - LAT

Somali Gunmen Kill Radio Employee Over Militant Comment - VOA

Popular Somali Poet Gunned Down - BBC

Humanitarian Crisis Looms After Deadly Nigerian Floods - VOA

South Africa’s Census Reflects Progress - VOA

Rwandan Opposition Leader Jailed - BBC

Rwandan Minister Defends Ingabire 8-Year Prison Sentence - VOA



Mexican Pleads Guilty to Fast and Furious Murder - BBC

Mexican Man Pleads Guilty in Killing of US Agent - AP

Indigenous vs. Multinationals in Mexico Wind Power - AP

Colombia Rebel Ambush Kills Six Officers, Police Say - BBC

Will Brazil Crack Down on Corruption? - WP

Venezuela: Minister Henry Rangel Eyes State Governorship - BBC

Bolivian Journalist Fernando Vidal Set Alight On Air - BBC

Chile Secret Agents Charged Over 1976 Diplomat Murder - BBC

Jamaica Rounds Up Gang Suspects - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Ex-Envoy Says US Stirs China-Japan Tensions - NYT

China Confronts Japan Ships Near Disputed Islands - AP

US Ambassador Comments on China’s Tibetan Policies - VOA

In Tibet, a Surge in China Protest Self-Immolations - WP

Chinese State Newspaper Blasts NY Times Over Wen Story - VOA

China Indicates Nobel Feud With Norway Still On - AP

A Surprisingly Deep Chinese Joke About Hurricane Sandy - WP

Japan Gets Boost in Bid to Share US’s Yokota Air Base - WP

Outcry in Japan Over Diversion of Post-Disaster Aid Funds - NYT

Wendt Takes Helm of Special Ops Command in South Korea - S&S

N. Korea: Speculation Abounds As Kim Jong Un's Wife Reappears - VOA

Indonesian Forces Kill Terror Suspect in Raids - AP

As Burma Violence Continues, Warnings of Broader Instability - VOA

UN: Burma Opium Cultivation Rises - BBC



Wrangling Over Europe’s Budget Gets Under Way - NYT

US, EU Push for Better Relations Between Serbia and Kosovo - VOA

Clinton, Ashton: Bosnia Must Make Reforms to Join NATO, EU - VOA

Clinton Calls for Unity in Bosnia, Criticizes Serb Nationalists - WP

Clinton Urges Bosnia’s Leaders to Work Together - NYT

Ukraine Vote a Step Backward for Democracy, Says Clinton - VOA

Vote Energizes Ukraine's Opposition - VOA

Russia Using Stalin-Era Tactics, Rights Group Says - VOA

Immigrants Have Helped Set Catalonia Apart in Spain - NYT

Polish News Report on 2010 Crash Causes Furor - NYT

Greece Reaches Austerity Accord - BBC

Greek Government Gets Key Backing to Pass Reforms - Reuters

Turkey Allows Kurdish Language Classes - VOA

Kurds Clash with Turkish Police - BBC

An Independent Scotland? - WP editorial


South Asia

India's New FM to Focus on Pakistan, China Relations  - VOA

Population Bulge Tests India's Growth Aspirations - AP

UN: Pakistani Schools Need Protection From Terrorism - VOA

Pakistan Says Protects Rights, West Disagrees - Reuters

Pakistani Militant Leader Offers Storm Aid to US - VOA