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30 October SWJ Roundup

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Taliban Make Gains as Marines Take Backseat - MCT

Pararescuemen Walk Line Between Fierce Warrior, Caring Savior - S&S

Marine Trains Afghan Soldiers to Train Others - AFPS

At Afghanistan University, Disputed Name Turns Into Fighting Word - LAT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Air Strikes in Syrian Capital Shatter Truce - VOA

In Syria, Failed Truce and No Lull in Violence - NYT

Syria Fighting Rages on Last Day of Ineffectual Cease-fire - LAT

Air Strikes, Car Bombs Wreck Last Day of Syria 'Truce' - Reuters

Syrian Regime Launches Nationwide Airstrikes - AP

Deadly Car Bombings Rock Damascus - BBC

Syria's Phoney Ceasefire Gives Way to its Phoney War - TT

Saudi Cleric Urges Youth Not to Join Syria Rebels - AP

Syria's YouTube 'War' could win the war - CSM editorial


Libya Consulate Attack / Aftermath

Libya Warnings Were Plentiful, But Unspecific - NYT

McKeon to Obama: Your Libya Remarks Sound ‘Implausible’ - DN

Dempsey Hits Rumors About Africa Command Chief’s Departure - WT

Dempsey: Africa Command Change Not Tied to Libya - AP

Benghazi Story Isn't Going Away - AI opinion

Benghazi, No Mere 'October Surprise' - LAT opinion

The Panetta Doctrine - NR opinion

Media Hasn't 'Done Their Job' on Libya - Fox opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Believes Sanctions on Iran Hit Hezbollah - AP

Israel to Limit Cluster Bombs in Possible War With Hezbollah - Reuters

Iran Claims it Has Images of Highly Sensitive Israeli Military Bases - Fox

Report: Iran Has Drone Pictures of Israeli Bases - AP

Iran Navy Vessels 'Dock in Sudan' - BBC

Al-Qaida Claims Deadly Holiday Attacks in Iraq - AP

Rocket Fire From Gaza Draws Israeli Airstrike - AP

Israel's Likud Teams With Nationalist Party - AP

Israel: Netanyahu Wins Mandate for Alliance With Far Right - Reuters

NGOs: Restrict EU Trade With Israeli Settlements - AP

Arab Citizens in Israel Bemoan Lack of Policing - LAT

Egypt: Coptic Church Moves Toward Picking New Pope - AP

Residents Blocked From Returning to Captured Libyan Town - Reuters

Villagers in Morocco Drive Out Prostitutes - NYT

Time to Get Tough on Iraq - NYT opinion

Al-Qaeda's Gift to Jordan's Monarchy - AJ opinion

This Is Not an Arab Revolution - NYROB opinion

Will Obama Wag the Dog in Tehran? - Newsweek opinion


US Department of Defense

Northcom Supports Government’s Storm Response Efforts - AFPS

Pentagon Starts to Open Network to iPhones, Androids - DODB

Army Training Centers Incorporating Cyberthreats into Exercises - S&S

Testimony Begins in Officer’s Sexual Assault Trial at Aviano - S&S

In Japan, Troops and Bar Owners Alike Lament Curfew - S&S

The Cost of Romney’s Larger Military? - WP opinion

America's Capsizing Navy - WSJ opinion


United States

Storm Slams Ashore in New Jersey - NYT

Sandy Slams Ashore, East Coast Takes a Beating - Fox

Sandy Makes Landfall in NJ - WP

Sandy Crashes Ashore - CNN

Sandy Storms Ashore With High Winds, Flooding - LAT

National Guard Assists Governors of States in Sandy’s Path - AFPS

Insurers Estimate $10 Billion in Damages - NYT

State-by-State Guide to the Storm - NYT

Issa-Grassley Report Links 'Furious' to DOJ Failures - Fox

Traveling Vietnam 'Wall' Stirs Emotions - USAT

Obama Charisma Not Working in Foreign Policy - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Savile Scandal: Inquiry Begins Into BBC Culture - BBC

Former Judge Opens Inquiry Into Savile Sexual Abuse Case - NYT



Christians Now Persecuted Throughout the World - TT opinion



10 Killed in Nigeria Church Bombing, Reprisal Attacks - VOA

Mali Troop Deployment Nears Reality: ECOWAS Official - VOA

Clinton in Algeria for Talks on Mali - VOA

US and Algeria Discuss Ousting Mali Militants - NYT

Clinton in Algeria to Urge Military Help for Mali - WP

US Seeks Algeria's Support in Possible Mali Move - AP

Clinton Presses Algeria on Mali Intervention Plan - Reuters

Kenyan Muslims Condemn Killing in Anti-Terror Raid - VOA

Kenya: Kisumu Anger After Politician Kwega Killed - BBC

Somalia's General Farah Killed in al-Shabab Ambush - BBC

South Africa’s President Expresses Confidence Amid Setbacks - VOA

Rwanda General in South Africa Refugee Row - BBC

Senegal's Sall Replaces Interior, Foreign Ministers - Reuters

Don't Treat Mali as the Next Afghanistan - Bloomberg editorial

Mali and the Future of Western Intervention - Time opinion



Harvard Tracks Mexican Drug Gangs via Google - ISC

Tracking the Steady Rise of Beheadings in Mexico - ISC

Mexican City Battered by Drug Gangs Feels Lure of Truce - Reuters

Mexican Cartels Enforce Gag Rule with Fear of Bloodshed - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Appoints New Defense Minister - AP

Brazil: Haddad Elected Sao Paulo Mayor - BBC

Brazil's Business Hub Sao Paulo Elects New Mayor - LAT

Chile Local Polls See Low Turnout with Voting Voluntary - BBC

Chile's Right Suffers in Local Election, Presidency Eyed - Reuters

Bolivia Radio Presenter Set on Fire - BBC

Yet Another Blow to Haiti From a Natural Disaster - NYT

Storm Damages Crops in Haiti, Fueling Food Price Woes - Reuters

Cuba's 2nd City Without Power, Water After Sandy - AP

Our Men in Honduras - BR opinion

Colombia's Plan to Integrate FARC - FA opinion


Asia / Pacific

Real Reason China-Japan Locked in Territory Dispute - CSM

As China Ties Grow Closer, Taiwan Seeks Own Spotlight - VOA

Taiwan Arrests Suspected Military Spies for China - BBC

Protest, Response Both Typical of China’s Environmental Debate - WP

Japan Wants Access to US Air Base in Yokota - WP

South Korean Activists Float Leaflets Into North - VOA

South Korea Activists Send Leaflets to North - BBC

Ex-Philippine President in Court - BBC

Can America Afford a 'Pivot' to the Pacific? - Time opinion

How China Fights - Newsweek opinion

Just Who Is China's Xi Jinping? - TD opinion



Ukraine Elections Slammed for Taking 'Step Backwards' - VOA

Observers Denounce Ukrainian Election, Call it Unfair - NYT

Observers Criticize Election in Ukraine - WP

International Observers Critical of Bias in Ukraine Vote - AP

Ukraine Election 'Abuse' Deplored - BBC

Ukraine's Tymoshenko Launches Hunger Strike Over 'Rigged' Vote - Reuters

Ukrainian Boxing Champ Enters Parliament - VOA

Ukraine Urged to probe Alleged Abduction of Russian Activist - VOA

Russia: Band Members in Putin Protest Said to Face Harsh Conditions - NYT

Russian Punk Band 'Risk Lives' in Soviet-Style Prisons - Reuters

Spain's Rajoy Rules Out Imminent Request for Help - AP

Greece Bank Leak Reporter Costas Vaxevanis Sent to Trial - BBC

Greece Moves Quickly to Put Editor on Trial - NYT

In Turkey, a Break From the Past Plays Out in the Streets - NYT

Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas at Banned Secularist March - Reuters

Italy: Low Voter Turnout in Sicily Suggests Anger at Politicians - NYT

Italy: Sicily Election Deals Berlusconi New Blow - BBC

Dutch Liberals, Labour Vow Austerity in Coalition Deal - Reuters

Kosovo Approves 2013 Budget, IMF to Release Loan Tranche - Reuters

Lithuania Election: President Moves to Block Coalition - BBC

Lithuania Heads for Political Deadlock After Election - Reuters

Greece Arrests the Messenger - NYT editorial

Russia: Friend or Foe? - TNI opinion


South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Reshuffles Cabinet  - VOA

India Media Cautious Over Government Reshuffle - BBC

Education Proves Difficult Amid Pakistan’s Conflicts - WP

UK, Pakistani, UAE Officials Praise Wounded Pakistani Girl's "Courage" - VOA

Pakistani Girl’s Shooting Exposes Taliban Cowardice - WT opinion



Please consider making a donation to our annual fund-raising campaign.

Much appreciation again to those who have stepped up.

Our annual goal is $30,000 - so far we’ve raised $6,040 - and we have to subtract the PayPal fee.