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26 October SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens of Worshipers - NYT

Afghan Mosque Blast Kills Dozens - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills 40 at Afghan Mosque During Eid - Reuters

Suicide Bomber Kills 35 in Afghanistan, Official Says - AP

Troops Shot After Taliban Leader's Call - WSJ

Four International Service Members Killed in Afghan Attacks - NYT

2 More US Troops Die in Insider Attack in Afghanistan - S&S

2 US Troops Killed in Insider Attack by Afghan Police Officer - AP

Chief Warrant Officer Killed in Afghanistan Was on 7th Deployment - FO

Army Dog Killed in Afghanistan Joins List of Animal War Heroes - AP

Facing Taliban Threats, Afghan Interpreters Wait for US Visas - WP

New Zealand to Resettle Afghan Translators - BBC

US Soldier Gave Birth While Deployed in Afghanistan - S&S

Media Ignores US Wins in Afghanistan - FP opinion



Syria Declares Eid Cease-Fire Through Monday - VOA

Syrian Military Declares Holiday Truce, But Will Respond to Attacks - NYT

Holiday Cease-fire Begins in Syria - WP

Syria Army 'to Observe Ceasefire' - BBC

Heavy Clashes at Syrian Army Base, Violating Eid Ceasefire - Reuters

Battle Mars Syria Holiday Truce; Lull Elsewhere - AP

Fighting Ruptures Ragged Syrian Ceasefire - Reuters

Syrian War Boils Over Onto US Allies; Outside Jihadists Rush In - WT

Iran Leader Blames US, Israel for Syria Civil War- AP

Syrian Refugees Struggle in Jordanian Camps - VOA

Saudi Arabia Expels Syrian Consulate Workers - Reuters

Ask Janine di Giovanni About Reporting From Syria - NYT Q&A

Embedded With the Syrian Army - NYT video

Photos: Syrian Rebels Advance in Largest City - AP photos

How to Intervene in Syria - WP opinion

Qatar Embraces Syrian Rebels, But Also Hamas - Time opinion

Timidity Causes Syrian Barbarity - JP opinion



Clinton: Internet Claim About Libya Attack Proves Nothing - VOA

Panetta: Fuzzy Intel Slowed Libya Response After Attack - S&S

Panetta: Benghazi Intelligence Too Sketchy to Send Troops - WT

Panetta Says Risk Impeded Deployment to Benghazi - NYT

Pentagon: US Knew Too Little to Deploy Troops to Benghazi - Reuters

Secretary, Chairman Respond to Reporters on Benghazi Attack - AFPS

Libya Militia Tensions Hampered Post-Attack US Rescue Effort - S&S

Senate Intel Committee to Hold Hearings on Libya Attack After Election - WP

Obama Knew - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli Officials Asked to Be Silent on Issue of US-Iran Talks - NYT

Iran Said to Nearly Finish Nuclear Enrichment Plant - NYT

UN Monitor Cites Rights Abuses in Iran - VOA

After Fierce Attacks, Gaza Truce Takes Hold - VOA

Israel Right-Wing Parties Join Forces - BBC

Bomb Blast Brings Lebanon's Party Capital to Juddering Halt - Reuters

Officials: Gunmen Kill 2 Policemen in Iraq - AP

Anti-US Rebels Bring Peace to Embattled Yemen Region -McClatchy

Hajj Pilgrims Reflect on Regional Conflicts - VOA

Qatar Embraces Syrian Rebels, But Also Hamas - Time opinion

Relax: There's No Civil War in Lebanon - DS opinion

Hezbollah Prepares for War - Bloomberg opinion

A Kurdish Wedge Between Iraq, Turkey - FA opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Secret Ops Expand at US Base in Djibouti - WP

UN to Probe Drone Attacks - WP

The Last Moments of a Predator - WP

Memoir of Qaeda Figure May Be Cited in Leniency Plea for Convict - NYT

Cole Suspect Tells Judge of Alleged Guard Abuse - AFPS

Al-Qaeda's Resurgence - YG opinion

A Smarter, Leaner Approach to Homeland Security - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

Official: Army to be Lighter, Leaner, More Agile - WT

Experts Say Sequestration Would Target Civilian Jobs - S&S

Panetta: Defense Alliances Key to 21st Century Security - AFPS

DOD Seeks Ways to Streamline Information Sharing - AFPS

Missile Defense Agency Says it Completed Largest Test in History - LAT

DOD Official Encourages Private-sector Technology Innovation - AFPS


United States

Control of US Senate Up for Grabs - VOA

Both Romney and Obama Avoid Talk of Climate Change - NYT

Ex-SECDEF Gates: Biggest Challenges in US Come From Within - TW

Most Americans Want Less Foreign Involvement, Polls Show - S&S

Intel Community Seeks New Partnerships - AFPS

VA Backlog on Education Payouts at Record Level - S&S

Historian Analyzes Immediate Aftermath of Cuban Missile Crisis - AFPS

Cuban Missile Crisis: How Castro Held the World Hostage - NYT opinion

How JFK Beat Khrushchev in Cuba - MT opinion

US Foreign Policy: The Timbuktu Question - NYT opinion

Five Big Lies About US Foreign Policy - FP opinion

The US Should Withdraw from UNESCO - NR opinion

Scaling Back the American Empire - TG opinion

Obama Debate Condescension Poor Mask for Cowardice - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Cambridge Spies: MI5 Diaries Revealed - BBC

UK Spy Diaries Offer Glimpse of Cold War Life - Reuters

UK Spymaster's Diary Shows Trans-Atlantic Tension - AP

Briton 'to Admit' US Weapons Charges - BBC

Police Prepare ‘Arrest Strategy’ as BBC Sexual Abuse Case Grows - NYT



UN: Military Operation May Be Needed In Mali - VOA

AU Lifts Mali Suspension, Discusses Military Intervention - VOA

Algeria Accepts Last-Resort Mali Intervention - Reuters

NATO Fires on Fishing Boat Off Somalia After Being Attacked - S&S

Counterpiracy Flagship Comes Under Fire Off Somalia’s Coast - AFPS

Uganda Reviews Somali Operation - BBC

Zanzibar Unrest Reflects Anger Along Swahili Coast - Reuters

Official Silence in Israel Over Sudan’s Accusations of Air Attack - NYT

Sudanese to Report Israel to UN Over Blast - BBC

Nigeria's Oil Losses Revealed - BBC

Britain Criticized For Rwanda Aid Donation - VOA

S. Africa Mines, Workers Reach Agreement - VOA

Ethiopia to Introduce Mobile Banking - VOA



Mexico's Drug Lords Ramp Up Their Arsenals - Time

Eight Bodies Found Dumped in Mexico City Suburb - Reuters

Mexican Drug Kingpin's Daughter Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud - Reuters

Colombia Region Sees Emerald Rush - BBC

Sentencing Begins in Brazil Corruption Trial - AP

Cuban Missile Crisis: How Castro Held the World Hostage - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Hidden Riches for Chinese Leader’s Family - NYT

Chinese Premier's Family Has Massive Wealth - Reuters

Chinas Censors Move with Unusual Speed on Wen Jiabao Revelation - WP

China Blocks Web Access to NY Times After Article - NYT

China Blocks NY Times’ Web Site After Report on PM’s Wealth - WP

New York Times Blocked in China Over Wen Jiabao - BBC

New Leaders of Military in China Announced - NYT

Now Military Corruption Scandal Clouds China Succession - Reuters

Reward Posters Part of China's Immolation Crackdown - VOA

China Resumes Nuclear Power Plant Construction - VOA

China’s Parliament Expels Bo Xilai - BBC

China Paves Way for Prosecuting Disgraced Politician Bo Xilai - Reuters

China Wants to Stop Profiteering at Temple Sites - AP

Few Responsible for Wrongdoing, Marine General in Japan Says - S&S

Japan: Tokyo’s Firebrand Governor Quits to Form New National Party - NYT

US Diplomat Chides Japan Over Revolving-Door Politics - Reuters

S. Korea Postpones Rocket Launch Due to Gas Leak - AP

UN Concerned About Outbreak of Violence in Western Burma - VOA

UN Rights Expert: Endemic Discrimination in Burma - VOA

Death Toll Tops 100 in Burma Ethnic Violence, Official Says - AP

Philippine Official: $121K for Car Thief's Head - AP

Indonesia: Muslim Charities Fundraise Online for Eid Sacrifice - WP

Asia's New Age of Instability - TNI opinion

The U.S.-China Cyber Trade War - FP opinion

When North Korea Collapses - Stratfor opinion



EU Expresses Concern About Russia Treason Law - VOA

Leftist Leader Charged in Russia - BBC

Russia Charges Opposition Leader With Riot Plot - AP

Russian Opposition Leader Charged With Plotting Riots - Reuters

Russian Police Kill Alleged Assassins Who Targeted Muslim Cleric - VOA

Ukraine Blames 'Foreign' Forces in Russian Activist's Disappearance - VOA

Russian Officials Accused of Abduction - WP

1 in 4 Spaniards Out of Work at End of Q3 - AP

Spain's Economic Slide Hits Latin American Immigrants Hard - VOA

Berlusconi’s Retreat Upends Political Field in Italy - NYT

Belgium Investigates Murder of Exxon Executive - Reuters

Looters Strip Bulgaria of Ancient Treasures - AP

Polish Prime Minister Tusk's Winter of Discontent - TE editorial

Turkey's War on Journalists - TA opinion


South Asia

India: Women Fight Back Against Witch-Branding in Rajasthan - NYT

Does Indian Anti-Graft Crusader Have Solutions? - AP

Sunni-Shia Divide Threatens Pakistan - Reuters

Violence, Discrimination Against Women Rises in Pakistan - VOA

Activist Girl's Dad Vows She'll Return to Pakistan - AP

Pakistani Girls: In the Taliban’s Sights - IHT opinion

India, Pakistan Move Toward Detente - TNI opinion

Drones Are Not the Root of Pakistan's Problems - Dawn opinion

India’s Need for Reform - WT opinion



Please consider making a donation to our annual fund-raising campaign.

Much appreciation again to those who have stepped up.

Our annual goal is $30,000 - so far we’ve raised $5,890 - and we have to subtract the PayPal fee.