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22 October SWJ Roundup

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Two Campaigns Skirt Talk of Tough Choices in Afghanistan - NYT

Taliban Dismiss Report That Says Their Bombs Cause Most Afghan Deaths - AP

Al-Qaida in Afghanistan Is Attempting a Comeback - AP

Corps of Engineers Plans Improvements to Dangerous Tunnel - S&S

As World Helps Shot Pakistani Girl, Afghans Ask 'What About Us?' - Reuters



Blast in Syrian Capital Kills 13 - VOA

Car Bomb Kills 13 in Syrian Capital - AP

Assad Tells Syria Envoy Arms Flows to Rebels Must Stop - Reuters

Arab Official: Chance of Agreeing On a Ceasefire Small - Reuters

Jordanian Soldier Killed in Clash at Syrian Border - AP

A Political Solution Is Needed in Syria - TG opinion



Thousands of Lebanese Mourn Intelligence Official Killed in Blast - VOA

Angry Lebanese Attempt to Storm Government Offices - NYT

Violence Erupts After Funeral Service for Slain Lebanese Official - WP

Clashes Break Out in Beirut After Slain Official's Funeral - Reuters

Protesters Try to Storm Lebanese Govt. After Funeral - VOA

Protesters Try to Storm Lebanese Government - AP

Lebanon Sees Overnight Clashes After Hassan Funeral - BBC

2 Killed in Overnight Clashes in Lebanon - AP

Analysis: Killing of Security Chief Raises Fears for Lebanon - Reuters

US to Help in Lebanon Bomb Probe - BBC



White House Denies Agreement for Iran Talks - VOA

US and Iran Deny Plan for Nuclear Talks - NYT

US Lawmakers Clash on Iran Talks - VOA

Israel: Obama Admin 'Had Not Informed' Them of Upcoming Talks - WT

France: Iran Seems On Track For Nukes By Mid-2013 - AP

Leftist EP Members Hope to Sway Iran - WT

India Says US Understands Its Need for Iran Oil - Reuters

Ahmadinejad Prison Visit Blocked - BBC

Ahmadinejad Denied Visit to Evin Prison - Reuters

What China Tells Us About Iran - WP opinion



After Benghazi Attack, Talk Lagged Behind Intelligence - NYT

US ‘Too Slow’ to Act as Drone’s Cam Captured Libya Horror - NYP

Defiant Insider: Benghazi Attack Clearly Planned - WT

Benghazi and Arab Spring Rear Up in US Campaign - NYT

Town Under Siege Is Center of Resistance to New Government -NYT

Deadly Clashes in Gaddafi Bastion - BBC

Fighting Flares for 5th Day in Libyan Town - AP

Recalibrating Benghazi Narrative Before FP Debate? - HA opinion

No ‘Demonstrations’ at the US Consulate in Benghazi - NR opinion

How the Administration Got in Trouble on Libya - WP opinion

Obama Repeats Bush Mistakes in Libya - LAT opinion

The Truth Behind the Benghazi Attack - Newsweek opinion

Why Benghazi Matters - NP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Oil Price Rises on Middle East Conflict Fears - AP

Major US, Israeli Air Defense Exercise Begins - AP

Civic Duty, Economic Worries Drive Voters in Parts of West Bank - NYT

Emir of Qatar to Be First Head of State to Visit Gaza - Reuters

Palestinians: Israeli Airstrike Kills 2 Gazans - AP

Israeli Forces Clash With Hamas, Kill Two Gunmen in Gaza - Reuters

Protesters, Police Clash in Kuwait - VOA

Kuwait Police Disperse Protesters - BBC

Police in Kuwait Teargas Opposition Protesters - Reuters

Bahrain Detains 3 Activists Near Tense Village - AP

New FJP Leader in Egypt Calls for Sharia Law - JP

Egypt Freezes Assets of Ex-Candidate, Ex-PM Shafiq - AP

Egypt to Discuss $2 Billion Aid From Algeria - Reuters

Hezbollah Loses 'Resistance' Facade - TN opinion

Exposing Islamist Tunisia - NOW opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Jordan Disrupts Major al-Qaeda Terrorist Plot - WP

Jordan Says 11 Plotted a Series of Attacks - NYT

Jordan 'Uncovers al-Qaeda Plot' - BBC

Jordan Foils Qaeda Plot, Arrests 11 Militants - Reuters

Al-Qaida in Afghanistan Is Attempting a Comeback - AP

Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen Says in Audio He's Alive - AP



World Sea Piracy Falls to Lowest Level Since 2008 - AP


US Department of Defense

Nearly 30 Percent of Recent Combat Vets Treated by VA Have PTSD - S&S


United States

Obama, Romney Prepare for Final Debate - VOA

Obama, Romney Take on the World in Final Debate - WP

Benghazi and Arab Spring Rear Up in US Campaign - NYT

Two Campaigns Skirt Talk of Tough Choices in Afghanistan - NYT

Tight US Race Surprises Many Observers Abroad - WP

Former US Presidential Candidate McGovern Dies - VOA

George McGovern Dies; Lost 1972 Presidential Bid - AP

As Iraq, Afghan Wars End, Private Security Firms Adapt - AP

The Foreign Policy Debate We Should Be Having - WP opinion

Real Questions for the Foreign Policy Debate - Bloomberg opinion

Presidential Mitt - NYT opinion

Castro, Crisis & Lessons for Obama - MH opinion

Can Romney Offer 3rd Way on Intervention? - NYT opinion

The Opiate of Exceptionalism - NYT opinion / analysis



West Africa: Agencies Assess Humanitarian Needs in the Sahel - VOA

Suspected Militant Attacks in Nigeria Leave 23 Dead - VOA

Nigeria 'Militant Commander' Held - BBC

Guinea-Bissau Troops Kill 6 Gunmen in Failed Coup Attempt - VOA

'Six Die' in Guinea-Bissau Attack - BBC



Colombian Soldiers Killed by FARC - BBC

Colombian Prostitute to Publish Book on Secret Service Sex Scandal - ABC

In Guatemalan Tourist Haven, Corruption Case Is Talk of the Town - NYT

Soldiers' Arrest Marks Shift in Guatemala - AP

Argentina Orders Sailors to Evacuate Ship Seized by Ghana - BBC

Cubans Head to the Polls; High Turnout of Voters Likely - AP

Cuba: Castro Attacks Ill Health 'Lies' - BBC

Cuba: Exhibit A in Debate Over Castro’s State - NYT

Cuba: Castro Publishes Article Criticizing Health Rumors - AP

Clintons Land in Haiti to Showcase Industrial Park - AP


Asia / Pacific

S. Korea Prepares to Evacuate DMZ Citizens After Threat - Bloomberg

South Korea Bars Leaflet Drop Over Border With North - NYT

South Korea Blocks Leaflet Launch - BBC

Japan's Okinawa Assembly Protests Rape - AP

Japanese Exports to China Fall - BBC

Many Urge Next Leader of China to Liberalize - NYT

China's New Leaders Face Tough Economic Choices - AP

China Leftists Urge Parliament Not to Expel Bo Xilai - Reuters

Tibetan Burns to Death in Protest Against China - VOA

Chinese Villagers Clash With Police Over Pollution - AP

Vietnam Prime Minister Admits Mismanaging Economy - AP

Friendly Thailand Stares Down the Barrel of Rising Gun Crime - Reuters

Land Battles Surface in Burma as Reforms Unfold - AP

Burmese Leader: Foreign Investment Bill to be Finalized in 'Days' -VOA

Burma Leader Holds Milestone 1st Press Briefing - AP

Obama's China Policy a Massive Failure - RCW opinion



Putin Flexes Muscle in Big Test of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal - Reuters

Russia: Security Forces Kill 49 Militants in N. Caucasus Operation - VOA

Russian Forces Kill 49 Rebels in North Caucasus Strike - NYT

Mixed Poll Results for Spain PM - BBC

Voting Favors Spain’s Leader in Home Area - NYT

Crisis, Separatism Dominate Spanish Elections - AP

Spain's Rajoy Gets Mixed Message in Regional Votes - Reuters

Golden Dawn Party Rises in Greece - WP

Greek Premier Throws Deputy Out of Party - AP

Protesters, Police Clash in Greece Over Gold Mine - AP


South Asia

The Scariest Little Corner of the World - NYT

India Says US Understands Its Need for Iran Oil - Reuters

India Needs to Dig Deep to Keep Lights On - Reuters

India: UK High Commissioner Meets Modi - BBC

As World Helps Shot Pakistani Girl, Afghans Ask 'What About Us?' - Reuters