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21 October SWJ Roundup

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US Paying Price for Focus on Size of Afghan Forces - WP

Al-Qaida in Afghanistan Attempting a Comeback - AP

6 Afghan Police Killed in Insider Attack - VOA

Insider Attack Kills 6 Afghan Police in Helmand Province - AP

As Afghan Forces Kill, Trust Is Also a Casualty - NYT

Afghan President Condemns Blast That Killed Wedding Guests - VOA



UN Envoy Opens Syrian Truce Talks - BBC

Syria Envoy Presses Damascus for Ceasefire - Reuters

Yemen-Style Power Transfer Not Suitable for Syria - Reuters



Tensions High in Lebanon After Deadly Bombing - VOA

After Attack, Lebanese Opposition Calls for New Government - NYT

Anti-Syria Group in Lebanon Wants to Sack Government - WP

Lebanese PM Suspects Assassination Linked to Bomb Plot - Reuters

Lebanon Set to Bury Bomb Victims - BBC



US Officials Say Iran Has Agreed to Nuclear Talks - NYT

White House Prepared to Meet One-On-One With Iran - AP

US Says Willing to Meet With Iran on Nukes But No Talks Set - Reuters

White House Denies Agreement for Iran Talks - VOA

US Rejects Iranian Talks Report - BBC

Iran Rejects Guilty Plea in Saudi Ambassador Plot - AP


Middle East / North Africa

11 Killed and 48 Hurt in Baghdad Market Blasts - NYT

Eleven Killed in Attacks in Iraq - BBC

Bombs in Market, Shootings Kill 17 in Iraq - AP

Twin Iraq Blasts Kill Eight in Baghdad Shi'ite District - Reuters

Israel Seizes Pro-Palestinian Activist Ship off Gaza - VOA

Israel Seizes Activist Ship en Route to Gaza Strip - NYT

Israel Intercepts Gaza-Bound Boat - BBC

Church Appeal on Israel Angers Jewish Groups - NYT

Mixed Results Amid Low Turnout in Municipal Elections in W. Bank - NYT

West Bank Vote Held to Help Plug Palestinian Democracy Gap - Reuters

Fatah Fails to Win Strong Nod in West Bank Vote - AP

Activists: Israel to Build in East Jerusalem - AP

Kuwait Opposition to Boycott Vote, Calls for Protests - Reuters

Twitter Gives Saudi Arabia a Revolution of Its Own - NYT

Rights Group: Yemen Security Forces Raid Hospitals - AP

New Poll: Egyptians Turning Toward Iran, Want Nuclear Weapons - FP

Katatni Elected Egypt FJP Leader - BBC

Libyan Turmoil Persists Year After Gadhafi Death - AP

Confusion in Libya Over Fate of Former Gaddafi Spokesman - Reuters

Gaddafi Aide 'Captured in Libya' - BBC

Morocco Denies Pagan Rock Carving Destroyed by Islamists - Reuters

Connecting the Dots in Libya - NYT opinion

CIA Documents Supported Rice’s Description of Benghazi Attacks - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US Targets Top al-Qaida Operatives in Iran - VOA

Al Qaeda Warns Hollande Against French Hostage Rescue - Reuters

Five Myths About the bin Laden Raid - WP opinion

Bin Laden's Driver - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Romney’s Proposal for More Military Ships Draws Skepticism - NYT

Marines Train for Next Benghazi - TPE

USS Enterprise Makes Final Port Stop in Naples, Italy - S&S


United States

Final US Presidential Debate to Be Held Monday - VOA

Obama and Romney Hit the Final Stretch - WP

Church Appeal on Israel Angers Jewish Groups - NYT

The Opiate of Exceptionalism - NYT opinion



Suspected Militant Attacks in Nigeria Leave 23 Dead - VOA

Nigeria 'Militant Commander' Held - BBC

Nigeria Military: Sect Member at Senator's Home - AP

Nigerian Army Arrests Boko Haram Member at Senator's Home - Reuters

Bakassi People Mourn Homeland in Nigeria - VOA

UN to Target DR Congo Rebel Group - BBC

Congo Rebels Call for Negotiations With Kinshasa - AP

Kenya Tells Separatist Group: Surrender or Face Arrest - Reuters



Amid Drug War, Mexico Fights Wave of Common Crime - AP

Guatemala Shooting Raises Concerns About Military’s Expanded Role - NYT

Colombian Soldiers Killed by FARC - BBC

Argentina Evacuating Navy Ship Seized in Ghana - AP

Argentine Leader Orders Evacuation of Ship Seized in Ghana - Reuters

New Protest Over Panama Land Law, But No Violence - AP

Cuba's Elections: Grassroots Democracy or Sham? - AP

Don’t Tell Dad, I’m Going to Cuba - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

China Is Wary of US Candidates’ Tough Talk - NYT

China-Korea Tensions Rise After Failed Venture - NYT

China Urges Restraint as Tensions Mount Between Two Koreas - Reuters

Tibetan Burns to Death in Protest Against China - VOA

Another Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire in China Protest - AP

With Nuclear Plants Idled, Japan Will Find Kyoto Pledge Hard to Fulfill - WP

Military Outreach Seen as New Step in Engaging Burma - VOA



Pro-Independence Parties Win Elections Throughout Europe - VOA

Russia Stages Missile Test, With Putin Taking the Helm - NYT

Putin Flexes Muscle in Big Test of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal - Reuters

London Protesters Bash Britain's Austerity Drive - AP

Spain’s Premier Hopes to Avoid Electoral Setback - NYT

Spanish Government Faces Key Vote - BBC

In Greece, Austerity Frays Bonds of Civility - NYT

The Fight for a Greece for Greeks Alone - WP

Italian Workers Rally Against Job Losses, Spending Cuts - Reuters

France: Tensions Flare Over Proposed Church Sale to Muslim Group - WP

Far Right Protesters Storm French Mosque - AP

Police in Azerbaijan Arrest Dozens of Opposition Activists - Reuters

Meet Europe’s Far-Right Groups - WP opinion


South Asia

An Indian Airline Loses the Right to Fly - NYT

Bangladesh Jails 723 Over Mutiny - BBC