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20 October SWJ Roundup

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Blast in Afghanistan Kills 19 En Route to Wedding - AP

Afghan Wedding Party Hit by Bomb - BBC

6 Afghan Police Officers Are Killed in Insider Attack - AP

Six Afghan Police Killed in Insider Attack, Officials Say - Reuters

Marine Killed at Camp Bastion Up for Silver Star - MCT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Not Losing in Afghanistan - WP opinion



US Steps Up Support of Turkey Amid Syrian Conflict - WP

As Bombs Fall, Turkey Backs Call for Cease-Fire in Syria - NYT

Turkish Retaliatory Fire Has Killed 12 Syrian Soldiers - Reuters

Syrians Place Booby-Trapped Ammunition in Rebels’ Guns - NYT

Syrian Rebels Bogged Down in Aleppo - VOA

Militant Group Says Was Behind Aleppo Air Defense Base Assault - Reuters

US Considers No-Fly Zone in Syria - VOA

International Peace Envoy Brahimi Arrives in Damascus - VOA

UN Peace Envoy Lands in Damascus - BBC

VOA, BBC Broadcasts Jammed From Syria - VOA

Time Has Come for West to Intervene in Syria - TE editorial

Syria, Israel and Double Standards - TG opinion

Benghazi's Meaning for the Mideast - IH opinion



Lebanon: Beirut Car Bomb Kills 8, Including Intel Chief - VOA

Beirut Assassination Heightens Fears of New War in Lebanon - WP

Lebanon on Edge After Car Bomb Kills Security Chief - Reuters

Blast in Beirut Is Seen as an Extension of Syria’s War - NYT

Syria Blamed for Lebanon Car Bomb - BBC

Lebanon PM Links Car Bomb to Crisis in Syria - AP

Roads Closed Around Lebanon in Protest of Bombing - AP

Two Lebanese Wounded When Army Fires on Protest - Reuters



Intel Officials: No Evidence of al-Qaida Role in Libya Attack - S&S

GOP Pounces After News of CIA Cable on Libya Raid - AP

US: No Sign Libya Attack Was Planned - WP

CIA Found Militant Links a Day After Libya Attack - AP

Romney Campaign’s Benghazi Misfire? - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Carter Discusses Defense, Security Issues with Iraqi Leaders - AFPS

Gunmen Kill 3 Police, 1 Prison Official in Iraq - AP

Hamas Finds Itself Aligned With Israel Over Extremist Groups - NYT

Israel Takes Control of Ship Heading to Gaza - NYT

Israeli Naval Vessels Take Control of Gaza Boat - AP

West Bank Holds Local Elections - BBC

Palestinians Hold Local Elections in West Bank - AP

14 Soldiers and 12 Insurgents Killed in Battle in Yemen - NYT

Kuwait Parliamentary Election Set for Dec. 1 - NYT

Bahrain: 7 Detained After Deadly Bombing - AP

Bahrain Says It Has Identified Suspects in Police Bomb Attack - Reuters

Tensions Rise Over Egypt’s New Charter - WP

Katatni Elected Egypt FJP Leader - BBC

Why Wissam al-Hassan Matters for the Middle East - WP opinion

A Decades-long War on Women - WP opinion

Obama Trying to Sweet-talk Iran Out of Building the Bomb - WT opinion

Syria, Israel and Double Standards - TG opinion

Benghazi's Meaning for the Mideast - IH opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

First Week of Pre-trial Hearings Wraps Up For 9/11 Suspects - AFPS

Defense Lawyers Say Obama, Bush Declared Sept. 11 Defendants Guilty - S&S

Progress but Few Rulings in Sept. 11 Case at Gitmo - AP

US Jury Convicts Somali National of Supporting Al-Shabab Terrorists - VOA

Canada Judge: Suspect in Iraq Base Attack Can be Extradited to US - AP

Terror Suspects Arrested in Somaliland Lose UK Appeal - BBC

A Biker, a Blonde, a Jihadist and Piles of CIA Cash - NYT

Bangladesh Probing Background of NY Terror Suspect - AP

5 Myths About the bin Laden Raid - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Warns of Sequestration Consequences - AP

Statue Honoring Special Forces Unveiled in NYC - AP

Classified Information Plays Central Role in Both 9/11, WikiLeaks Cases - AFPS

VA Man Gets 18 Months in Jail for Harassing Navy Pilots with Lasers - DP

Cyber Pros Earn Kudos at Chief Information Officer Awards - AFPS

2 Sailors to be Punished in Colombia Prostitution Scandal - AP

The Defense Secretary’s Warning - WP editorial


United States

US Airport Security Staff Sacked after TSA Probe - BBC

US Reviewing Guidelines for Use of Force by Border Agencies - LAT

Skydiver's Feat Could Influence Spacesuit Design - AP

Jockeying Begins for Cabinet Positions With the Election Weeks Away - NYT

Obama's Incredible Shrinking Foreign-Policy Advantage - FP opinion

New Commander in Chief Must Lead on National Security - WT opinion



Obama Nominates New Chief for US Africa Command - VOA

African Leaders Prepare for Military Intervention in Northern Mali - VOA

Mali's President Calls for Swift Ouster of Islamists - AFPS

Mali Meeting on Islamist Crisis - BBC

Analysts Say Somalia Progress Might Not Translate to Mali - S&S

UN to Target DR Congo Rebel Group - BBC

New Fighting in Sudan's Darfur Region, Several Killed - Reuters

South Sudan's Vice President Dismisses Talk of Military Coup - Reuters

Nigeria Military: Sect Member at Senator's Home - AP

Kenya Tells Separatist Group: Surrender or Face Arrest - Reuters

Somalia: 'Al-Shabab Weapons Seized in Puntland' - BBC

Fleeing Conflict, Somali Refugees Strain Ethiopia - VOA

AU Agrees to Leave Somali Stadium - BBC

Somali Pirates Free Ship After Nearly 2 Years - AP

South Africa to Spend $100 Billion for Jobs - NYT

South Africa Gold Miners 'End Strike' - BBC



New Arrests Over Dominican Republic 'Sect' - BBC

Protests in Panama Duty-Free Zone - BBC

Cuba: Fidel Castro Health Rumor Mill Continues to Churn - WP


Asia / Pacific

US Aircraft Carrier Cruises Disputed Asian Seas - AP

US Imposes Curfew on All American Troops in Japan - VOA

US Troops in Japan Hit with Curfew After Alleged Rape on Okinawa - S&S

Alleged Assault Results in Curfew for U.S. Forces in Japan - AFPS

N. Korea Threatens Violent Response to Propaganda Campaign - NYT

N. Korea: Kim Jong-un's Nephew in Rare Interview - BBC

US Open to Thais Inviting Burma to Observe Cobra Gold - AFPS

US Invites Burma to Military Drills With Thailand - BBC

Burma Army May Get Invite to US-Thai Exercise - AP



Euro Crisis Fuels Pro-Independence Movements - VOA

Basque Revival Widens Spanish Divide - FT

European Leaders Take Partial Step Toward Stabilization - VOA

Europe Agrees to Banking Regulator - WP

Serbian and Kosovan Leaders Meet - BBC

Russia Opposition Picks Leaders - BBC

Russia: Pussy Riot Member Takes Case to European Court - VOA

Kurdish Rebels Blow Up Iranian Gas Pipeline in Turkey - BBC

9 Killed in Clashes in Southeast Turkey - AP

Far-Right Protesters Storm French Mosque - AP


South Asia

Doctors: Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Is Able to Stand - VOA      

Pakistani Schoolgirl Shot by Taliban Is Showing Progress - NYT

Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan Girl 'Standing With Help' - BBC

Wounded Pakistani Girl Now Able to Stand, But Battling Infection - LAT

‘Malala Moment’ May Have Passed in Pakistan, as Rage Over a Shooting Ebbs - NYT

Pakistani ex-Army, Intel Chiefs Face Legal Action - AP

Pakistan to Dress Down As it Heats Up - WP

1 Dead, 2 Wounded in Shooting in Indian Kashmir - AP

Indian Gov't to Pay Subsidies to Poor in Cash - AP

Bangladesh Probing Background of NY Terror Suspect - AP

A Decades-long War on Women - WP opinion