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19 October SWJ Roundup

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Karzai: Afghanistan Ready to Take Over Security - VOA

Afghan Police School Tries to Fix Struggling Force - AP

Karzai: NATO Can Speed Up Handover of Security - AP

Afghan Officials Spar Over 2014 Vote - NYT

Karzai Warns Against Foreign "Interference" in Afghan Election - Reuters

US at a Crossroads Deep in an Afghan No-man’s Land - LAT

US Sees Potential for Wider anti-Taliban Uprising - AP

Video Shows Contractors Drunk, Drugged in Afghanistan - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Why Isn't Afghanistan a Campaign Issue? - TD opinion



Seized by Rebels, Town Is Crushed by Syrian Forces - NYT

43 Killed By Airstrikes in Northern Syria, Activists Say - VOA

Syrian Air Strikes on Rebel Towns - BBC

Airstrikes in Syria Kill at Least 43 - AP

Syrian Air Force Pilot Explains Why He Bombed Civilians - WP

Syrian Opponents Consider Truce - BBC

In Syria, Sunni Rebels Besiege Shiite Villages - AP

Why Turkey Won't Go to War - TNR opinion

Among the Snipers of Aleppo - NYT opinion



Suspect in Libya Attack, in Plain Sight, Scoffs at US - NYT

Libyan Islamist Denies Role in Benghazi Attack - AP

Obama: No Confusion in Response to Libya Attack - LAT

Benghazi Economic Progress Halts Following Attack on US Mission - WP

Deadly Attack in Pro-Gaddafi Town - BBC

Obama’s Great Gaffe - WP opinion

The Libya Lie - NR opinion

Obama’s Chain of Command Unravels Over Benghazi Murders -WT opinion

Obama is Responsible for the Mess in Libya - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran-UAE Island Dispute Could Escalate - VOA

Iraq Presses US for Faster Arms Deliveries - AP

Nothing is Simple in Divided Jerusalem - WP

UN Chief: Hezbollah Drone Launch 'Reckless' - AP

Qaeda Leader Reported Dead in Yemen Attack - NYT

Drone Strikes Kill 7 in Southern Yemen - VOA

Yemen Soldiers Killed in Attack on South Military Base - BBC

Yemen Officials: Suicide Attackers Kill 9 Soldiers - AP

Shiite Protests Challenge Saudi Arabia - WP

Saudi Female Religion Police Plan - BBC

Bomb Attack Kills Bahraini Policeman - Reuters

Egypt's Electricity Woes Amplify Economic Frustrations - VOA

Morocco: Ancient Stone Carvings Destroyed by Islamists - BBC

Intriguing New Mideast Peace Proposal - USN&WP opinion

Shariah’s Limits in Egypt - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

CIA Asks White House to Expand Drone Program - WP

US Offers Rewards for Iran-based al Qaeda Operatives - Reuters

Qaeda Leader Reported Dead in Yemen Attack - NYT

Fort Hood Shooting Victims Want Attack Called Terror - S&S

Fort Hood Suspect Loses Beard Bid - BBC

Bomb Plot Suspect's Father Denies Son's Involvement - VOA

Suspect's Family Shocked at NY Terror Plot - AP

Obama Was Considered Potential Target in NY Attack Plot - AP

Bangladesh to Talk With US About Terror Suspect - AP

Navy to Clean Contaminated Guantanamo Offices - S&S

Navy to Go After Rats, Mold in Gitmo Legal Offices - AP

Al-Qaeda's Ideology Lives On - NR opinion


US Department of Defense

Training Blends Conventional Warfare with Side of Counterinsurgency - S&S

New Littoral Ship Due to Arrive on Thursday - UTSD

Advances Create Vulnerabilities, Cybercom Commander Says - AFPS

Where to Make Defense Cuts - WP opinion


United States

Romney’s Defense Plan - WT editorial

Five Bigger Threats to National Security than Iran - FP opinion

Questions on the Military for the Final Presidential Debate - WP opinion

How to Beat Obama on Foreign Policy - Bloomberg opinion



Obama Nominates Rodriguez to Lead AFRICOM - S&S

African Governments Urged to Increase Health Investment - VOA

DR Congo Demands Uganda Explain Role in N. Kivu - VOA

Mali Military Intervention Support Growing - VOA

South Sudan Orders Restart to Oil Production - VOA

South Sudan Orders Oil to Flow - BBC

Kenya 'Can Try' Somali Pirates - BBC

Somalis Want AU to Leave Stadium - BBC

Rwanda Joins UN Security Council - BBC

Zanzibar Riots Over Absent Cleric - BBC

Striking S. Africa Miners Heed Ultimatum, Return to Work - VOA

Will the World Go to War to Save Mali? - Time opinion



Colombia Tries Again to End Drug-Fed War - NYT

Colombia Peace Talks Begin with Hitch - WP

Colombian Peace Talks Launched - BBC

Harsh Rebel Rhetoric as Colombian Peace Talks Open - AP

Mexico: On Soccer Fields, Brief Respite from Killing Fields - NYT

Mexico Authorities Detain Leader of Religious Sect - AP

Chile OKs Extradition Bid for ex-US Navy Officer - AP

Seizure of Ship From Argentina Forces Shake-Up - NYT

Argentina Detains Ex-Governor of Falkland Islands - AP

UK Ambassador's Falklands Apology - BBC

Honduras 'Private Cities' Banned - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Chinese Economy Slows to 7.4 Percent - VOA

China, S. Korea Criticize Japanese Ministers' War Shrine Visit - VOA

China Holds Drills Near Isles Disputed with Japan - AP

China in East China Sea Exercises - BBC

South Korean President Visits Island Shelled by North in 2010 - NYT

N. Korean Defections Raise Questions about Security, Loyalty - VOA

N. Korea Warns of 'Strike' over South Propaganda Leaflets - BBC

Burma-Bangladesh Hydrocarbon Deal Hailed as Model for China Disputes - VOA

Japan: US Military Helps With Okinawa Rape Investigation - AP

Why Japan Can't Get Tough - FA opinion



EU to Discuss Strengthening Euro; Greeks Strike - VOA

Greek Anti-Austerity Protests Turn Violent - VOA

Greeks Take to the Streets, Some Violently, in Strike Over Austerity - NYT

Greece Hit by New General Strike - BBC

German Party Open to Giving Greece More Time - AP

Leaders Expect Agreement on Aid for Spanish Banks This Year - NYT

Russian Investigators File Charges Against Opposition Aide - VOA

Renowned Turkish Pianist on Trial for Insulting Islam - VOA

Twitter Blocks Germans’ Access to Neo-Nazi Group - NYT

US and Germany are Drifting Apart - WP opinion

Why Russia's Thinkers Celebrate Putin - Newsweek opinion


South Asia

Killings Derail Effort at Grass-Roots Governance in India - NYT

India Minister Denies 'Land Scam' - BBC

India Puts Wal-Mart Deal With Retailer Under Scrutiny - NYT

Pakistani Police Detain Family of Suspect in Attack on Girl - NYT

Bangladesh to Talk With US About Terror Suspect - AP

Pakistan Faces a Reckoning - Bloomberg opinion

Angry Pakistanis Want to Finish Off Taliban - TA opinion