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18 October SWJ Roundup

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NATO: Afghanistan Drawdown Plans Unchanged - AP

Questions Raised in Deaths of Afghan Children in Coalition Strike - NYT

US Official: CIA Operative Killed in Afghanistan - AP

Suicide Blast Hits US-Afghan Base; 10 Afghans Hurt - AP

Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Defense Contractors - ABC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Hezbollah Offering Direct Help to Syrian Army, Rebels Say - NYT

Strains Among Alawites May Test Assad - WP

Syria Envoy Brahimi Warns Conflict Could Spread - VOA`

UN Syria Envoy Calls on Government to Start Truce - AP

Iran and Turkey Join Syria Peace Envoy in Call for Truce - NYT

Denial Slipping Away as War Rattles Damascus - NYT

Syria's Wealthy Businesses Feel Civil War Squeeze - AP

Jordan Hosts Civil War Refugees at Great Cost - VOA

Rebels Blow Up Oil and Gas Pipelines in Syria - AP

A War Chest for Syria’s Rebels - WP opinion



Libya Singles Out Islamist as a Commander in Consulate Attack - NYT

Possible US Attack in Libya Faces Opposition - VOA

Clearing the Record About Benghazi - NYT

For Benghazi Diplomatic Security, US Relied on Small British Firm - Reuters

HRW: Detained Gadhafi Fighters Beaten, Executed - VOA

Group: Libya Militias 'Executed' Gadhafi Loyalists - AP

Ten Killed as Former Gaddafi Stronghold Town is Shelled - Reuters



US Partners With Israel for Exercise Austere Challenge - AFPS

American Troops Arrive in Israel for Defense Drill - NYT

US, Israel to Stage Major Joint Drill - WP

US, Israel to Begin Major Air Defense Exercise - AP

US, Israel to Hold Major Missile Defense Exercise - Reuters

Commander: If Iran Is Attacked, Israel Will Be Hit - AP

Israeli Official: War Will Not Resolve Gaza Problem - Reuters

Israeli Army Calculated Calorie Needs for Gazans - AP

Document on Calorie Figures in Gaza Blockade Stirs Dispute - NYT

Poll: New Israel Centrist Party Could Defeat Likud - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Must Stay Committed to Middle East, Carter Says - AFPS

EU Imposes Toughest Sanctions Against Iran - VOA

Iran Further Expanding Enrichment Capacity - Reuters

Iran Media Officials Castigate Europe Over Satellite Blackout - NYT

Divided Palestinians Hold Municipal Elections Without Hamas - Reuters

Yemen: Suspected US Drone Strikes Kill 7 Militants - AP             

Shell Ignites Arms Depot Near Yemen Military HQ - Reuters

Fuel Chaos a Sign Egypt Needs Reforms - WP

Egyptian Father: Daughter Punished for Not Veiling - AP

Egypt Teacher Fired for Cutting Girls' Uncovered Hair - Reuters

Salafists Blamed for Destroying Pagan Rock Carving in Morocco - Reuters


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

FBI Arrests Bangladeshi Man in Bombing Plot - VOA

Man Arrested in Purported Plot to Bomb New York Fed - WP

Man Held in NYC Plot to Blow Up Federal Reserve - AP

Feds: Suspect Sent 'Cannon Fodder' to Somalia - AP

Iranian Man Pleads Guilty in Saudi Envoy Murder Plot - Reuters

4 Defendants Absent for Start of Wednesday's 9/11 Hearing - S&S

9/11 Defendant Condemns Military Tribunal Process - AFPS

Accused 9/11 Plotter Lectures Military Tribunal - AP

9/11 'Mastermind' in Camouflage for Gitmo Court - AP

Al-Qaeda’s Resurgence - Commentary opinion


US Department of Defense

DOD Augments Stability Operations with Partners, Private Sector - AFPS

Navy OKs $1B for Missile Called Flawed by Weapons Tester - Bloomberg

DOD Develops Energy Strategy for Future Force - AFPS

Marine Corps: Email on Adopting Bomb-sniffing Dogs is a Hoax - USAT

US Air Force Needs to Get More Cash - AOLD opinion


International Criminal Court

New ICC Chief Prosecutor Discusses Work of Tribunal - VOA


United States

Survey Paints Picture of War-Weary America - CT

Troops and Veterans Left on the Sideline Again in Second Debate - S&S

Anti-military Vibes Reverberate as Thousands of Veterans Head to College - NBC

Bulletproof Glass Distorts the Diplomatic View - WP opinion

Should Industry Face More Cybersecurity Mandates? - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

As Crisis Widens, Fears That Britain Aims to Exit European Union - NYT



DR Congo Demands Uganda Explain Its Role in DRC Insecurity - VOA

Uganda Blasts New Allegations of Helping Congo Rebels - VOA

Sudan: 660 Dead Since 2011 in Fighting With Rebels - AP

Group: Hunger 'Critical' in Violent Area of Sudan - AP

Peacekeeper Killed, Three Wounded in Sudan's Darfur Region - Reuters

Gold Fields Set to Fire 11,000 Strikers in South Africa - Reuters

Eritrea Calls for Lifting of Sanctions - VOA

Zambia Government Seeks Foreign Investors - VOA



Colombia Tries Again to End Drug-Fed War - NYT

Colombian Peace Delegates Start Work in Oslo - AP

Colombia, FARC Rebels Begin Peace Talks in Oslo - Reuters

7 Mexico Officials Detained for Links to Cartel - AP

Mexico Charges Drug Gang Investigators With Cartel Ties - Reuters

Mexican Drug Kingpin's Daughter Not Talking to US Officials - Reuters

Mexico Seeks Exhumation of Drug Lord's Parents - AP

Mexico Seeks Allies in Trade Dispute With China - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

China Comes Under Scrutiny in US Presidential Debate - VOA

Analysis: Reality of US-China Ties Lost in Debate - AP

US Ambassador Confirms Meeting With Tibetans in Western China - NYT

China’s Superheated Economy Cools - WP

China's Economic Growth Slows to 7.4 Percent - AP

Philippine President Optimistic About China Ties - VOA

Philippines Accused of Torturing Guard Mistaken for Rebel - AP

Japanese Ministers Visit Controversial War Shrine - VOA

Japanese Politician’s Visit To Shrine Raises Worries - NYT

Japan Angered by Alleged US Rape - WP

US Military Helps With Okinawa Rape Investigation - AP

Vietnam PM Keeps Post as Economic Struggles Continue - VOA

Cambodia, Mourning, Casts an Eye to the Future - NYT

Indonesian Minister's Rape Comments Draw Ire - VOA

US Sees 'Open Channel' With Burma on Human Rights - Reuters

Getting Tough on China - WP editorial

China’s Nobels - NYT opinion

In Burma, Winds of Change - JT opinion



Russian Opposition Leader Investigated - VOA

Russia Arrests Opposition Leader, Threatening Terror Charges - NYT

Russia Opens Case Against Dissident - WP

Radio Liberty to Expand Online, Cease Russia Broadcasts - VOA

Corruption Rattles Italians’ Already Shaky Trust in Politicians - NYT

Greece Faces Anti-Austerity Shutdown as EU Meets - Reuters

Spanish Police Break Up Major Chinese Crime Ring - VOA

Sweden: US Embassy Evacuated in Stockholm - AP

Russia: Mr. Putin’s Gift to Terrorists - NYT editorial


South Asia

‘Mullah Radio’ Believed to be Behind Attack on Pakistani Schoolgirl - WP

Pakistanis Divided on Army Offensive After Attack - AP

Persecuted Hazaras Flee Pakistan; Some Die Trying - AP