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17 October SWJ Roundup

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Report: Two Americans Among Six Killed by Kandahar Suicide ‘Insider’ - S&S

Afghans Deny Intel Agent Killed 2 Americans - VOA

Coalition Expresses Regret for Possible Civilian Casualties - AFPS

NATO 'Regret' Over Afghan Deaths - BBC

Suicide Bomber Wounds 45 Afghan Soldiers in East - Reuters



90 Dead in Syrian Regime Attacks on Rebel Areas - AP

UN Warns of Jihadists in Syria - BBC

Divided Syrian Rebels Agree on Joint Leadership - Reuters

Syria Mediator Warns Conflict Could Consume Middle East - Reuters

Syria Says Hopes Envoy's Tour Will Help Peace Prospects - Reuters

Rebels Forcing Syrian Jets to Bomb From High Altitude - Reuters

Syrian Rebels in Aleppo Mostly Poor, Pious, Rural - AP

UN Syria Envoy Calls on Government to Start Truce - AP

NATO Must Offer Turkey Military Support in Syria Crisis - CSM opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Sanctions May Cut Supply of Currency - NYT

Agency: Sanctions Against Iran Hurt Oil Exports - WP

Iran: New EU Sanctions 'Inhuman' and Ineffective - AP

Senior Iraqi Official Ponders if His Government is a Client of Iran - CSM

Officials: Attacks Across Baghdad Kill 5 People - AP

Israel Says Gaza Militants Fired Anti-Aircraft Missile - AP

BBC: Grave of Moshe Dayan Vandalized - BBC

Israel Gaza Blockade Study Calculated Palestinians' Calories - Reuters

Kuwait's Emir Warned at Protest - BBC

Yemeni Debate Over Drones Emerges After Saleh's Fall - Reuters

Group: Libya Militias 'Executed' Gadhafi Loyalists - WT

Let the Palestinians Decide Their Own Fate - DS editorial

Sanctions Won't Stop Iran - NP opinion

Iraq Suffers from Chaotic Foreign Policy - TG opinion

Politics Around Benghazi Tragedy Distract Us from Bigger Issues - CSM opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

3 Detainees Skip Court as 9/11 Hearing Continues - AFPS

Gitmo War Court Back in Session Minus 3 Defendants - AP

9/11 Tribunal to Take on Rat Feces at Guantanamo - WT

US Court Overturns Conviction for Bin Laden's Driver - VOA

In Setback for Military Tribunals, Bin Laden Driver’s Conviction Reversed - NYT

German Court Rejects Appeal of US Airmen's Killer - S&S


US Department of Defense

New Graduate Program Helps Intel Officers Study Emerging Threats - AFPS

Female Soldiers Fight Pentagon in Court for Combat Positions - LAT

First Women Drop Out of Marine Officer Infantry Training - S&S

Armored Vehicles That Save Lives - NYT editorial

100% Right 0% of the Time - FP opinion


United States

More Fire for White House Over Benghazi Attack - USAT

US Court: Town Can Restrict Protests at Military Funerals - AP

Passing the Buck on Benghazi - WT editorial

Clinton’s Mea Culpa on Libya - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Britain Refuses to Extradite Computer Hacker Sought in US - NYT

The Case for Independent Scotland - TG opinion

Scotland Independence Movement Sends Dangerous Message - CSM opinion



African Governance Index Shows Decline - VOA

Monitoring Group: Sudan Forces Burn, Loot Village - VOA

Rwanda Leads DR Congo Rebels, Says UN - BBC

Rwanda and Uganda Arm Congo Rebels, UN Report Says - Reuters

Nigeria's Maiduguri Shaken by 'Boko Haram' Blasts - BBC

Ivory Coast Tightens Security After Overnight Attacks - VOA

Uganda Government Rejects Criticisms of Dissent Intolerance - VOA



Cuban Missile Crisis: 5 Ways Leftist Ideology Lives on in LatAm - CSM

Colombia: Gov’t and FARC  Negotiators Off to Peace Talks - BBC

Venezuela’s Opposition Struggles for Unity - NYT

Daughter of Mexican Drug Lord Detained in California, US Says - NYT

Cuba to Ease Travel Abroad for Many Citizens - WP

Easing Path Out of Country, Cuba Is Dropping Exit Visas - NYT

US Welcomes Cuba Travel Reform - BBC

Cuba’s Prisoner Pawns - WP editorial

Cuba Unlocks the Door - TT editorial


Asia / Pacific

Asian Powers Increase Military Spending - VOA

Analysis: Lost in Debate: Reality of US-China Ties - AP

China, Japan Flex Naval Muscles as Dispute Festers - AP

Locklear Sees Peaceful End to China-Japan Maritime Dispute - Bloomberg

Japan Reports Chinese Ships Near Disputed Islands - VOA

Chinese 'View US Less Positively' - BBC

Corruption, Safety of Food Worry Chinese People - AP

Arrests of 2 US Sailors in Rape Case Threaten to Fan Okinawa’s Anger - NYT

Philippines Plans to Make ex-US Bases Foundation of New Air-Sea Hub - S&S

Sailors, Marines from Okinawa Near End of Philippine Exercise - AP

2 Police Killed Investigating Terror in Indonesia - AP

Burmese President Retains Party Leadership - VOA

Cambodia Set for Week of Mourning - BBC



Former Bosnian Leader Begins His Defense at Genocide Trial - NYT

Bosnian-Serb War Crimes Suspect Karadzic Demands 'Reward' at Trial - VOA

Bosnian-Serb Karadzic Declares Innocence at War Crimes Trial - LAT

Bosnian-Serb Karadzic Denies Bosnia War Crimes - BBC

Russia Opens Probe Against Opposition Leader - AP

Spain Police Tackle Chinese Mafia - BBC


South Asia

India’s Anti-Corruption Activists Return - WP

India: A Push to Provide More Escape Patches - NYT

India, Australia to Begin Talks on Uranium Exports - AP

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban is Strong, British Doctors Say - VOA

Classmates of Girl Shot by Taliban in Pakistan ‘Worried For Our Lives’ - WP

British Police Stop ‘Well-Wishers’ in Pakistani Girl’s Hospital - NYT

Is India Still a Rising Power? - NS opinion