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16 October SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Army’s Turnover Threatens US Strategy - NYT

Suicide ‘Insider’ Attack Kills Six in Afghanistan - NYT

Army Colonel's Memo Foreshadowed Doomed Soldier's Email - TT

Brush with Death for Young Afghan Linked to Bomb - ST

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Mining Contract Details Disclosed in Afghanistan - NYT

Russia Asks Afghanistan for Help with Soviet MIAs - AP



Attacks in Pakistan Prompt Questions of Military Offensive - VOA

Scores of Militants Attack Pakistani Police Station - AP

Teen Shot by Taliban is Now Face of Girls Education Movement - LAT

British Doctors Predict 'Good Recovery' for Pakistani Teen - VOA

UK Doctors Hopeful for Pakistani Girl - BBC

Global Outpouring to Help Pakistani Schoolgirl - NYT

Supporting Pakistanis, Stopping the Taliban - NYT opinion



US Continues to Send Nonlethal Aid to Syrian Opposition - AFPS

US Says Hezbollah Is Part of Assad's War Machine - AP

Syria Denies Cluster Bomb Allegations - VOA

Syria Rejects Cluster Bomb Claims - BBC

UN Envoy Asks Iran for Help with Syrian Cease-Fire - VOA

Peace Envoy Seeks Iranian Help for Syria Ceasefire - Reuters

Envoy Appeals to Iran Over Syria - BBC

UN Envoy Seeks Pause in Syria for Holiday - NYT

Empty Talk on Syria - WP opinion

Will NATO Fight a Token War for Turkey? - NP opinion



US Rushes to Help Create Commando Force in Libya - NYT

White House Mulls How to Strike Over Libya Attack - AP

Clinton: 'I Take Responsibility' for Benghazi - CNN

Clinton: ‘Full Responsibility’ for Security at Libya Mission - WP

Clinton Says Consulate Security Her Responsibility - AP

Benghazi Attack Narrative Entangles US Ambassador to UN - WP

US Unhappy With Handling of Benghazi Suspects in April Attack - Reuters

Libya Jail Hit by Mass Breakout - BBC

120 Prisoners Flee in Libyan Prison Break - AP


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Pretrial Hearings Begin for Alleged Sept. 11 Mastermind - WP

Accused 9/11 Conspirators Appear in Court at Guantanamo - WT

Sept. 11 Case Back Before Guantanamo War Crimes Court - AP

Gitmo Detainees Behave This Time at 9/11 Hearing - AP

9/11 Responder in NY: 'We Want Justice' - AP

Rural NC County Learns of its Role in bin Laden’s Death - TNO


Middle East / North Africa

In Arab World, a Rise of Militant Jihadists - WP

Russia Seeks to Rebuild Influence in Iraq - VOA

Six Killed in North Iraq Violence - BBC

EU Agrees to Impose New Iran Sanctions - Reuters

Iran Sanctions Need Time, UK PM Says - BBC

White House Says Welcomes EU Adoption of New Iran Sanctions - Reuters

Azerbaijan Relishes Role as the anti-Iran - WP

Iran's Secret Plan to Contaminate Hormuz - DS

Israeli Parliament Dissolves for Early Election - AP

Israel: Olmert Plans Comeback to Challenge Netanyahu - NYT

US: Palestinian Status Bid Jeopardizes Peace Process - Reuters

Saudis 'Insulted' by UK Inquiry - BBC

Egyptian Rights Group: No End to Police Abuses - VOA

Egypt Probes Military Rulers for Protest Deaths - AP

New Interim PM Selected in Libya - VOA

Algerian Troops Kill Key Islamist - BBC

A US ‘Reset’ with Israel? - WP editorial

U.S. Policy Empowers Mideast Radicals - JP opinion

The New Egypt - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense Cuts, Though Unlikely, Have Both Parties Pointing Fingers - S&S

Deployed Soldier Begins Sex Change - AT

Blowback to High-tech Warfare - WP opinion


United States

US Presidential Campaigns Offer Preview of Debate Rematch - VOA

Two Americans Win Nobel Economics Prize - VOA

Initiative Aims to Train 100K Veterans in High-tech Manufacturing - S&S

Former Soldier Pleads Guilty in Ga. Militia Case - AP

General’s 1962 Memo Addresses Nuclear Combat on Cuba - NYT


United Kingdom

Britain Takes a Step Back From EU - NYT

Scotland Seals Terms of Historic 2014 Independence Vote - Reuters

Scottish Referendum Deal Struck - BBC

Scots to Vote on Breaking from Britain - WP

Scots Want More Powers, Not Independence - TG opinion



No Ibrahim Prize for African Leadership This Year - NYT

Dlamini-Zuma Becomes First Female AU Commission Chair - VOA

Hunt for Notorious Ugandan Warlord Kony Loses Momentum - WT

Secessionist Leader Arrest Raises Tensions in Kenya - VOA

Kenyan Official 'Hacked to Death' - BBC

15 Explosions, Gunfire Heard in North Nigeria City - AP

Conflict Keeps Northern Mali Children from School - VOA

Mali: Girl in Timbuktu Whipped for Speaking to Men - AP

Gunmen Kidnap 6, Including Aid Workers, in Niger - Reuters

Liberia’s CDC Discusses Institutional Building and Reconciliation - VOA

Gunmen Attack Ivory Coast Power Station, Security Facilities - Reuters

Tanzania Church Attack Arrests - BBC



Colombia Peace Talks Begin Wednesday in Oslo - AP

Colombia, FARC Delay Arrival for Peace Talks in Norway - Reuters

Mexico Raids Seized Campuses, Battle Protesters - AP

Argentina Axes Navy Chief After Frigate Seized in Ghana - Reuters

Argentine Navy Chief Replaced Amid Libertad Row - BBC

Argentine Navy Officers Summarily Executed Inmates - AP

Spanish Activist Jailed in Cuba - BBC

Cuba Sentences Spanish Activist to 4 Years in Car Crash - AP

America Ignores Mexico at Its Peril - FT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Asian Powers Double Defense Spending in a Decade - AP

China Begins Aircraft Carrier Flight Training - AP

North Korea Rebuffs US at Secret Meeting in China - FP

S. Korean Defense Chief Apologizes Over Border Watch - AP

Philippines, Muslim Rebels Sign Preliminary Accord - VOA

Philippine Government Signs Pact With Muslim Rebels - NYT

Peace Plan Signed in Philippines - BBC

Muslim Rebels Ink Philippine Pact as Step to Peace - AP

Burma Bars Islamic Office Opening - BBC

Burma Won't Allow OIC to Open Liaison Office - AP

Malaysian Sentencing Plan for Child Rape Criticized - NYT

Cambodia Mourns Former King Who Shaped Decades of History - VOA

Cambodia's Former King Norodom Sihanouk Dies at 89 - AP

There's More to Asia Than Aging China - SMH opinion



Europe Taking Google to Task on Data Collection - WP

Putin’s Party Dominates Russian Regional Elections - NYT

Russia: Putin’s Party Sweeps Elections - WP

Portugal Announces Tough Budget - BBC

Portugal's Draft Budget Sticks With Deficit Targets - NYT

Last Suspect Goes on Trial at Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal - Reuters

Peace Prize Honoring Favorites Over Accomplishments - WT opinion


South Asia

Pacom Chief Encourages Closer US-India Security Ties - AFPS