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10 October SWJ Roundup

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UN Envoy: Afghanistan Not Headed for Collapse - AP

UN Extends NATO-led Force in Afghanistan - AP

Panetta, Allen to Reassure NATO on Insider Attacks - AP

US-Taliban Talks Collapsed Over Guantánamo Deal, Says Official - TG

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Taliban’s Savage attack on an Afghan Teen - WP opinion



Taliban Gunmen Shoot Pakistani Teen Activist - VOA

Teenage School Activist Survives Attack by Taliban - NYT

Taliban Says it Shot ‘Infidel’14-year-old Girl - WP

Taliban Gunmen Shoot 14-year-old Girl Activist - AP

Outcry Over Pakistan Attack on Activist Malala Yousafza, 14 - BBC



US Military Sent to Jordan on Syria Crisis - NYT

Twin Suicide Blasts Target Syrian Intelligence Base - VOA

Syria Intelligence Complex Bombed - BBC

NATO Ready to Defend Turkey - VOA

NATO: Turkey Can Rely on Alliance for Defense - S&S

NATO Says Ready to Defend Turkey if Shelling Continues - AP

NATO Makes Plans to Back Turkey Over Syria Spillover - Reuters

Iran Aids Syrian Surveillance of Rebels - WP

Civil War Leaves Syrian Economy, Cities in Ruins - AP

Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Responsibility for Blasts - NYT

UN Concerned by Reports Medical Facilities Used in Syria - Reuters

Chavez: Venezuela to Keep Supporting Syrian Govt - AP



Iraq, Russia Sign Multi-Billion Dollar Arms Contracts - VOA

Russia Revives Arms Sales to Iraq - BBC

Russia Gets $4.2 Billion Arms Deals with Iraq, Rivals US - Bloomberg

Al-Qaida Making Comeback in Iraq, Officials Say - AP



State Department Changes Account of Benghazi Attack - WT

State Dept. Said Violence Risk Was High in Libya Before Attack - WP

US Officer Got No Reply to Requests for More Security - Reuters

State Department Creates Own Board to Look at Security Query - WT

US Officials Say Frantic Search Failed to Find Envoy in Benghazi - Reuters

Benghazi Attack May Cloud Clinton’s Legacy - WP

Libya: ICC Debates Trial Venue for Gadhafi's Eldest Son - VOA

Libya: Court Mulls Where Gadhafi's Son Should Be Tried - AP

Obama’s Deadly Oversight - WT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Netanyahu Calls for Early Elections in Israel - NYT

Netanyahu Calls for Early Elections in Israel - WP

Netanyahu Calls Early Israel Poll - BBC

Netanyahu Orders Israeli Elections, Eight Months Early - AP

Key Issues in Israeli Election Early Next Year - AP

Key Parties in Israeli Elections - AP

After Drone, Israel Deploys Missile Defense Unit - AP

Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Says Kingdom Can Meet Demand - AP

Iran May Cut Ties with UAE Over Disputed Islands - AP

Al-Qaida Suspected in Decapitation of 3 Yemeni Men - AP

US Terror Suspect Held in Yemen - BBC

Egyptian Leader Issues Pardon for Revolutionary Activists - VOA

Thousands March to Mark Killing of Egypt Copts - AP

A Truly Credible Military Threat to Iran - FP opinion

It’s Not Just About Us - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Muslim Cleric Pleads Not Guilty in Terror Case in NY - NYT

Abu Hamza Denies US Terror Charge - BBC

Egyptian-born Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in NY - AP

US Terror Suspect Held in Yemen - BBC

Abu Qatada Begins Jordan Deportation Appeal - BBC



Gaga Visits WikiLeaks Chief at Ecuadorean Embassy - AP


United Nations

UN Overestimated Hunger Figures - BBC

UN Leader, France Discuss Conflicts in Syria, Mali - VOA



Panetta to Convey US Support at NATO Conference - AFPS

NATO Ready to Defend Turkey - VOA

NATO: Turkey Can Rely on Alliance for Defense - S&S

NATO Says Ready to Defend Turkey if Shelling Continues - AP

NATO Makes Plans to Back Turkey Over Syria Spillover - Reuters

NATO Ministers Discuss ‘Smart Defense’ Initiative - AFPS

Georgia Rivals Agree on NATO Goal - BBC


US Department of Defense

Contractors in War Zones: Not Exactly “Contracting” - Time

Lockheed Martin Hopes to Cash in By Upgrading F-16s - FWST

All Active Services Meet Recruiting Goals Through August - AFPS


United States

GOP Lawmakers Seek Removal of VA's Chief of Staff - AP

SpaceX Rocket Glitch Puts Satellite in Wrong Orbit - Reuters

October Marks 50th Anniversary of Cuban Missile Crisis - VOA

Obama’s Foreign Policy Narrative Unravels - NYDN editorial

Romney's Sorta-Kinda Call to Arms - CNN opinion

Securing Our Cybernetworks - WP opinion



Sudan Says Arrests Suspects in Darfur Peacekeeper Attack - Reuters

Witnesses Say Nigerian Soldiers Kill 30 After Blast - VOA

UN Resolution Seeks Recovery of Mali's North - AP

North Mali Militias Train Youth to Fight - VOA

Gbagbo Ally: No Mali Rebel Link - BBC

Uganda Trying to Broker Congo, Rebel Talks - Reuters

Congo Blasts: ex-Minister Charged - BBC

Kenyans Protest Lawmakers' $110K Bonuses - VOA

Kenya President Blocks Parliament Bonus Pay - Reuters

Ivory Coast Exiles Set Up Strategic Command in Ghana - Reuters

Sierra Leone Tribunal to Wrap Up Business Soon - AP

Crime Study: South Africans Fear Housebreaking Most - VOA

More South African Miners Fired After Strikes - VOA



Mexico Confirms It Killed Gang Kingpin; Gunmen Steal Body - NYT

Mexican Marines Kill Zetas Cartel Chief; Body Stolen - WP

Mexico Drug Chief's Body Stolen - BBC

Mexican Official: Gunmen Stole Zetas Leader's Body - AP

Slain Mexican Kingpin Deserted Army, Led Zetas Drug Gang - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Foes Face Long Odds Despite Vote Gains - AP

Chavez Hails Venezuela Poll Win - BBC

Venezuela's Chavez Hails 'Perfect' Democracy - Reuters

Colombia Militia Boss Confesses - BBC

Brazil: New Military Campaign Launched at Borders - AP

Brazil: Lula’s ex-Aide Guilty of Corruption - BBC

Brazilian Corruption Trial Dims Lula's Aura - Reuters

Chevron Fails to Block $18 Billion Ecuador Judgment - Reuters

Foreign Executives Arrested in Cuba in 2011 Await Charges - Reuters

Latin America May End the Drug War - Time opinion

In Venezuela Chavez Wins, Kirchner Wins - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Joint War Games with US Not About China, Says Philippines - PDI

Philippine High Court Suspends Contentious Internet Law - NYT

Japan Economy Shaky as Island Spat Hits Business - AP

Citing Bo Case, China Vows to Get Tough on Corruption - VOA

China Slams House Report, Says Accusations ‘Groundless’ - WP

China Hints at Labor Camp Reform - BBC

North Korea Says Its Rockets Could Hit Continental US - VOA

North Korea Says Its Missiles Can Reach US Mainland - NYT

Taiwan's Ma Pledges Greater Effort to Fix Economy - AP

Taiwan Asking Apple to Blur Satellite Image - AP

Untenable Thai Rice Scheme Puts Populist PM in Bind - Reuters

Kissinger Gets China Right - WP opinion



German Leader Receives Hostile Reception in Greece - VOA

Germany’s Merkel Arrives in Greece Amid Worker Protests - WP

Greek Leader Greets Merkel as Thousands Take to Streets - NYT

German Leader Pledges Greece Support - BBC

Greek Police Clash with Protesters During Merkel Visit - Reuters

Georgia's Political Factions Now Must Govern Together - VOA

Georgia Rivals Agree on NATO Goal - BBC

Bosnians Pursue Lawsuit Against the UN - AP

Italy Sacks 'Mafia Link' Council - BBC

Scottish to Vote on Independence in 2014 - Reuters


South Asia

Senior US Official Welcomes India's Economic Reforms - VOA

Younger Indians Eager to Embrace Foreign Retailers - NYT

Indian Girls Rise Up Against Child Marriage - VOA

Arrested Maldives ex-President Denies Charges - AP