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6 October SWJ Roundup

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US Suspects Haqqani Tie to Afghan Insider Attacks - AP

Panetta Rejects Karzai Criticism of Afghan War Effort - Reuters

Panetta Says Karzai Should Thank Allied Forces - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

In Afghanistan, Deadly Ignorance - WP opinion

Afghanistan Confirms Deadlines Don't Work - Contentions opinion



Turkey Fires Back at Syria for Third Day - WP

Turkey 'in New Syria Retaliation' - BBC

Turkey Responds to Mortar Fire From Syria - AP

Turkey Warns Syria More Strikes Would be Fatal Mistake - Reuters

Russia Urges Restraint From Turkey After Syria Border Attacks - Reuters

Rebels Say West’s Inaction Is Pushing Syrians to Extremism - NYT

Syrian Warplanes Strike Homs as Rebels Claim to Capture Base - NYT

Syrian Regime Opens New Urban Front, Shells Homs - AP

Aleppo Hospital Struggles With Rising Number of Civilian Casualties - VOA

UN Security Council Condemns 'Terrorist Attacks' in Aleppo - Reuters

Syrians Take Refuge in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley  - VOA

UN Council Condemns Suicide Bombings in Syria - AP

Reporter Slain in Syria Honored With Rights Award - AP

48 Hours with the Rebels in Syria - WP opinion



Amid Protests in Iran, a New Tone in Israel - WP

Defiant Message Amid Iran Currency Crisis - NYT

Official: Iran Needs “24 Hours And An Excuse” To Annihilate Israel - CBS

Iran Jams VOA's Satellite Broadcasts - VOA

Iran Blames Economic 'Conspiracy' as Criticism Grows - Reuters

EU Questions 'Taboo' Against Broad Trade Embargo on Iran - Reuters

UN Chief Says Sanctions Harm Iranians - AP

A Bright Red Line on Iran - WP opinion

Will NATO Get Sucked into Syrian War? - NPR opinion



Turkey Detains 2 in Connection With Killings in Libya - NYT

Turkey Arrests Suspects in Libya US Consulate Attack - WT

Washington Rejected US Embassy Request for Plane in Libya - Reuters

State Department Delayed Seeking Security for FBI Agents in Libya - McClatchy


Middle East / North Africa

Al-Qaida Claims Attack Wave and Jailbreak in Iraq - AP

Thousands Gather in Jordan Calling for Reform - VOA

Jordanians Rally for Broader Reforms - WP

Jordan Protests After Poll Call - BBC

In Biggest Protest, Jordan Islamists Demand Change - Reuters

Jordan's Islamists Rally for Elections Boycott - AP

New Clashes at Site in Jerusalem Holy to Both Muslims and Jews - NYT

American Shot Dead in Israel After Killing Hotel Worker - VOA

Israeli Forces Kill American Gunman in Hotel Shoot-out - Reuters

Israel Police Disperse Palestinians at Holy Site - AP

Israeli Police Use Stun Grenades to Break Up Al-Aqsa Protest - Reuters

Signs Growing That Israeli PM Will Call Early Vote - AP

Police Clash With Protesters in Bahrain - Reuters

Bahrain Police, Protesters Clash in Capital Manama - AP

Rights Abuses Persist in New Tunisia, Investigators Say - Reuters

Protests Erupt in Tunisian Revolution Town - AP

Morocco Revokes Accreditation From AFP Reporter - AP

Jordan Muzzles the Web - WP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Terror Suspects Extradited from UK to US - BBC

Britain Extradites Islamist Cleric to United States - Reuters

Abu Hamza Extradited to US After UK Ruling - AP

Saudi Man Dropped From UN Al Qaeda Sanctions List - Reuters

UN Removes Saudi Businessman From Blacklist - AP

Mold Problem Won't Hold Up Guantanamo Proceedings - AP


US Department of Defense

Army Acquisition Officer Works With Google - AFPS

Panetta Encourages Defense Department Members, Families to Vote - AFPS

Navy’s New Class of Warships: Big Bucks, Little Bang - Time opinion


United States

Border Patrol Agent’s Death Likely Result of Friendly Fire - WP

Accident Suspected in Agent’s Death on Mexican Border - NYT

FBI Raises US Border Death Doubts - BBC

Probe Points to Friendly Fire in Arizona Border Patrol Death - Reuters

Partisan Debate Deepens Over Layoff Notices Before Sequestration - S&S

Upbeat Jobs Report Brings Good News for Vets, Too - S&S

Aerial Daredevil’s Supersonic Free Fall Will be Stratospheric - LAT

US Should Lead Cybersecurity Efforts, NSA Director Says - AFPS



Broken Down Lines Worsen Crisis in North Nigeria - AP

Poll Shows Kenyan PM Holds Small Lead in Presidential Race - VOA

American Jihadist Struggles Inside Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked Militia - WP

Kenya Wary of Being Seen as an Occupying Force in Somalia - Reuters

Four Killed in Machete Gang Attack on Kenyan Minister - Reuters

Nigeria Anti-Fraud Agents Jailed - BBC

Court Rules Kenyans Can Sue UK for Colonial-Era Abuses - VOA

French Hostage in Somalia Pleads for His Life on Video - Reuters

Besigye: Uganda Government Squelching Protest - VOA

Strikers Say Police Kill Another Miner in South Africa - VOA

South Africa Mine Owner Fires Workers - BBC

South African Miners Are Fired for Staging a Strike - AP

Guinea's Conde Sacks 11 Ministers in Surprise Cabinet Shake-Up - Reuters

Seized Argentine Naval Ship Remains in Ghana - AP



Chavez Opponents Say Venezuela Not Democratic - VOA

Venezuelan Fear Factor: Electronic Ballots - NYT

Venezuela Military: Election Arbiter and Wild Card - AP

Nervous Venezuelans Stock Up on Supplies Before Election - Reuters

Panetta to Meet With Top Officials in Peru, Uruguay - AFPS

Revenge Seen as Possible Motive in Mexico Slaying - AP

Guatemala Price Protest Kills Six - BBC

Rage in Guatemala Over Killings of 7 Protesters - AP

Tunneling Through the Andes to Speed Global Trade - AP

World Bank Body Says Ecuador Owes Occidental $1.8B - AP

Spaniard Goes on Trial in Cuba Dissident's Death - AP

Cuba Activist Death Trial Begins - BBC

Spaniard Tried in Cuba Dissident Death; No Verdict - AP

Cuban Blogger Held as Spanish Activist Goes on Trial - Reuters

Cuba Arrests anti-Castro Blogger - WP

Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez Arrested in Cuba - Reuters

Venezuela: How Hugo Chávez Became Irrelevant - NYT opinion

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez Might Actually Lose - TNR opinion

In Venezuela, Everything's in Play - FP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Asian Nations Meet on Island Disputes - VOA

Japan Protests South Korean Media Tour to Disputed Isle - VOA

South Korea, US Agree on Boosting Missile Capability - Reuters

Death Toll in China Landslide Rises - VOA

Words to Soothe Asia’s Tensions - NYT opinion



Russia's Putin in Charge at 60, but Facing Threats - Reuters

New Russian TV Pressure on Opposition Forces - AP

Russia Extends Tajik Base Lease to Curb Militant Threat - Reuters

European Stars to Perform for Chechnya's Leader - AP

Georgia Vote Rivals in Talks on Smooth Transfer - Reuters

Spain Seals Deal with US Over NATO Missile Shield - AP

Italy Needs Anti-Corruption Authority - Reuters

France: Marseille Police Unit Deeply Corrupt - Reuters

Greece: Tension in Athens Over Pay Row - BBC

Asylum Seekers in 500 Km Protest March Across Germany - Reuters


Europe / Central Asia

Armenian President Says Azerbaijan Threatens New War - Reuters

Clash Over Hijab Ban in Azerbaijan - NYT

65 Detained at Violent Azerbaijan Headscarf Rally - AP

Kyrgyz Opposition MPs Charged With Coup Attempt - Reuters

Kyrgyz Politician Charged With Seeking Power Grab - AP


South Asia

Pakistan has New Deadline on Corruption Showdown - VOA

Pakistani PM Candidate Tries to Stage Drone Protest in Tribal Area - WP

Imran Khan to Lead Pakistan Drone Protest - BBC

Americans in Pakistan to Protest Drone Strikes - AP

Burma Monks Protest Bangladesh Attacks - AP