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5 October SWJ Roundup

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Minister: Insider Attacks Due to Infiltration, Not Culture Clashes - S&S

Afghan Official Blames Taliban for Insider Attacks - WT

Insider Outrage: Families Feel Added Sense of Violation, Betrayal - S&S

Karzai Accuses US of Duplicity in Fighting Afghan Enemies - NYT

Karzai Denies Plan to Stay in Power, Chides US - WP

Afghan President: No Delay in 2014 Vote -VOA

Afghans Put Insurgents Under Increasing Pressure, Ops Chief Says - AFPS

Pentagon Dedicated to SGT Bergdahl’s Return from Captivity - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Peace Talks With the Taliban - NYT editorial



UN Condemns Syria's Turkey Attack - BBC

UN Strongly Condemns Syrian Shelling of Turkey - AP

Turkey Vows to Protect its People after Syrian Shelling - WT

Turkey Approves Possible Further Action Against Syria - VOA

Turkey Authorizes Further Military Operations in Syria - AP

Tensions Persist Between Turkey, Syria After Cross-border Exchange - WP

Turkey’s Parliament Backs Military Measures on Syria - NYT

Turkish Military Action Heightens Regional Tensions - VOA

US Backs Turkey, Hopes Syria Dispute Doesn't Escalate - Reuters

Syria's Aleppo: Wracked by Suffering, Enveloped in Fear - VOA

DoD Press Secretary Calls Syria’s Actions ‘Wrong, Deplorable’ - AFPS

Syria Becomes a Wedge Between US and Turkey - WP opinion

Be Wary of Playing Turkey's Game with Syria - TT opinion



As Iran’s Currency Keeps Tumbling, Anxiety Is Rising - NYT

Food Prices, Inflation Rise Sharply in Iran - WP

Sixteen Arrested for Role in Iran's Currency Crisis - VOA

Iran Police on Watch After Currency Protests - AP

Iran Offers Plan, Dismissed by US, on Nuclear Crisis - NYT



US Contingency Plan Seemed to Fail in Libya - WP

FBI Agents Scour Ruins of Attacked US Diplomatic Compound - NYT

FBI Came to Benghazi and Left in Past 24 Hours - AP

FBI Investigates Libyan Attack - BBC

US Military Supports FBI Mission to Benghazi, Libya - AFPS

Setback for Libya Government Plan - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Jordan’s King Calls for Early Elections - BBC

Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood Plans March in Amman Friday - VOA

Israeli Arab Accused of Spying for Hezbollah - AP

Tunisia Seeks Death Penalty Over Anti-US Attacks - AP

Morocco Denies Entry to Dutch "Abortion Ship" - Reuters

Is Islam an Obstacle to Democracy? - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Al Qaeda Responsible for 4 Attacks on US Embassies in September - WS

Al-Qaeda Blamed for Europe-wide Forest Fires - TT

UK Abu Hamza Extradition Ruling Due - BBC

TV Movie Dramatizing bin Laden Raid to Air Nov. 4 - AP


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Releases Western Hemisphere Defense Policy Statement - AFPS

Panetta to Visit South America, Brussels - AFPS

General: ‘My Career Was Done’ When I Criticized Flawed Warplane - DR

Dempsey Opposes Demotion of 4-star Accused of Wasting Funds - AP

Pentagon Delays McChrystal Memoir - WP


United States

Report: Napolitano Misled Congress on Terrorism 'Fusion' Centers - WT

Feds Team with Amtrak to Fight Human Trafficking - WT

Los Angeles to Cease Transferring Some Immigrants - NYT

Henry Kissinger on Foreign Policy - WP video interview

World of Troubles: Foreign Policy in US Election - TE editorial



First Marine Deployment to Australia Generally Positive, Study Shows - S&S



Private Army Formed to Fight Somali Pirates Leaves Troubled Legacy - NYT

US State Department 'Appalled' by Ambush in Sudan’s Darfur - Reuters

Nigeria Denies 'Massacre' Arrests - BBC

Blast Outside Nigerian Bar Kills One, Wounds 11 - AP

South African Strikers Say Police Kill Another Miner - Reuters

Kenyans Await UK Torture Ruling - BBC



Mexico Holds 2 in Connection With US Border Agent Shooting - AP

Two Men Held in Mexico for US Border Agent Death - BBC

US Prosecutors Indict Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel Figure - Reuters

Son of Prominent Mexican Politician Shot Dead - Reuters

Colombia-FARC Talks Set for 17 October - BBC

Colombian Drug Boss Turns Himself In to US Officials - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Faces Strongest Challenge this Weekend - WT

Venezuela: Public Employees Close Offices, Pack Chavez Rally - AP

Venezuela Poll Campaigning Ends - BBC

Venezuela's Chavez Fights Young Rival in Re-election Bid - Reuters

Venezuela Vote Puts 'Chavismo' to Critical Test - AP

Argentine Coast Guard, Border Patrol Continues Wage Protests - AP

At Least 2 Killed in Clash at Guatemala Protest - AP

Venezuela: Violent Election Resolve of Hugo Chavez - WT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Pentagon Says US Has Resources for Strategic Asia Shift - VOA

Everything You Want to Know About Japan’s Marines - JSW

China: Tibetan Blogger Self-Immolates, Leaves Posts Behind - VOA

South Korea Underscores Claim to Islands Disputed with Japan - WP

Fight Over Islets Opens Old Wounds Between S. Korea and Japan - NYT

Report: US to Field GPS-guided Artillery Shells in South Korea - S&S

US General Has No Plans to End Year-old Curfew in S. Korea - S&S

S. Korean Torture Film Raises Ghost of Military Past - AP



EU Nuclear Plants Fail to Meet International Safety Standards - VOA

Malta Hosts First Europe-Arab Summit in a Decade - AP

FBI Says Russians Smuggled Out US Microchips - NYT

Rights Group Says Its Researcher in Russia Is Threatened - NYT

Ivanishvili Urges Georgian Supporters to Stop Protests - VOA

Winning Coalition in Georgia Demands Vote Recounts - NYT

Greek PM Says Country's Till Will Empty by End-Nov - AP

Man Accused of Planning Bomb Attack in Spain - NYT


South Asia

India Pushes Ahead With Economic Reform Agenda -VOA

India Moves Again to Ease Way for Foreign Investment - NYT

Indian Cabinet Approves New Economic Reforms - AP

India Tests Nuclear-capable Missile - DPA

Power Thieves Prosper in India - WP

UK Arrests 3 in London Stabbing of Indian General - AP

Pakistan, Russia Intensify Contacts to Improve Ties - VOA

Pakistan's Imran Khan to Go Ahead With 'Peace March' - VOA